Sexual Assault of Person Under 16 (Sentencing Cases)

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Touching and Other Related Act

2010 to present

Case Name Prv. Crt. Sentence Summary
R v CFY,
2019 NSSC 178 (CanLII)(complete citation pending)
ON SC 30 months
R v DL,
2018 ONSC 3409 (CanLII)(complete citation pending)
ON SC 6 months "where on two occasions, on one evening the offender had the complainant, a six-year-old child, the niece of his common law spouse, sit on his lap where he fondled her vagina without digital penetration. He was not remorseful."
R v JE,
2018 NSPC 4 (CanLII)(complete citation pending)
R v WP,
2018 NLSC 113(complete citation pending)
NL SC 6 months (global) "the offender was convicted of two counts of sexual assault under s. 271(1)(a) and one count of sexual interference under s. 151(1)(a) of the Criminal Code. That case involved a grandfather committing two distinct acts several years apart: first, touching his granddaughter over clothing on her vaginal area while they were snowmobiling and, second, touching her under her

clothing on her vaginal area while he was teaching her how to drive. A Conditional Sentence Order was rejected, and he was sentenced to two months for the first offence and four months on the second, to be served consecutively."

R v IC,
2017 BCPC 2 (CanLII), per Doulis J
BC PC 22 months The offender sexually assaulted two young females, aged 13 and 14 during the 90s. The acts involved attempted intercourse. The judge rejected a Conditional Sentence.
R v GHE,
2017 NSSC 281 (CanLII)(complete citation pending), per Lynch J
NS SC 6 months There were "acts committed against his young daughter. The offender touched his daughter while she was between the ages of three and five years. He touched her genital area “a few times”"
R v GF,
2016 BCPC 173 (CanLII), per Bagnall J
BC PC 9 years, 11 months (global)
The offender was convicted of sexual touching of a person under 14, sexual assault causing bodily harm, and distributing child pornography. He abused a child over 9 years starting when the child was 6 years old. He was in a position of trust as an "equivalent of a grandfather". When the victim was 14, the offender sexually assaulted him causing bodily harm by penetrating him anally. He took sexual photographs made when the victim was 13 and 14.
R v Stuckless,
2016 ONCJ 338 (CanLII), per Greene J
ON PC 6.5 years Over a period of 30 years, the offender volunteered and worked with children allowing him to sexually assault over a dozen children. He had previously been sentenced in 1998 in relation to 24 victims assaulted during the same period of time. [Per Greene PCJ]
R v RRI,
2016 NSPC 66 (CanLII)(complete citation pending), per Gabriel J
NS PC 1 year "the offender, who was 52 years old, and unemployed as a result of a stroke, pled guilty to committing sexual assaults of his teenage biological daughter over a period of seven years. The young girl was groomed by the offender, who fondled the victim’s breasts and genitals while giving her massages as well as inciting her to send nude pictures of herself to him."
R v IPW,
2016 ONSC 5919 (CanLII)(complete citation pending)
ON SC 18 months "the Court imposed an 18-month period of incarceration in circumstances that were somewhat similar to these offences, but also included more severe touching, such as touching of the young girl’s vaginal area and an occurrence involving what was described as a “humping motion” by the accused. These incidents occurred over a four-year period and included more than 50 occasions of touching of breasts and vaginal area over clothing."
R v SJP,
2016 NSPC 50 (CanLII), per Ross J(complete citation pending)
NS PC 5 months "the Court reviewed a number of sentences issued for s. 151 offences. One of these cases was the unreported decision in R. v. Sawlor, where the accused pleaded guilty to sexual interference of his three-year-old granddaughter. On multiple occasions over a three-month period, while babysitting, he touched and rubbed the child’s vaginal area with his hand. The accused had an excellent Pre-Sentence Report and an extensive history of employment and community involvement. He also had a serious problem with alcohol abuse. The family was highly impacted by the conduct. The accused was sentenced to four months of incarceration."
R v KWP,
2016 MBQB 99 (CanLII), per McKelvey J
MB SC 30 months The offender was convicted of sex assault and interference upon his granddaughter. He touched 4-year-old daughter multiple times and performed cunnilingus once.
R v Melendez,
2016 BCPC 91 (CanLII), per Harris J
BC PC 2 years less a day The offender was a foster parent to the 8-year-old victim. He touched her vaginal area, inserted his fingers into her vagina, kissed her with his tongue, and attempted full intercourse. He was 70 years old at the time of sentencing. He suffered from "diabetes, high cholesterol, failing eyesight and high blood pressure" as well as depression. A psychological assessment reported the offender as evasive and blamed victim. Judge also ordered s. 109 Order, DNA, SOIRA (life) and a s. 161 Order.
R v IGL,
2015 NSSC 277 (CanLII)(complete citation pending)
NS SC 3 years
R v Sidwell,
2015 MBCA 56 (CanLII), per Steel JA
MB CA 4 years The offender sexually assaulted a 14-year-old boy. Sexual acts included masturbation, oral and anal sex.
R v LO,
2015 ONCJ 289 (CanLII), per Felix J
ON PC 14 months + 3 yrs prob. The offender pled guilty of sexual interference of his granddaughter. He sexually touched the victim multiple times over 2 years. The victim was between the age of 3 and 5 years old. He had no prior record.
R v JVS,
2015 NSPC 73(complete citation pending)
NS PC 43 months
R v AA,
2015 ABQB 376 (CanLII), per Read J
AB SC 8 years The offender pleaded guilty to four counts of interference.
R v FEH,
2015 BCSC 175 (CanLII), per Abrioux J
BC SC 38 months The offender sexually assaulted his step-daughter and her friend during several incidents. Conduct included fondling, digital penetration and having the victims touch his penis.
R v Akbari,
2014 ONSC 5198 (CanLII), per O'Marra J
ON SC 9 months CSO Offender found guilty at trial of sexual assault of his girlfriend's 13-year-old daughter. Conduct consisted of a singular transitory incident of touching of the victim's chest and one attempt to touch her genitals. The offence occurred in the girlfriend's home and had a significant impact on the victim. There was a "quasi-position of trust". The offender had no criminal record.
R v SGB,
2014 ABQB 540 (CanLII), per Yamauchi J
AB SC 2 years less a day The offender pleaded guilty to sexual interference. Over a period of 10 years, starting in 1988 when the victim was 5 years old, the offender fondled the victim's chest and genital area. The victim did not disclose the incident until she was a teenager.

