Guilty Pleas (Cases)

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Withdraw of Guilty Plea

See also: Guilty Plea
Case Name Result Summary
R v Granados,
2017 MBQB 69 (CanLII), per Menzies J
Granted The judge found that the plea was not fully informed of consequences of the plea.
R v Fiske,
2014 SKQB 152 (CanLII), per Konkin J
R v Meadus,
2014 ONCA 445 (CanLII), per curiam, per curiam
Denied charged with sexual interference.
R v Gililov,
2014 ONCJ 94 (CanLII), per Bourque J
R v Dupin,
2013 SKPC 119 (CanLII), per Cardinal J
Denied Charged with drug trafficking. Plead guilty with counsel in open court. Judge did not confirm elements of plea, no facts were read.
R v McLaughlin,
2013 NBCA 38 (CanLII), per curiam
R v Wiebe,
2012 BCCA 519 (CanLII), per Ryan JA
R v Lewis,
2012 SKCA 81 (CanLII), per Jackson JA
Granted accused changed plea with lawyer on day of trial. He never admitted offence and appeared confused.
R v Williams,
2012 BCCA 314 (CanLII), per Frankel JA
R v Sutton,
2012 NLCA 35 (CanLII), per Rowe JA
R v Downes,
2012 ONCJ 45 (CanLII), per Marin J
R v Greenall and Collins,
2011 BCPC 28 (CanLII), per Skilnick J
withdraw denied
R v Lamontagne,
2011 QCCA 1486 (CanLII), per curiam
GP upheld
R v Chisholm,
2010 ONSC 3877 (CanLII), per Mulligan J
denied argued that was not given an option but to plead guilty
R v Messervey,
2010 NSCA 55 (CanLII), per Beveridge JA
R v IBB,
2009 SKPC 76 (CanLII), per Whelan J
detailed summary of law
R v White,
2009 NSSC 313 (CanLII), per Cacchione J
R v Maniaol,
2009 ABPC 390 (CanLII), per Allen J
R v McCollum,
2008 NSCA 36 (CanLII), per Bateman JA
R v DWS,
2008 BCCA 453 (CanLII), per Bauman JA
R v KDH,
2007 ABPC 264 (CanLII), per LeGrandeur J
withdraw granted
R v Leonard,
2007 SKCA 128 (CanLII), per Richards JA
R v Nevin,
2006 NSCA 72 (CanLII), per Bateman JA
R v Dodge,
2005 NSPC 24 (CanLII), per Gibson J
guilty plea withdrawn due to false acceptance to help another (see para 22 to 25)
R v Moore,
2004 BCPC 560 (CanLII), per Brecknell J
withdraw denied
R v Gold,
2004 BCCA 179 (CanLII), per Finch CJ
R v McIntosh,
2004 NSCA 19 (CanLII), per Hamilton JA
R v Barry,
2004 NSCA 145 (CanLII), per Bateman JA
R v Wetmore,
2003 ABQB 350 (CanLII), per Macklin J
R v Hallam,
2003 BCPC 201 (CanLII), per Brecknell J
withdraw denied
R v Moser,
2002 CanLII 49649 (ONSC), per Hill J
withdraw denied
R v Hector,
2000 CanLII 5725 (ONCA), per Finlayson J
R v Clermont,
1996 CanLII 10244 (NSCA), , (1996) NSJ 170, per Clarke CJ
R v Pottie,
1996 CanLII 5604 (NSCA), per Puglsey JA
R v Murphy,
1995 CanLII 4329 (NSCA), [1995] NSJ No 41, per Chipman JA
R v SK,
1995 CanLII 8926 (ONCA), per Carthy JA
R v Morris,
1994 CanLII 1669 (BC CA, per Legg JA
R v Porter,
1994 CanLII 4019 (NSCA), , (1994) 132 NSR 107, per Puglsey JA
R v RT,
1992 CanLII 2834 (ONCA), , (1992) 10 OR (3d) 514 (Ont. CA), per Doherty JA
appeal dismissed
R v Gautreau,
1991 CanLII 4232 (NB CA), per curiam
dismissed appeal of failed withdraw dismissed - plea with experienced counsel and confirmed in court
R v Rubenstein,
1987 CanLII 2834 (ONCA), per Zuber JA
denied The guilty plea made with counsel. There was a joint statement of fact submitted. Joint recommendation was rejected.
R v Melanson,
(1983) NSJ 453(*no CanLII links)
R v Igoe,
(1982) 54 NSR 113 {{{3}}}, {{{4}}}
R v MacNeil,
(1982) 51 NSR 2d 541(*no CanLII links)