Expert Qualification Checklist

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See also: Procedure for Calling Expert Evidence and Legal Requirements for Qualified Expert Evidence
  • Identify area of expertise being proposed and the date of notice under s. 657.3(3).
  • Describe mandate or terms of engagement.
  • Describe records and reports received and relied upon.
  • Experience and training that provides special knowledge to area of expertise
  • In reviewing evidence, the special knowledge was used to form opinion re [list conclusions]
  • Understands duty to be unbiased, independent and impartial throughout involvement with case.
    • Began work with any preconceived conclusions that would bias results
    • Any belief of guilt for any offences
    • Any interest in the outcome that would render witness partial
    • Any pressures put upon witness by any parties, including employer, to have certain results or opinion
  • Outline the nature of the opinion and evidence they rely upon for the opinion.