File Review Checklist

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__________ Preparation Items __________
  • Review the information or indictment
    • determine whether the proper section is charged
    • determine whether the wording of the charge includes all essential elements of the offence;
    • determine whether the dates on the document correspond to the offence;
    • has the jurat on the court copy been properly been signed
  • Consider whether a publication ban is required / under what section / what names
  • Consider the proper election for a hybrid offence;
  • Could a summary election be outside of the time limit;
  • determine whether a conditional sentence is available;
  • Review disclosure
    • is there any disclosure items listed as pending;
    • are there any reference to materials you do not have;
    • make sure the handwritten notes are legible


  • need for testimonial aids;


  • any medical documentation that needs interpreting;
  • any computer forensic evidence that needs interpreting;
  • any memory or inconsistency issues that need explaining;