He was 61 years old with a criminal record relating to impaired driving. The judge also ordered a s. 110 order.

R v Ralph,
2014 BCSC 467 (CanLII), per Romilly J
BC SC 2 years less a day CSO The offender was a female teacher who pled guilty to sexual interference in relation to a former male student who was between 11 and 13 years old. The conduct included kissing, touching, cuddling and oral sex. The events caused significant harm to the victim. It was a relationship of trust.
R v Medeiros,
2014 ONCA 602 (CanLII), per curiam
ON CA 5 years offender sexually assaulted young person over several years. No penetration involved. Exploited victim by giving alcohol and drugs. He was in a position of trust to a vulnerable victim.
R v Desjarlais,
2014 MBQB 224 (CanLII), per Greenberg J
MB SC 2 years less a day + prob. The offender was convicted at trial of sexual assault and sexual exploitation. He sexually abused a 15-year-old victim over several months. He was 60 years old and an aboriginal healer.
R v MM,
2014 MBPC 23 (CanLII), per Curtis J
MB PC 6 years offender sexually assaulted his grand-daughter who was between ages 10 and 14. Acts included touching and oral sex.
R v Walker,
2014 MBQB 82 (CanLII), per Simonsen J
MB SC 3 years The offender was convicted for sexual assault against a 4-year-old neighbour. The prohibited conduct included oral sex and anal intercourse. He was 72 years old.
R v DJM,
2014 NSSC 958, per Cacchione J
NS SC 4.5 years
R v GKN,
2014 NSSC 150 (CanLII), per Cacchione J
NS SC 18 months (global) The offender was found guilty of six counts interference and three counts sexual assault in relation to his step-daughter. "The offender, who was 60 years old had masturbated in the presence of his stepdaughter and had touched her inappropriately with his lips, penis and hands. The offender was convicted following a trial before a jury. He had a dated prior conviction for a related offence and was ordered to serve a sentence of 18 months of imprisonment followed by three years on probation;" [1]
R v LAD,
2014 MBQB 1 (CanLII), per McCawley J
MB SC 18 months offender groped mentally disabled 11 year old grand-daughter outside of her clothes. The offender had a long related record.
R v RRB,
2013 BCCA 224 (CanLII), per Prowse J
BC CA 4 years offender touched / fellatio of a minor
R v JBO,
2013 NSCA 97 (CanLII), per Farrar JA
NS CA 90 days (interference)
6 months CSO (exposure)
The offender plead guilty to exposure and interference towards his 9-year-old grand-daughter and a second child of similar age. The conduct included touching each other's genitals, making her touch herself, and would "blow kisses" on her bum and vagina. He would also invite her to touch his penis while in the tub. No penetration was involved. He was 70 years old at the time of sentence. He expressed great remorse. He was assessed as "low" risk. The sentencing judge ordered 90 days jail for the interference and 9 months CSO for exposure. Per Farrar JA
R v JP,
2013 NSSC 65 (CanLII), per Murray J
NS SC 1 year (global)
1 year (sexual assault)
1 year (interference)
6 months (invitation)
+ 18 months prob.
The offender pleaded guilty to sexual interference, invitation to sexual touching, and sexual assault. Over 6 years, he sexually assaulted a victim starting at the age of 6. The conduct included kissing and progressed to sitting on his lap, putting his hand up her shirt and down her pants under her clothing. He was 63 years old and had no previous record.
R v WRM,
2013 NSSC 392 (CanLII)(complete citation pending)
NS SC 5 months A "22-year-old offender who pled guilty to a sexual interference charge. He had a sexual relationship with the 14-year-old victim, which included sexual intercourse. He had several prior convictions as well as a Youth Court conviction for a sexual assault."
R v McLean,
2013 ONCJ 23 (CanLII), per Harris J
ON PC 4 years Offender charged with break and enter and sexual interference.
R v Rennie,
2013 BCSC 909 (CanLII), per Fenlon J
BC SC 22 months The offender sexually assaulted two young children over 6 months. The conduct included fondling, rubbing of the buttocks and kissing. He had issues with mental health and substance abuse.
R v RR,
2013 SKPC 83 (CanLII), per Bazin J
