Child Luring (Sentencing Cases)

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Case Name Prv. Crt. Sentence Summary
R v Adams,
2016 ABQB 648 (CanLII), per Clackson J
AB SC 12 years, 3 months (global)
18 months (luring)
The offender was convicted of luring, interference, distribution of child pornography. [per Clackson SCJ]
R v McLean,
2016 SKCA 93 (CanLII), per Ottenbreit JA
SK CA The offender pleaded guilty to luring, possession of child pornography, extortion, making child pornography and interference.
R v Pitts,
2016 NSCA 78 (CanLII), per Bourgeois JA
R v Gowdy,
2014 ONCJ 696 (CanLII), per Block J
ON PC 2 years less a day CSO Offender lured a virtual 15-year-old boy.
R v Vincent,
2014 ONSC 1068 (CanLII), per Ratushny J
ON SC 18 months (luring)
18 months (interference)
18 months (global)
Offender was 66 years old communicated with 15 year old. They engaged in sex chat and exchanged pictures of genitals. They met on multiple occasions and engaged in fellatio and nude massaging.
R v Mills,
2013 ABPC 181 (CanLII), per Dunnigan J
AB PC poss'n (1 year)
making (2 years)
interference (4 years)
luring (1 to 2 years)
Offender is 18 years old. He meets three girls online (age between 13 and 15), gets them to masturbate for him over webcam. He tries to meet up with them. He is successful to meet up with one and have sexual intercourse with her over several years.
R v Mackie,
2013 ABPC 116 (CanLII), per Skene J
AB PC 4 years (luring)
11 years (global)
accused communicates with 21 boys and girls between 11 and 16. Extorts them to provide pictures to him.
R v White,
2013 CanLII 9507 (NL SCTD), per Stack J
NL SC luring (12 months)
making CP (12 months)
Offender met 16 year old on-line, got her to masturbate over webcam, offender recorded it. Joint recommendation.
R v Walther,
2013 ONCJ 107 (CanLII), per Bellefontaine J
ON PC luring (12 months + Pb) Police impersonate 14 year old girl on internet. Offender chats with girl in sexual manner, masturbates over webcamera, and arranges to meet with girl. Offender also found in possession of child pornography. Offender was on strict release conditions.
R v Paradee
2013 ABCA 41 (CanLII), per Paperny JA
AB CA luring (12 months + P)
accessing CP (6 months)
offender pretended to be teenager and seduced 15 year old victim to touch herself. Overturned 90 days given in 2012 ABPC 148. He was 41 years old
R v Danielson
2013 ABPC 26 (CanLII), per Skene J
AB PC luring (12 months CSO)
R v Schroeder
2012 ABPC 241 (CanLII), per AJ Brown J
AB PC luring (21 months less a day CSO)
poss'n CP (90 days)
Offender possess 4 images, 5 videos of child pornography--Over a period of 9 days, accused chatted with undercover officer posing as a 13 year old girl--conversation became sexual-they arranged to meet up and he was arrested upon arrival, condoms were found on him at time or arrest--police found 218 chats with other adults discussing sexual acts with children
R v Somogyi
2011 ONSC 483 (CanLII), per J Wilson J
ON SC luring (22 months CSO + P) three counts of luring--conversation with two undercover officers posing as 14 year old girls--conversation was sexual--he masturbated on webcam--encouraged girls to masturbate--no attempts to meet up--offender was 45 years old, married--possessed 113 images and 6 videos of child pornography that were deleted--offender had a number of physical disabilities--prior conviction for sexual touching in 1989--given 45 days for child pornography
R v Snow
2011 ONCJ 619 (CanLII), per Blouin J
ON PC 18 months internet luring; invitation of sexual touching of a minor
R v Dragos
2011 ONSC 183 (CanLII), per R Smith J
ON SC 18 months + 3yp also convicted of poss’n child porn (1 month), sexual interference (4 months)--downloaded both adult and child porn--communicated with 13 year old girl over 3.5 months--requested her to show him her breasts, he masturbated on webcam--he met with complainant at a hotel which involved some sexual touching--offender was 24 years old, no record, hebephile--low risk of reoffence
R v Holland
2011 ONSC 1504 (CanLII), per McDermid J
ON SC 18 months + 3 yP three counts of luring--communicated with undercover officer posing as 12 year old girl--wanted to meet girl for sexual activities--sent images of his penis four times, masturbated--arranged meeting and was arrested--offender was 57 years old, no record, married with two children, retired from bank--assessment determined he was low risk and not a paedophile--attempted to minimize actions--believed he was communicating with role playing adult--rejected CSO
R v H. (J.J.)
