Objections Cheatsheet

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  • Irrelevance
  • Compound Question
  • No foundation/Assumes facts not proven
  • Misquoting prior evidence/statement
  • Hearsay
  • Asked and answered
  • Badgering, harassing witness
  • arguing with witness
  • Asking witness for inadmissible opinion
  • Character not in issue
  • Monologuing/Editorizating
  • Privilege
  • Vague/Misleading question

On Direct Examination Only

  • Leading Question

On Sexual Assault Cases

  • Failure of complainant to "fight back"
  • Failure of complainant to "scream" or "call for help"
  • Failure of complainant to report the assault in a timely manner

On Calling Counter-Evidence

  • Failure to confront opposing witness with counter-story (Rule in Browne v Dunn)