SK PC 18 month conditional sentence, 12 months probation
R v TMK,
2013 NSPC 134 (CanLII), per Whalen J
NS PC 3 months CSO, 2 years probation Offender played guilty to sexual assault in relation to a 13-year-old victim. They were two separate incidents that involved kissing and touching of genitals. The offender was a family friend, creating a relationship of trust. The offender was 19 years old at the time and had no prior record.
R v Hall,
2013 ABQB 418 (CanLII), per Acton J
AB SC 3 months [Per Acton SCJ]
R v Michelin,
2013 SKQB 390 (CanLII), per Dawson J
SK SC 1 year (global) Offender touched two underage females, one who is cognitively impaired. Offender touched the breasts and vaginal area of each girl for a few seconds and asked for sex. The offender was 61 years old and divorced with no children. He had a prior related conviction from 14 years prior.
R v S.C.
2012 CanLII 78017 (NL SCTD), per Stack J
NL SC 30 months Grandfather convicted of historical sexual assault over 10 years of granddaughter while she was between 5 and 14 years old. Offender touched victim in a sexual manner 6 times. Convicted of sexual assault (30mo), interference (9mo), and invitation (18mo).
R v JR,
2012 SKPC 167 (CanLII), per Bazin J
SK PC 14 months father touches 14 year old daughter in vaginal area, no digital penetration
R v WAC,
2012 SKQB 415 (CanLII), per Scheibel J
SK SC 16 months offender lives in house with family including 7 year-old victim, he grabs her and touches her vagina under her clothes--long prior record of breaches and violence--difficult time on remand
R v Biss,
2012 ONCJ 604 (CanLII), per Bovard J
ON PC 14 months high school teacher sexual assault of female student aged 16 -- "fondling, mutual oral sex and masturbation...attempted sexual intercourse several times...penetrated the victim’s vagina with his fingers."
R v GB,
2012 ABPC 214 (CanLII), per Bascom J
AB PC 2 years less a day over seven years touched and performed fellatio on a child aged 5 to 12.
R v LTT,
2012 SKPC 143 (CanLII), per Matsalla J
SK PC 6 months + Pr Offender spread legs of 10-year-old female victim and touched her by rubbing her vagina over her bed clothing for a few minutes. The offender was 29 years old at the time. The victim was the child of a friend of the offender's father. An assessment said he was low risk of offending.
R v Butt,
2012 ONSC 4326 (CanLII), per Code J
ON SC 6 to 12 months lured a 12 year old boy into apartment performed fellatio while he was HIV positive
R v Therrien,
2012 SKPC 121 (CanLII), per Gordon J
SK PC 18 months historical sexual assault, touching and digital penetration of two children in 1980s.
R v TEM,
2012 CanLII 43821 (NL SCTD), per Faour J
NL SC 3 years sexual interference of 11 year old girl
R v Archibald,
2012 ABCA 202 (CanLII), per curiam
AB CA 12 months sexually assaulted two 14 year old boys once each. The first boy was fellated by the offender, and then masturbated in each other's presence. The second boy was fondled and asked if the offender could "jerk him off", but instead they masturbated in front of each other. A third boy was sexually assaulted at winter camp when offender put his hand down the boy's pants and touched his penis. Historical sexual assault--CSO overturned
R v MacIsaac,
2012 CanLII 29422 (NL SCTD), per Seaborn J
NL SC 12 months x 2 victims The offender was guilty of touching of genitals and buttocks of two children over a period of time. He was also convicted of uttering threats to the victims (3 months each). The global sentence was 27 months.
R v CH,
2012 ONSC 3352 (CanLII), per Warkentin J
ON SC 3 years father touching daughter, forced oral sex
R v JRA,
2012 MBCA 48 (CanLII), per Chartier JA
MB CA 5 years The offender sexually assaulted his 4 year old daughter including giving oral sex over 3.5 years
R v AS,
2012 CanLII 25903 (NL SCTD), per Seaborn J
NL SC 12 months grandfather touched two adolescent children above and under their clothes--health problems
2012 ABQB 234 (CanLII), per Sullivan J
AB QB 5 years offender was 37-year-old labourer--victim assaulted 7-year-old step daughter multiple times, including oral sex and touching
R v Palacios,
2012 ONCJ 195 (CanLII), per Rutherford J
ON PC 2 years less a day historical sexual assault
