Discharges (Cases)

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Conditional Discharge

See also: Discharges


Case Name Result Summary
R v MacFarlane,
1976 ALTASCAD 6 (CanLII), [1976] 3 Alta. L.R. (2d) 341, per curiam
R v Klassen, 2011 BCPC 109 (CanLII), per Werier J granted conviction for assault. Offender was an off duty probation officer.
R v JW,
2010 NSPC 40 (CanLII), per Tax J
sexual assault
R v Kelly,
2010 CanLII 44697 (NLPC), per Gorman J
granted position of trust, theft
R v Aylward,
2013 CanLII 10353 (NLPC), per Gorman J
83 gr marijuana

Curative Discharge

Case Name Result Summary
R v Smith,
2010 ABPC 244 (CanLII), per McIlhargey J
R v Fineday,
2013 SKPC 68 (CanLII), per Gray J
R v Anderson,
2011 SKPC 172 (CanLII), per Toth J
R v Pearson,
2010 NSPC 14 (CanLII), per Campbell J
R v Bruce,
2011 MBPC 55 (CanLII), per Carlson J
review of expert qualification procedure
R v Redding,
2009 SKPC 33 (CanLII), per Carter J