Drug Trafficking, Schedule III (Sentencing Cases)

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Schedule III - MDMA / Ecstasy

high level dealers

Case Name Pv. Ct. Sentence Amount Summary
R v Ling,
2012 ONSC 654 (CanLII)
ON SC 10 to 14 years production and trafficking of Ketamine and MDMA

mid level dealers

Case Name Pv. Ct. Offences Sentence Amount Summary
R v Kwong
2013 MBQB 1 (CanLII)
MB SC poss'n for purpose x 3
poss'n weapon w/out authorization
poss'n of counterfeit money
4 years (traffic) $37k worth offender was trafficking ecstacy, marijuana and cocaine
Regina v Christie
2009 BCPC 97 (CanLII)
BC PC poss'n for purpose 2 years
R v Kaasa
2008 ABPC 146 (CanLII)
AB PC poss'n for purpose 6 months 21 ecstacy pills
R v C.B.
2006 ABPC 167 (CanLII)
AB PC poss'n for purpose 2 years less a day CSO marijuana, resin, valium, ecstacy
R v Toor
2006 BCCA 347 (CanLII)
BC CA poss'n for purpose 32 month sentence 500 pills of ecstasy
R v Gallant (2006)
2006 NBQB 380(*no CanLII links)
NB SC poss'n for purpose 2 years less a day 890 ecstasy pills
R v Sigurdson
2005 CanLII 46573 (MBPC)
MB PC poss'n for purpose 3 months 54 gr methamphetamine and 69 ecstasy pills
R v Russell & Grenfal
2000 BCSC 27 (CanLII)
BC SC poss'n for purpose 4 years 943 Ecstasy pills

low level dealers

Case Name Sentence Amount Summary
R v Kaasa,
2008 ABPC 146 (CanLII)
6 months 21 pills in possession; sold 2 to undercover some record; 27 years old
R v Idris
2007 ABPC 211 (CanLII)
CD and 30 mo probation 6 pills of ecstasy summary conviction offence; crown sought 12 months CSO
R v Houle,
2007 ABCA 407 (CanLII)
12 months imprisonment
R v Buzzell
2006 ABQB 272 (CanLII)
6 mo after 1.5 years remand credit 8 occasions of trafficking meth ranging from 3.5 grams to 5 ounces
R v Ferguson
2005 ABPC 37 (CanLII)
3.5 years ecstasy and K
R v Bercier (T.J.)
2004 MBCA 51 (CanLII)
R v Bedford
(2000) NSJ No. 277 (NSCA)

Smuggling into Prisons

R v Calder,
2012 NSCA 3 (CanLII)
30 months (Sch I drug)
3 months (Sch. II drug)
Lawyer smuggles hydromorphone (a Schedule I drug) and marijuana (a Schedule II drug) to remanded client in a "prison pack" through interview room.
R v Moore,
2009 BCSC 1926 (CanLII)
4 years (global) offender was a jail guard who smuggled in drugs (marijuana, ecstacy, steroids) to penitentiary.

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