R v LML,
2012 ABPC 84 (CanLII), per Anderson J
AB PC 12 months (JR) sexual interference
R v SAF,
2012 ABPC 60 (CanLII), per Ogle J
AB PC 48 months grandfather sexually assault grand daughter, oral sex, two incidents, found to be in loco parentis
R v CW,
2012 CanLII 10660 (NL SCTD), per Goodridge J
NL SC 6 months 90 year old offender touched child in vaginal area over clothes
R v Vuradin,
2012 ABCA 55 (CanLII), per O’Brien JA (2:1)
AB CA 27 months digital penetration
R v TRO,
2012 ABPC 130 (CanLII), per Fradsham J
AB PC 6 months + prob.
R v Hope,
2012 CanLII 2673 (NL SCTD), per Stack J
NL SC 30 days & 12 months two victims, first was 11 years old and was asked for sex, the second was 14 and offender attempted to have intercourse
R v JAH,
2011 NSSC 434 (CanLII)(complete citation pending)
NS SC 6 months " an offence involving the touching of a nine-year-old daughter, on her stomach, thighs, and vagina on one occasion"
R v BL,
2011 ABCA 375 (CanLII), per curiam
AB CA 3 years oral sex; sexual touching of a child age 8 to 9 by uncle over age 70.
R v TEH,
2011 NSCA 117 (CanLII), per Hamilton JA
NS CA 18 months 2 incidents of inference of 15 boy; oral sex; no prior record
R v WRG,
2011 BCPC 330 (CanLII), per Ellan J
BC PC 12 months father putting hands down 14 year old daughters pants on 3 occasions
R v PA,
2011 NLTD 157 (CanLII), per Seaborn J
NL SC 18 months 7 incidents of interference on child aged 12 to 13; brother’s step-daughter; offender aged 39 to 41; touching the victim’s breasts, vagina and putting the victim’s hand on offender’s penis
R v GWR,
2011 MBCA 62 (CanLII), per Steel JA
MB CA 4 years prior related record; touching of 9 year old son
R v Thompson,
2010 ONCJ 399 (CanLII), per Maresca J
ON PC 18 months CSO offender was 73 years old, touched a young child in a sexual manner. two counts sexual assault, one count touching.
R v Johnson,
2010 ABCA 287 (CanLII), per PAperny JA
AB CA 12 months put hands down pants of 14 year old
R v CPS,
2010 ABCA 313 (CanLII), per Slatter JA
AB CA 3 months touched genital area twice of 8 year old girl
R v WH,
2010 NLTD 62 (CanLII), per Dunn J
NL SC 5 months CSO The offender touched genitals of 14-year-old girl outside of underwear but under dress and placed hands on breasts outside of clothes twice before--victim tried to push offender away twice--offender was 62 years old uncle of victim, no record, good employment history--convicted at trial
R v JBC,
2010 NSSC 28 (CanLII), per Scaravelli J
NS SC 6 years The offender was convicted of sexual interference, invitation to sexual touching and sexual assault. Over 4 years assaults on 9 year old female several times a week. Digital penetration, fondling, just short of penetration. Historical sexual assault. The offender was 51 at the time of sentencing, early 40's at time of the offence. The offender was the step-father, had a prior related record against children. He was in a position of trust to the victim. Parole delayed until half. [per Scaravelli J]
R v REL,
2010 BCCA 493 (CanLII), per Hinkson JA
BC CA 5 years The offender sexually assaulted his 6-year-old step-daughter over a period of 6 years. The conduct included fondling, digital penetration, and attempted intercourse.
R v WH,
2010 NLTD 62 (CanLII), per Dunn J
NL SC 5 months conditional 3 incidents of sexual touching of a minor over 16.
R v Pretty,
2010 CanLII 8323 (NLPC), per Porter J
NL PC 6 months while in a position of authority, he slapped the victim on the rear end, put his arms around the complainant, touched her breast, tugged on the neckline of her sweater, and asked if he could see her breasts.
R v Innerebner,
2010 ABQB 188 (CanLII), per Read J
AB SC 7 years 6+ victims
R v CED,
2010 NLTD(G) 192 (CanLII), per Goodridge J
NL SC 5 months The offender age 60, kissed, touched 15-year-old female on buttocks outside of clothing, and breast inside her shirt. The offender had no record and had a good employment history.
R v WRB,
2010 MBQB 102 (CanLII), per Duval J
MB SC 4 years The offender was convicted of sex assault and sexual interference against his stepdaughter. He performed fondling, digital penetration, and sexual intercourse over a period of 12 to 18 months. He was assessed as low risk.