2011 PESC 8 (CanLII), per Mitchell J
PE SC 6 months + 2yp offender was age 23, no record, knew 14 year old complainant most of her life through his mother--complainant made first contact, offender immediately began sex-related conversation and continued over 2 months--one failed attempt to meet up--complainant was a foster child and vulnerable--SOIRA
R v McCall
2011 BCPC 143 (CanLII), per Rideout J
BC PC 1 year + 3yP communicated with undercover officer posing as 14 year old girl--started chatting about sex early on, asked her to masturbate, discussed oral sex, groomed her, sent obscene images
R v Porteus
2011 ONCJ 305 (CanLII), per Harris J
ON PC 10 months + 3Y also convicted of invitation to sexual touching--offender was dating victim’s older sister, he would send victim sexual text messages--they discussed having sex, talked about trading images of each other masturbating--offender was 19 years old, victim was 12 years old--56 days remand credit
R v Woodward
2011 ONCA 610 (CanLII), per Moldaver JA
ON CA 18 months (luring)
5 years (sex asslt)
4 years (touching)
2 years (invitation)
12 months (obt sex services)
The 30 year old offender contacted the 12 year old victim by email to ask her for sex for millions of dollars.
R v Brown
2010 ONCJ 664(*no CanLII links)
ON PC 10 months + 3 yP communicated with undercover officer posing as 12 year old girl--conversation became sexual, asked to meet for sexual activity--offender was 34 years old, corporal n Canadian Forces--remorseful with suicidal ideation--low risk
R v Torwick
2010 ABPC 233 (CanLII), per AJ Brown J
AB PC 18 months CSO communicated with undercover officer posing as a 12 year old girl--offender age 49, posing as 16 year old--masturbated on camera, asked for pictures from her, requested to meet for sex--remorseful--low risk--hebephile
R v Porter
[2010] N.J. No. 161 (NLPC)(*no CanLII links)
NL PC 13 months also charged with attempted sexual assault--offender met 13 year old online--over 1 year groomed her to have him come from Australia for sex--he travelled to province and he attempted to kiss her, gave her gifts--no record, married with children--lost job
R v Miller,
2010 ONCJ 368 (CanLII), per Robertson J
ON PC 2 years + 3yP also convicted of child porn--communicated with undercover officer posing as 14 years old, over 2.5 months--offender was 42 but claimed to be 21--conversation of a sexual nature--invited for meet up of a sexual nature--sent image of his penis and other pornography--found in possession of large collection of CP--unrelated record--poor PSR--moderate to high risk
R v Hepburn,
2010 ABCA 157 (CanLII), per Hunt JA
AB CA 2 years less a CSO
R v El-Jamel,
2010 ONCA 575 (CanLII), per Juriansz JA
ON CA 12 months CSO The offender was also charged with child porn--contacted an undercover officer posed as 12 year old girl--arranged to meet in person for sex--masturbated on webcam to girl--offender age 24, no record--low risk--appealed 45 days
R v Rouse,
2010 ABPC 192 (CanLII), per Allen J
AB PC 9 months two counts of luring--met 15 year old girl at church, continued conversation on internet--had sexually explicit conversations--he asked her for names of girls interested in sexual activities, asked for sexual activities from her--tried to meet up with her--offender was 21 years old, no record--was on an order not to use internet at the time of the offence--first offence involved meeting a 12 year old online--had girl show him her breasts, invited her over for sex--met at a movie, but no sex--offender was sexually abused as child--moderate risk to reoffend--remorseful. The judge rejected the option of a CSO.
R v Aimee,
2010 BCSC 1463 (CanLII), per Fisher J
BC SC 16 months also charged with interference
R v Gibbon,
2009 ABPC 265 (CanLII), per Barley J
AB PC 2 years less a day CSO offender communicated with a 14 year old girl online--he emailed erotic stories to the girl and attempted to arrange a meeting
R v MacIntyre,
2009 ABPC 177 (CanLII), per Malin J
AB PC 18 month CSO offender communicated with an undercover officer posing as a young girl--offender exposed himself on a webcam and engaged in fondling himself, he directed her to internet sites containing sexual materials
R v Armstrong,
2009 ABPC 45 (CanLII), per Fradsham J
AB PC 8 months + 3yP 3 counts of luring--committed one of them while on bail for previous--prior record for indecent and harassing phone calls--offender was disabled--high risk to reoffend--CSO rejected--2 years less a day before remand time
R v Alicandro,
2009 ONCA 133 (CanLII), per Doherty JA
ON CA 90 days + 2yP conversation with undercover officer posing as a young girl--quickly starts on sexual topics, asked for picture--sent picture of his picture
R v Golden,
2009 MBCA 107 (CanLII), per Freedman JA
MB CA 18 months (global) Also charged with possession of child pornography. Appeal from 30 months.
