Ineffective Counsel (Cases)

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Ineffective Counsel

See also: Ineffective Counsel
Case Name Result Summary
R v Benham,
2013 BCCA 276 (CanLII), per Frankel JA
denied failure to advise the accused to testify, failure to call certain witnesses
R v Lovas,
2013 ONSC 1932 (CanLII), per Durno J
R v Eroma,
2013 ONCA 194 (CanLII), per curiam
granted lawyer did not permit accused to chose whether to testify.
R v Travis,
2012 ABQB 629 (CanLII), per Yamauchi J
denied failed to call witnesses or request further disclosure
R v Aulakh,
2012 BCCA 340 (CanLII), per D Smith JA
denied allege defence failed on a number of points
R v GM, 2012 NLCA 47 (CanLII), per Welsh JA granted defence failed to call evidence attacking credibility of crown witness
R v Downing,
2012 ABQB 287 (CanLII), per Nielsen J
R v Ross,
2012 NSCA 56 (CanLII), per Bryson JA
granted trial counsel did not call any evidence or cross-examine on sexual interference case where defence was an honest mistaken belief of age
R v O'Keefe (No. 2), 2012 NLCA 25 (CanLII), per Harrington JA denied claimed counsel failed to call witnesses, raise charter issues, make requested election
R v Fraser,
2011 NSCA 70 (CanLII), per Saunders JA
granted new trial ordered
R v Hobbs,
2010 NSCA 53 (CanLII), per Saunders JA
R v MB, 2009 ONCA 524 (CanLII), per Cronk and Armstrong JJA granted new trial ordered
R v TP, 2002 ONCA 49360 (CanLII), [2002] OJ No 2142 (Ont. C.A.), per Simmons JA
R v Gardiner,
2010 NBCA 46 (CanLII), per Richard JA
granted counsel failed to apply Browne v Dunn rule in examination, so new trial ordered.