Unlawful Assembly and Rioting (Sentencing Cases)

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Case Digests

Case Name Sentence Summary
R v Singh,
2014 BCPC 139 (CanLII), per Bahen J
conditional discharge The offender plead guilty to participating in the Vancouver Olympics riots. He was one of 300 people who looted a store resulting in almost a million dollars in losses. Crown sought CSO.
R v Johal,
2014 BCPC 89 (CanLII), per Rideout J
R v Williams
2013 BCCA 116 (CanLII), per Garson JA
90 days
R v Peepre,
2013 BCCA 115 (CanLII), per Garson JA
60 days detailed table of cases at end
R v Chou
2013 BCPC 23 (CanLII), per Dhillon J
90 days CSO
R v Renderos
2012 BCPC 467 (CanLII), per Palmer J
45 days + P
R v Andrews
2012 BCPC 486 (CanLII), per Palmer J
3 month CSO + P
R v Hodson
2012 BCPC 468 (CanLII), per Palmer J
18 month CSO
R v Loewen
1992 CanLII 6003 (BC CA),
(1992) 75 CCC (3d) 184, per Carrothers JA
6 months + Pr also charged with mischief