Initial Appearance Checklist

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See also: Precedents, Court Forms and Checklists
  • Reading of Charges / Waiving of Reading of Charges
Crown Election
  • Crown Election (if applicable)
  • Reading Election (if applicable)
Publication Bans
  • General Publication Ban (486.5)
  • Sexual Offence Publication Ban (486.4(1))
  • Publication Ban For Underage Victims (486.4(2))
  • Retained counsel of Choice / Applied for Legal Aid counsel
  • Adequate initial disclosure made
Defence Election and Plea
  • Language of Trial
  • Defence Election (if applicable)
  • Defence Plea
  • Consent Remand / Schedule a Show Cause
  • contact conditions while in custody
Not Guilty Plea
  • Defence choice of language of trial (English/French)
Not Guilty Plea - multiple informations
  • Consent to Joint Trial on Informations (where evidence overlaps)
  • Consent to Same Trial Judge Hearing Both cases (where judge is assigned at plea)