Section 276 Applications (Cases)

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Extrinsic Sexual Activity of the Complainant

See also: Complainant's Sexual History
Case Name Result Summary
R v Boone,
2016 ONCA 227 (CanLII)
some admitted The accused is alleged to have had unprotected sex while HIV positive without notifying partner. Judge permitted to use a prior inconsistent statement of complainant relating to past sexual practice.
R v Butts
2012 ONCA 24 (CanLII)
admitted exclusion of sexual conduct under 276 results in new trial
R v Sanghar
2012 ABPC 34 (CanLII)
admitted evidence of prior intercourse between inmates admitted in s. 272 charge
R v Gill
2011 ONCJ 345 (CanLII)
R v Quesnelle
2010 ONSC 2698 (CanLII)
admitted evidence that the accused paid for sex with victim twice in the months before allegation.
R v R.R.W. (No. 1)
2010 NLTD 136 (CanLII)
R v Nepinak
2010 BCSC 1677 (CanLII)
not admitted
R v Salehi
2009 CanLII 2034 (ON SC)
not admitted
R v J.T.
2010 ONSC 5246 (CanLII)
R v Harris
1997 CanLII 6317 (ON CA)