General Issues in Procedure and Practice (Cases)

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Case Name Summary
R v Pilieci,
2010 ONSC 3606 (CanLII)
Promise to appear not confirmed
R v Killaly,
2010 BCPC 138 (CanLII)
undertaking expiration

Pre-Trial Matters

Trial Matters

Challenge for Cause

Case Name Summary
R v C.E,
2011 ONSC 209 (*no CanLII links)
An application for challenge for cause was dismissed.


Case Name Summary
R v Burtt,
2012 NBPC 6 (CanLII)
application for video link permitted
R v Charles Jean Picot,
2011 NBPC 4 (CanLII)
application to amend info mid-trial granted
R v Michell,
2011 BCPC 347 (CanLII)
an incarcerated victim applies to attend a trial -- application denied
R v P.D.T.,
2010 ABQB 37 (CanLII)
right to public hearing violated under s. 11(d)


Unreasonable Verdict

Case Name Summary
R v Onyee,
1999 CanLII 14073 (MB C.A.)
failure to consider timeline and misapprehension of evidence


Case Name Summary
R v Reitsma,
1998 CanLII 825 (S.C.C.), [1998] 1 SCR 769, 125 CCC (3d) 1, rev’g (1997) BCAC 303
R v Burke,
1996 CanLII 229 (S.C.C.), [1996] 1 SCR 474, 105 CCC (3d) 205
R v Keeper
(1993), 88 Man. R. (2d) 156(*no CanLII links)