Breach of Undertaking, Recognizance, or Probation, Failing to Attend (Sentencing Cases)

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This page was last substantively updated or reviewed January 2018. (Rev. # 78335)

Breach of Undertaking, Recognizance, or Probation

Case Name Prv. Crt. Sentence Summary
R v McDonald,
2017 ONSC 2631 (CanLII), per Conlan J
ON SC 33 days jail The offender was convicted at trial of breaching probation x 2 for contacting the victim of a previous harassment charge and failing to keep the peace. In 2014, he received 90 days for breaching probation. The judge also ordered probation. On appeal the reviewing judge called the 33 day sentence "kind".
R v Murphy,
2011 NLCA 16 (CanLII), [2011] NJ No 43 (CA), per Welsh JA
NL CA 1 to 3 mo for breaches
R v Power,
2010 CanLII 62214 (NL PC), [2010] NJ No 331 (P.C.), per Pike J
R v Oxford,
2010 NLCA 45 (CanLII), [2010] NJ No 232 (CA), per curiam
NL CA 1 mo starting point
R v Lavers,
2010 NLCA 73 (CanLII), [2010] NJ No 390 (CA), per Welsh JA
NL CA 3 months
R v Cagnotti, 2009 ONCA 210 (CanLII), ,
2008 ONCJ 696 affd, per curiam
ON CA 18 months Offender sentenced for 3 counts breach probation and one count breach court order for contacting women online. He had a long record of offences of violence and dishonesty.
R v Suarak, 2006 NLTD 71 (CanLII),
(2006), 262 Nfld. & PEIR 230 (NLSC), per Fowler J
NL SC 1 year incarceration breach of 810 order; also sentenced on assault causing bodily harm, break and enter (received 9 years global)
R v SG,
2006 NLTD 144 (CanLII), per Handrigan J
NL SC fine and probation breach of youth probation as well as assault and mischief.
R v Bennet,
2004 CanLII 21438 (NL PC), ,
, per Gorman J
NL PC 60 days jail consent contact
R v JRB,
[2004] NJ No 39 (P.C.)(*no CanLII links)
NL PC 60 days jail two failures to report to the police as required by the undertaking
R v Spellacy,
1995 CanLII 9898 (NL CA),
, per O'Neill JA
NL CA 60 days jail also convicted of mischief
R v Szostak,
2005 CanLII 42471 (ON CA), per curiam
ON CA 14 months Offender sentenced for breach of probation for contacting ex-spouse. This was 7th conviction contact. He also had a long history of violent offences against ex-spouse


Case Name Prv. Crt. Sentence Summary
R v Young,
2014 NSCA 16 (CanLII), per Bryson JA
NS CA 6 months + Pr breaches for yelling at victim of domestic violence while in court. Overturned sentence of 12 months.
R v Lewis,
2012 NLCA 11 (CanLII), per Wells CJ
R v Zimmerman,
2011 ABCA 276 (CanLII), per curiam
AB CA 40 months (global) Breach of 810.2 recognizance x 6, also charged with fraud and breach of SOIRA Order. Found leaving jurisdiction under a false name with stolen money and weapons.
R v Muyser,
2009 ABCA 116 (CanLII), per Fraser CJ
R v D(WC),
2007 BCSC 1912 (CanLII), ,
, per Fisher J
BC SC 12 months (recognizance)
12 months (harassment)
2 years less a day incarceration (sex asslt)
2 years less a day incarceration (force confine)
R v Clayton,
2001 CanLII 25698 (NS SC), [2001] NSJ No 438, per Coughlan J
NS SC 4 months breach of recog including keep the peace. Offender had lengthy criminal record over 20 years.
R v Wuckert,
2000 MBCA 5 (CanLII), per Kroft JA
MB CA 6 years imprisonment (global) offender guilty of fraud x 33, conspiracy, breach x 2.
R v Warren,
1999 CanLII 2205 (ON CA), ,
, per curiam
ON CA 12 months for 4 counts out on sexual assault; long record
R v Watson,
1991 ABCA 245 (CanLII), per Stratton JA
AB CA 1 month concurrent domestic assault; contact breach
R v Fitzgerald,
1990 CanLII 6481 (NL CA, per Marshall JA
NL CA Absolute Discharge The accused communicated with a prohibited party at a funeral. The prohibited party initiated the communication, it was in earshot of a guard, and it had no "sinister" intent. Overturned a 3 month jail sentence.


Case Name Prv. Crt. Sentence Summary
R v Jorgensen,
2007 BCPC 206 (CanLII), per Jardine J
BC PC 20 days after 8 days credit

Dangerous Offender or Long-term Supervision Orders

Failure to Appear or Attend

Case Name Prv. Crt. Sentence Summary
R v EW,
2016 SKQB 226 (CanLII), per Barrington-Foote J
SK SC 15 months [per Barrington-Foote SCJ]
Failure to attend for Identification
Case Name Prv. Crt. Sentence Summary
R v Cox,
2009 CanLII 67623 (NL PC), [2009] NJ No 333 (P.C.), per Porter J
R v Williams,
2007 CanLII 6840 (NL PC), [2007] NJ No 97, per Gorman J
R v Sheppard,
2006 CanLII 12274 (NL PC), [2006] NJ No 116 (P.C.), per Porter J
NL PC 3 months (each) failed to attend court 4 times, also convicted of other offences for a total of 19 months
R v Gale,
2006 CanLII 9033 (NL PC), [2006] NJ No 87 (P.C.), per Gorman J
R v Giovannini,
2005 CanLII 7872 (NL PC), [2005] NJ No 94 (P.C.), per Porter J
NL PC 60 days jail also charged with refusal and fail to report
R v Banks,
2005 ABCA 55 (CanLII), per Hunt JA
AB CA 6 months Offender charged in relation to a sophisticated chop shop. Fled in stolen car before sentencing.
R v JEM,
[2004] NJ No 117 (P.C.)(*no CanLII links)
NL PC 1 months failed to attend court, also charged with many other offences
R v RJS,
1994 Alta. Prov. Ct.(*no CanLII links)
AB PC 1 day consecutive
R v Dupont,
1990 YT Terr. Ct.(*no CanLII links)
YT $150 fine
Case Name Prv. Crt. Sentence Summary
R v Giovanninni,
[2005] NJ No 94 (P.C.)(*no CanLII links)
NL PC 60 days jail
R v O'Keefe,
2006 CanLII 35180 (NL PC), [2006] NJ No 290 (P.C.), per Gorman J
NL PC discharge also charged with mischief, no record
R v Pardy,
2009 CanLII 64767 (NL PC), [2009] NJ No 321 (P.C.), per Gorman J
NL PC 1 month incarceration
R v Whiteway,
2010 CanLII 18817 (NL PC), [2010] NJ No 141 (P.C.), per Gorman J
NL PC Suspended Sentence