Failure to Stop or Remain at Scene of Accident (Sentencing Cases)

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Case Name Sentence Summary
R v Vanasse, 2016 ABCA 329 (CanLII) 90 days Failed to stop at scene where death occurred.
R v McConkey,
2016 ABPC 64 (CanLII)
CSO 12 months The offender made a left-hand turn and collided with a motorcyclist. He made some effort to get the victim medical assistance, but then fled the scene. There was limited evidence that he was impaired.
R v Cook,
2013 SKPC 161 (CanLII)
90 days + P + 2 year Driving
R v Peebles,
2013 MBQB 234 (CanLII),
5 months + 1 year Driving Offender hits pedestrian who later dies of injuries.
R v Dhaliwal,
2012 MBQB 155 (CanLII)
12 months no CSO available due to SPI Offence
R v LLC,
2012 ABPC 103 (CanLII)
24 months also charged with impaired driving; assault peace officer with a weapon
R v Peragine,
2012 BCPC 355 (CanLII),
6 month CSO Offender hit a pedestrian with his car who later dies. He fled the scene and attempted to hide evidence of the accident. He is stopped by police and lies about the damage to his car. Offender was arrested two years later.
R v Alves,
2012 BCPC 403 (CanLII),
4 months + P + 2 year Driving Offender hit a 77 year old pedestrian who was crossing the street. He initially stayed around the scene and assisted but decided to leave before police arrised. The pedestrian later died due to the injuries.
R v Bruce,
2012 ABPC 8 (CanLII),
5 months + 2 year Driving Offender was threatened while in his vehicle. He tried to leave and hit a man in the process. The man later died of his injuries. Offender was arrested shortly after and was cooperative. He plead guilty and agreed he knew that the man had been hit when he fled. Offender was 24 years old and only had one minor vehicle violation.
R v Schmitt,
2011 ONCJ 546 (CanLII)
5 months
R v Sanghera,
2009 BCPC 24 (CanLII),
1 year CSO Offender hit and killed a pedestrian then fled. Offender was found by police and initially denied responsibility and lied about damage to his vehicle. Offender was 30 years old with no record.
R v Dhaliwal,
2008 BCPC 451 (CanLII),
6 months + P + 3 year Driving Offender hit a pedestrian who died. Offender fled and returned shortly after. He did not know that there was a pedestrian involved at the time of flight. After being threatened to be turned in, he voluntarily reported himself to police, giving an inculpatory statement. Offender plead guilty and had no record.
R v Helton,
2007 BCPC 383 (CanLII)
12 month CSO + 3 year Driving Offender hit and killed a pedestrian and then fled the scene. Collision was not the offender's fault. Offender was only found out a year after the accident. He gave an inculpatory statement to police. Offender was 21 years old with only a minor driving record.
R v Lisi,
2001 BCCA 559 (CanLII),
3 months + 1 year Driving Offender hit a pedestrian who later died. He fled the scene and went home where he began to drink. He was convicted at trial for refusal to provide a sample.
R v Arruda,
[2001] O.J. No. 6288 (*no CanLII links)
9 months + P + 1 year Driving Offender involved in accident where pedestrian is killed. Offender abandoned car in parking lot. He later turned himself in to police. Offender was 25 years old with a 4 year old son. He had an unrelated record.
R v Crutchley,
1990 CanLII 1806 (BC CA), [1990] BCJ No. 317 (BCCA)
18 months + P + 3 year Driving Offender was in a two vehicle accident. He fled the scene upon believing that the other driver was dead. Offender attempted to create a false alibi. He had a prior conviction for the same offence.
R v Pijogge,
2013 CanLII 1968 (NL SCTD)
6 months CSO Offender failed to remain at scene of collision where she knew bodily harm result. She was first time offender and had aboriginal background.