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The Canadian Criminal Law Notebook is a legal reference covering the principles and rules set out by the Criminal Code and case law. The Canadian Criminal Code and the years of accompanying case law have created a dense field of law full of rules and exceptions that are not always readily known to most people including practitioners. This resource, in a modest way, attempts to overcome some of the limitations of paper resources by providing an accessible, easy to use, and comprehensive reference to Canadian criminal law. It does not attempt to provide any analysis or discussion on the interpretation of the case law. It provides only a starting point for deeper examination of legal topics.

The reference attempts covers all aspects of Canadian criminal law. It is divided into five essential areas, substantive criminal law, criminal procedure, search and seizure, evidence and sentencing.

Many articles are still a work in progress. However, improvement continue to happen daily where old articles are cleaned up and new articles are created.

All articles are sourced directly from the legislation and case law. No commercial texts were used in the writing of this text.

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