Attempted Murder (Sentencing Cases)

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Attempted Murder

2000 to present

Case Name Sentence Summary
R v Forcillo,
2016 ONSC 4850 (CanLII)
6 years A mandatory minimum of 5 years applied. [per Then J]
R v Hoare,
2016 ONCJ 36 (CanLII)
11 years The offender assaulted he spouse with a baseball bat. He had no criminal record.
R v McArthur,
2013 SKCA 139 (CanLII)
17 years use of a firearm. Declared Long-Term Offender.
R v Postma,
2013 ONSC 7218 (CanLII)
11 years Offender attempted to murder her daughter by slashing her throat and stabbing her. Victim suffered serious injuries. Offender plead guilty.
R v Hanishewski,
2013 SKPC 89 (CanLII)
9 years
R v Adamson,
2013 ONSC 2365 (CanLII)
13 years Offender attempted to kill girlfriend in her home when uninvited. Offender was youthful, good work history, and had family support.
R v Pyke,
2013 NSCA 61 (CanLII)
5 years victim stabbed several times by a gang of offenders.
R v Bulat
2013 ONSC 4513 (CanLII)
6 months The offender struck the victim with a motor vehicle out of jealousy over a relationship. He was of frail physical health.
R v Carelse,
2013 SKQB 15 (CanLII)
16 years attempted to kill wife
R v Vukaj
2013 BCSC 79 (CanLII)
attempt (14yrs)
B&E (5 years)
dangerous op. of MV (10 months)
uttering threats(1 year)
global (14 years)
R v Blandon
2012 ONSC 3864 (CanLII)
10 years stabbing; also convicted of 2nd degree murder
R v Smith
2012 NSCA 37
14 years The offender was 17 1/2 years old at the time but was sentenced as an adult. At the request of an associate,He shot the victim I point-blank range in the chest. The victim survive but became a paraplegic. He had numerous health problems and a shorter life expectancy. The offender had a lengthy criminal record and a negative psychiatric profile.
R v Boissonneault
2012 MBCA 40 (CanLII)
14 years The offender shot victim while he was in a cab. He had an animus towards the victim and had been consuming a lot of alcohol and drugs the days before the shooting.

Sentence reduced from 17 years.

R v John Brook,
2012 ONSC 184 (CanLII)
16 years Offender shot victim over a drug debt. Offender was a drug dealer with an extensive record including violence.
R v Sulek
2011 ABPC 314 (CanLII)
2 years
R v Chevers
2011 ONCA 569 (CanLII)
15 years The offender shot at the victim twice in public and missed. There was evidence of premeditation. The offender was 24 years old. Sentence of 15 years affirmed.
R v Marriott
2011 NSSC 414 (CanLII)
15 years joint recommendation
R v Leblanc
2011 NSCA 60 (CanLII)
16 years The offender was a member of a rival gang, he chased down the victim and fired a handgun a number of times. The victim was struck twice but survived. The offender had a lengthy criminal record.
R c Valentine-Remy,
2011 QCCQ 10060 (CanLII)
9 years Offender stabbed victim 5 times perforating heart and liver. Offence was in retaliation and impulsive.
R v Belisle-Taylor
2011 NSSC 159 (CanLII)
10 years
R v K.G. 2010 ONCA 177 (CanLII) 14 years Sentence upheld. Offender attempted to murder ex-wife by driving over her. Offender plead guilty and was remorseful.
R v Situ
2010 ONCA 683 (CanLII)
15 years The offender was in a shooting at a pool hall. The victim was rendered quadrapalegic. The offender had a prior record. Sentence affirmed.
R v Truelove,
2010 ONCA 608 (CanLII)
13 years Shooting at a nightclub.
R v Kipp,
2010 BCSC 584 (CanLII)
11 years offender shot at victim, hitting him 4 times over drug debt. Offender was 23 years old with lengthy record, none for violence.
R v Clarke, 2010 ONSC 656 (CanLII) 12.5 years The offender shot the victim with a sawed-off shotgun at close range in front of a convenience store. The injuries were life-threatening. The offender had 4 prior convictions.
R v Smith
2010 ONCA 229 (CanLII)
10 years
R v Brown,
2009 ONCA 563 (CanLII)
Life The offender shot the victim 6 times in a parking lot at close range. The victim became paraplegic. The area of shooting was frequented by children. The attack was unprovoked. The offender was youthful. He had no record and had a young child.
R v Thompson,
2009 ONCA 243 (CanLII)
12 years A planned shooting of the victim in a public place.The offender had a lengthy record which included violence.
R v Guedez-Infante,
2009 ONCA 739 (CanLII)
10 years The offender shot the victim in public. The injuries were serious. The offender was youthful and had no prior record.
R v Tan,
2008 ONCA 574 (CanLII)
15 years Court of Appeal upholds sentence. Offender attempted to kill domestic partner. No record. Guilty plea and remorseful.
R v Ljeskovica,
[2008] O.J. No. 4935 (SCJ)
8 years Offender's girlfriend was slapped by victim. Offender fought with victim and then returned later to try to kill him.
R v Thiara,
2008 BCSC 1414 (CanLII)
10 years offender shot victim twice over a drug debt.
R v McDonald,
[2007] O.J. No. 3859 (SCJ)
11 years Offender attempted to kill common law partner and daughter using a hammer. Offender had no record, history of employment, and community church work. The offence was out of character. He plead guilty, was remorseful.
R v Lysak,
2006 ABCA 327 (CanLII)
17 years Offender attempted to shoot family member in head.
R v Payne,
2006 CanLII 11912 (ON SC)
7 years Domestic offence.
R v McArthur
(2004), 2004 CanLII 8759 (ON CA), 182 CCC (3d) 230 (Ont CA)
life The victim was a peace officer.
R v Champagne,
2002 CanLII 22947 (ON CA)
12 years _
R v Ahmed-Saidi
2001 CanLII 24100 (ON CA)
8.5 years
R v Edwards,
2001 CanLII 24105 (ON CA)
8 years The offender attempted to murder his common-law spouse. Joint recommendation. He turned himself in and expressed remorse. The sentence of 8 years was considered "extremely lenient".
R v Joseph
2000 BCSC 1891 (CanLII)
10 years shooting between drug dealres

1980 to 1999

Case Name Sentence Summary
R v Denkers,
1994 CanLII 2660 (ON CA)
15 years (attempt) Sentence upheld. Offender stabbed ex-girlfriend several times and sexually assaulted her. Intended to kill.
R v Gould
[1990] NSJ No. 109
8 years victim stabbed multiple times
R v Cope,
1987 CanLII 4729 (SK CA)
2 years less a day CSO

Murder for Hire

Case Name Sentence Summary
R v Tokhi,
2014 ONSC 3142 (CanLII)
4.5 years Wife hired hitman to kill husband.
R v Cheema,
2003 BCSC 2071 (CanLII)
6 years Ex-wife attempting over several months to murder husband over custody of children. Offender was relatively young with no criminal record and plead guilty.
R v Cozzi,
[2001] O.J. No. 1967 (O.C.J.)
3 years wife in dispute with husband over children. Offender had long history of depression and suicide attempts. Victim was a member of a outlaw biker gang.
R v Dos Santos,
[1998] O.J. No. 6290 (O.C.J.Gen.Div.)
5.5 years wife in dispute with her husband over child custody and hired someone to kill him. Offender had no record, expressed remorse.
R v Wickham,
[1995] BCJ No. 2209 (BCCA)
7 years Wife wanted to murder husband to be with new boyfriend and get life insurance.

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