Child Pornography (Youth Sentencing Cases)

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See also: Child Pornography (Sentencing Cases)
Case Name Sentence Summary
R v X,
2016 CanLII 81303 (NL PC), per Gorman J
18 months probation Summary of case is pending.
R v BMS,
2016 NSCA 35 (CanLII), per curiam
18 months probation Summary of case is pending.
R v NG,
2015 MBCA 81 (CanLII), per Cameron JA
12 months C&S, 6 months DC The two offenders plead guilty to possession and distribution of child pornography and transmitting sexually explicit materials. The two bullied and harassed the 14 year old female victim demanding sexually explicit images. Both offenders were on probation for prior offences at the time. The Court of Appeal varied the sentence from 2 years C&S.
R v SB,
2014 BCPC 279 (CanLII), per Dickey J
discharge The offenders exchanged topless photos of classmates. Three of the offenders were also charged with harassment in relation to their attempts to obtain the images. The sentence was a joint recommendation.


  • C&S = Custody and Supervision
  • DC = Deferred Custody