Invitation to Sexual Touching (Sentencing Cases)

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Invitation to Sexual Touching

Case Name Prv. Crt. Sentence Summary
R v GM,
2016 SKQB 191 (CanLII)
SK SC 18 months The offender invited a 13-year-old girl over to her place for the purpose of having sex with her husband while she watched.
R v GRK,
2014 SKQB 147 (CanLII)
SK SC 6 months
R v Renouf
2012 CanLII 25628 (NL PC)
NL PC 14 days
R v E.J.K.
2002 CanLII 54016 (NL SCTD), [2002] N.J. No. 388 (S.C.)
NL SC 6 months Offender was naked and put child's hand on his penis and moved it up and down
[2010] N.J. No. 99 (S.C.)(*no CanLII links)
NL SC 1 year A number of incidents where the offender invited the victim to touch him
R v L.H.
2011 NLCA 4 (CanLII)
NL CA 1 year on two or three occasions offender asked victim "to rub lotion on his penis"