R v Nichol,
2009 BCPC 124 (CanLII), per Rideout J
BC PC 20 months + 3yP communicated with undercover officer posing as 13 year old girl in chat room--sexual conversation, sent image of penis--initially made excuses on arrest--arrange to meet for sex--prior youth record for sexual assault--history of alcohol abuse--moderate risk of reoffence.
R v Bergeron,
2009 ONCJ 104 (CanLII), per Schnall J
ON PC 2 years less a day (luring)
?? (distrib. CP)
Over several months, the offender communicated with undercover officer posing as 12 year old girl. He engaged in explicit conversation, send child porn images. He masturbated on webcam and encouraged her to engage in sex acts. The offender aged 59, no record. He claimed the offence was motivated by boredom and depression. He was considered a low risk to re-offender.
R v Daniels,
2008 ABPC 252 (CanLII), per Semenuk J
AB PC 15 months + 3yP The offender plead guilty to one count of luring. He responded to graffiti on a park bench, and then spoke with an undercover officer posing as 16 year old girl. He asked to meet up for sex. The judge says starting point for luring with no record is 12 months. The offender was 28 years old, prior conviction for interference and other offences. He was considered a high risk of reoffence. The judge rejected a request for a conditional sentence.
R v Legare,
2008 ABCA 138 (CanLII), per Watson JA
R v Read,
2008 ONCJ 732 (CanLII), per Bourque J
ON PC 90 days over 3 months, met undercover officer posing as 14 year old in chat room--sexual conversation, showed her his buttocks and penis on webcam--arrange meeting--did same thing with officer posing as another girl--offender was 41 years old, no record--psych assessment shows no pedophilia
R v Bono,
2008 CanLII 58426 (ON SC), per DiTomaso J
ON SC 20 months
R v M. (J.A.),
2007 SKPC 44 (CanLII), per Huculak J
SK PC 1 year guilty of luring, sex assault, distrib. child porn--offender engaged in conversation with undercover officer posing as 13 year old--in webcam he exposed his penis--expressed interest in incest and sex with young girls--offender had a 7 year old daughter--confessed to sexual touching of daughter 9 times, including oral sex-- transmitted it online--given 2.5 years for sexual assault and child porn charges
R v Innes,
2008 ABCA 129 (CanLII), per curiam
AB CA 3 years two counts of luring, once count of making child porn, one count extortion--global 6 years--offender posed as teen girl and became friends with a 13 year old--sent her sexually explicit videos, and had her transmit video of herself doing sexual acts--he revealed his true age and blackmailed her to put on more shows--other incident involved failed attempt at having a14 year old transmit a similar show--offender's computer had 181 child porn videos--offender aged 24, no record--appeal from 2007 ABPC 237
R v Lithgow,
2007 ONCJ 534 (CanLII), per Blouin J
ON PC 1 year CSO also convicted of sexual exploitation--offender was teacher of 14 and 15 year old girls--over 2 years, they chatted over email, conversations became sexual, evolved to meeting and sexual touching--offender had consensual sex with one girl while she was in grade 11 multiple times--offender was late 50s, no record, lost job due to charges
R v Dhandhukia,
2007 CanLII 16628 (ON SC), [2007] OJ No 1846, 2007 CarswellOnt 3002, per McDermid J
ON SC 1 year + 3YP convicted at trial--communicated with undercover officer posing as 12 year old girl--only one conversation--made plans to meet for sexual activities--offender was 38 years old, no record, immigrated to Canada in 2001, university graduate, married--rejected CSO
R v Gurr,
2007 BCSC 1586 (CanLII), per Powers J
BC SC 1 year also convicted of child porn--possessed 200 images-- offender gave out fliers at mall offering modeling recruiting--undercover officer posing at 13 year old responded by email--agreed to meet at mall--arrested and found condoms and camera--offender was 33 years old, no record--medium risk to re-offend
R v Thain,
2007 CarswellOnt 9903(*no CanLII links)
ON SC 9 months over 4 months, offender communicated with undercover police officer posing as 13 year old girl in chat room--grooming conversations about masturbation--arrested at meet up--offender was 37 years old, no record, employed as pilot--lost job due to charges--diagnosed with sex addiction, attended counselling--on bail for 45 months--CSO rejected
