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7) Peter Dostal 
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Wednesday, 2 August 2017 01:19

Oops. Obvious spelling mistake. Thanks!
6) Prefer not to say 
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Thursday, 27 July 2017 19:07

On the Sexual Assault page, one of the final lines in the sentencing range section is "In the Yukon, the range for consensual sexual intercourse while unconscious is between 12 and 30 months jail." I think you mean NON-consensual sexual intercourse while unconscious, or simply "intercourse while unconscious," given that an unconscious person cannot give consent.
5) Peter Dostal 
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Tuesday, 18 April 2017 22:34

@NotALaywerButInterestedInLaw: Thanks for the feedback. That's great to hear that you've been using the site for so long. I expand on it all the time, so I hope you'll continue to find new materials of interest.

I'm curious about what is on wikibooks that isn't covered in this site. I wrote all the wikibooks materials and I was careful to port the whole thing over. I'd be curious to know if I'm mistaken. My first suspicion is that the search function just isn't doing a good job on showing the best search results. The default Mediawiki search engine is often a bit lousy. I'd like to see a better search engine in the future.

A forum is a great idea. I set up this guestbook with essentially that in mind. It's very basic and I can see this being replaced sometime down the road with something more sophisticated. I may either set up a forum/bulletin board or try to turn on the "talk" pages. There are some technical hurdles I need to solve first. Stay tuned on that. Thanks for your suggestions. Knowing that there is interest means I'm more likely to make the effort to set something more up.

I'm not familiar with any similar websites on US law but I've looked. My only guess would be that most US criminal law (by my understanding) comes from state law, not federal law. Federal law is supposed to be more narrow in application (ie. fraud, corruption, and regulatory offences mostly). The fact that most criminal trials are jury trials may also affect the size of the audience on something like this. I know next to nothing about US law so I could be totally wrong on this.
4) NotALaywerButInterestedInLaw 
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Friday, 14 April 2017 01:48

Great website! Been reading it for years even back when it was in Wikibooks and it's one of my favorite websites. I have learned a ton about Canadian Criminal law from this site. I cannot say enough good things about this site.

There's some information on the old Wikibooks site that hasn't been brought over, my only suggestions are to port the information from there to this site, and open a separate forum for people discuss the law (Kind of like the "discussion" page on Wikipedia). I'm sure I'll have more suggestions, but this is a great forum to share it.

I'm interested in comparing Canadian v. U.S. Law, is there a similar site to this for American Criminal Law (Federal)?
3) Peter Dostal 
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Monday, 10 April 2017 18:04

@Smithb681, thanks! I hope you find it useful. Let me know if you see anything that needs improving.
2) Smithb681 
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Thursday, 6 April 2017 02:06

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1) Peter Dostal 
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Sunday, 26 March 2017 02:21

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I will not respond to any descriptions of active cases, sorry.
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