Criminal Harassment (Sentencing Cases)

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Case Digests

Case Name Sentence Summary
R v EC & DP,
2018 CanLII 14036 (NL PC)
4 months CSO Summary of case is pending.
R v Wade,
2016 SKQB 177 (CanLII)
Suspended The offender plead guilty to harassment for making persistent emails of her son. She was 61 years old and self employed as an editor. She had a prior related record.
R v Kapoor
2012 ABPC 299 (CanLII)
9 months
R v Wall,
2013 SKQB 239 (CanLII)
4 months CSO + 1 yr prob. The offender was convicted of harassment for making several hundred phone calls to the victim. He banged on the complainant's door for 2 hours. He had an unrelated record for assault causing bodily harm. Judge also imposed 10 year firearm prohibition.
R v Hildebrandt,
[2012] O.J. No. 1157
R v Frank
2012 NSPC 5 (CanLII)
offender called victim dozens of times--related record for harassment of daughter--also convicted for contact breaches
R v May,
2012 ONSC 6797 (CanLII), [2012] O.J. No. 5673
R v Morton
2011 ABCA 352 (CanLII)
18 months harass over 3 years
R v Regula
2012 ABPC 62 (CanLII)
Suspended criminal harassment, no record, plead guilty, age 21.
R v Pletz,
2010 SKQB 14 (CanLII)
3 months CSO + 3 yr prob. The offender was convicted of harassment for writing letters to the victim's mother and employer. He also parked his car near the victim's house.
R v Jeffries,
[2010] O.J. No. 3108 (*no CanLII links)
R v Lauzon,
2009 ONCJ 666 (CanLII), [2009] O.J. No. 5830
R v Devereaux,
2007 CanLII 18 (NL PC), [2007] N.J. No. 4
R v Brake,
2007 CanLII 43483 (NL PC)
12 months + Pr The offender was convicted of harassment in relation to his ex-wife. He had repeatedly called her. He had a significant criminal record. [per Porter PCJ]
R v Marsden,
[2004] BCJ No. 2112
R v Kelly, [2004] N.J. No. 18 (P.C.) 30 days "The accused had parked outside the victims’ house and contacted her by telephone."
R v Strickland, [2004] N.J. No. 368 (P.C.) 6 months "The offender had left a message on the victim’s answering machine indicating that: 'if I can't have you, then nobody will.'"
R v Basha,
2002 CanLII 23570 (NL PC)
5 months + Pr
R v Simms,
2002 CanLII 14769 (NL PC)
5 months + Pr
R v Biden,
2001 SKCA 7 (CanLII)
6 months CSO The offender was convicted of criminal harassment. He wrote multiple disparaging letters to the victim, her family, friends and employer, attempting to assassinate her character. He also followed the victim at home and work.
R v Bailey,
1998 CanLII 13318 (NL CA)
6 months CSO + Pr
R v Meehan,
[1998] N.J. No. 3
9 months CSO + Pr