Right to Counsel (Cases)

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Right to counsel

Case s.10(b) s.24 Summary
R v Manchulenko,
2012 ONSC 2558 (CanLII), per Gareau J
Y Y 10(b) violation, evidence excluded, 253 charge
R v Nakamura,
2011 BCSC 1443 (CanLII), per Romilly J
Y Y statements excluded; trafficking
R v Buker,
2010 ABPC 203 (CanLII), per Bascom J
R v Volk,
2010 SKCA 3 (CanLII), per Ottenbreit JA
Y N police pull over for illegal driving; they smell marijuana; utterance of drugs in car, failed to give right to counsel
R v Ewert,
2009 ABPC 270 (CanLII), per Fradsham J
Y Y accused offered lawyer and responded by saying "it's 4 a.m. I can't find a lawyer".
R v Melfi,
, [2001] OJ No 4863 (SCJ)(*no CanLII links)
N N detainee requested specific counsel--at 3:06am police left home voice-mail for counsel--at 3:09am a call was placed to duty counsel. At 3:15am, the duty counsel returned the call and spoke to detainee. No complaints of duty counsel advice, no further mention of original counsel. Acquittal set aside.
R v Polashek,
1999 CanLII 3714 (ONCA), per Rosenberg JA
Y Y search vehicle after drug odour; failed to give notice of right to counsel