Motor Vehicle Offences (Sentencing Cases)

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Driving While Disqualified

Case Name Sentence Summary
R v Monykal,
2009 ABPC 220 (CanLII)
Office did not have sufficient grounds to make the demand. Driver was driving slowly at 2am. Claimed to be lost. Admitted to drinking two glasses of wine sometime in the evening. Officer should have narrowed the time period.
R v Virani,
2012 ABCA 155 (CanLII)
12 months
R v Quewezance,
2011 SKCA 123 (CanLII)
9 months very long record, 5 prior offences
R v Marroquin,
2012 ABCA 28 (CanLII)
12 months long record with 7 MV related convictions

Failure to Stop at the Scene

Case Name Sentence Summary
R v Dhaliwal,
2012 MBQB 155 (CanLII)
12 months no CSO available due to SPI Offence
R v LLC,
2012 ABPC 103 (CanLII)
24 months also charged with impaired driving; assault peace officer with a weapon
R v Schmitt,
2011 ONCJ 546 (CanLII)
5 months

Flight from Police

Case Name Sentence Summary
R v Chaaban,
2011 ABPC 310 (CanLII)
8 months CSO