R v Fortin,
2007 QCCQ 1116 (CanLII), per Laflamme J
QC PC 3 months CSO + 3 yP offender arranged to meet with 13 year old at night--intention for sexual activities--never met up--offender was aged 49, married with 3 children--significant media coverage--lost job-- low risk
R v Jarvis,
2006 CanLII 27300 (ON CA), per Rosenberg JA
ON CA 6 months +3yP offender conversed with an undercover posing as 13 year old--sent images of his penis, had sex-related conversation--he asked to meet up, they plan to meet in a park--otherwise good character--hebephile
R v Randall,
2006 NSPC 38 (CanLII), per C Williams J
NS PC 1 year CSO incident not predatory, just poor judgement --no related record -- low risk
R v Horeczy,
2006 CanLII 40775 (MB PC), per Corrin J
MB PC 15 months 7 counts of luring involving different children--met with girls age 13 to 15 in online chat rooms--encouraged to meet them in person for sexual activities--was exploitative of the children
R v Brown,
2006 CanLII 12302 (ON SC), 2006 CarswellOnt 2329, per Whalen J
ON SC 1 year + 3yP offender, age 23, met 13 year old in an online game--romantic interest between them--victim originally said she was 17, later revealed real age--victim ran away from home--offender was cooperative with police--diagnosed with schizophrenia--SOIRA 10 years
R v Symes,
[2005] OJ No 6041 (C.J.)(*no CanLII links)
ON PC 12 months two counts of luring--offender was 36 years old, former pastor--communicated with undercover officer posing as child--offender arranged meeting with child and was arrested--tested positive for attraction to children
R v Kydyk,
2005 CarswellOnt 6530 (Ont. C.J.)(*no CanLII links)
ON PC 9 months + 3yP also convicted of possession of CP--communicated with undercover officer posing as a 13 year old girl in chat room--he talked about sexual topics and asked to meet in person--sent picture of his penis--arrested at meeting point--had condoms with him--found CP at his home--offender was 39 years old, no record, employed, looks after parents--lost job--SOIRA 10 years
R v Folino,
2005 CanLII 40543, 2005 CarswellOnt 5990 (ONCA), per McMurtry CJ
ON CA 18 months CSO + 3yP offender contacted undercover officer posing as 13 year old--engaged in sexually explicit conversation--arranged to meet her for sex activities--no record, married--developed health problems-- appeal from 9 months jail
R v Harvey,
[2004] OJ No 1389 (Ont. C.J.)(*no CanLII links)
ON PC 1 year + 3yP also charged with poss’n of child porn (6 images)--communicated with undercover police officer posing as 13 year old girl in chat room--engaged in sexual conversations--total of 34 conversations--offender was 61 years old--diagnosed as a pedophile--moderate to low risk--no record, career as teacher and principal--6 months remand
R v Hoogenboom,
2004 ABPC 150 (CanLII), per AJ Brown J
AB PC 12 months + 3yP 47 year old man has conversations with 13 year old girl, encouraged her to send lewd photos of herself--offender has prior record of sexual interference with step-daughter (18 month CSO)
R v Jepson,
(2004), 2004 CarswellOnt 6225 (Ont. S.C.J.) (*no CanLII links)
ON SC 1 year + 3yP over 3 weeks, communicated with undercover police officer posing as 13 year old girl in chat room--wanted to meet--fix images of child pornography were found on computer-- offender aged 44, no record--heart problems-- moderate to low risk of reoffence
R v Blanchard (2003),
OJ No 5510 (S.C.J.)(*no CanLII links)
ON SC 12 months (JR) 25 year old offender had a single conversation with an undercover officer posing as a 12 year old girl--offender sent photos of himself and penis, discussed sexual acts--found 27 images of child porn on his computer

Making Sexually Explicit Materials Available to Child

Case Name Prv. Crt. Sentence Summary

Agree or Arrange a Sexual Offence Against Child

Case Name Prv. Crt. Sentence Summary
R v Gardner,
2017 BCPC 85 (CanLII), per Phillips J
2 years (making CP)
2 years (Agreeing)
4 years (global)
The offender made written materials that graphically detailed the sexual exploitation of a 6 year old. {{{4}}} {{{5}}}