2000 to 2009

Case Name Prv. Crt. Sentence Summary
R v Manjra,
2009 ONCA 485 (CanLII), per Feldman JA
ON CA 17 months offender licked privates of 7 year old girl
R v AWS,
2009 ABPC 225 (CanLII), per Fradsham J
AB PC 3 years global 3 victims
R v DAP,
2009 ABCA 72 (CanLII), per O’Brien JA
AB CA 15 months jail and probation sexual touching of grand-daughter aged 7 over 3 years; over low sentence
R v CED,
2009 CanLII 65768 (NLPC), per Gorman J
NL PC 10 months with 3 years probation sexual advances on 16 year old include kissing and fondling of breasts
R v Goff,
2009 BCSC 1621 (CanLII), per Ehrcke J
BC SC 30 months (Joint Rec.) The offender plead guilty to sex offences against two children. The conduct involved fondling, digital penetration and having the victims touch his penis.
R v Oldford,
2009 NLTD 124 (CanLII), per Seaborn J
NL PC 5 months offender sat on couch with 13 year old girl, touched her legs, pulled her shirt up, kissed her belly, opened his fly, exposed his penis and pulled her pants off--offender was age 34
R v SC,
2009 SKQB 272 (CanLII), per Zarzeczny J
SK SC 9 months convicted of multiple touching of child under 14. Touching over clothes. Was in a stepfather role.
R v Olford,
[2009] N.J. No. 214 (S.C.)(*no CanLII links)
NL SC touching child's legs, pulled up shirt and kissed stomach, exposed penis and started pulling pants off.
R v Safaee,
2009 BCCA 367 (CanLII), per Bennett JA
BC CA 18 months Offender pleaded guilty to sexually assaulting a 6 yer old who attended his wife's daycare. The conduct involved showing of child pornography, vaginal touching and invitation to child to touch him sexually.
R v PAS,
2009 BCCA 360 (CanLII), per Bennett JA
BC CA 1 year + probation "the accused was the common law partner of the complainant’s mother. He was convicted of sexual assault for one incident involving the 14 year old complainant. While the complainant was sitting at a computer the accused began rubbing her breasts and engaged in digital penetration. He also fondled her and performed oral sex. He rubbed his penis against her, but did not engage in intercourse. The British Columbia Court of Appeal upheld a sentence of one year imprisonment and three years probation." [2]
R v HC,
2009 ABPC 73 (CanLII), per Valgardson J
AB PC 3 years 3 year old victim; kissing her neck, sucking and rubbing her breasts, rubbing up against her buttocks with an erect penis over her clothing, touching and rubbing her vagina over and under her clothing and digitally penetrating her vagina.
R v Lonegren,
2009 BCSC 1678 (CanLII), per Barrow J
R v DJB,
2009 NSSC 415 (CanLII), per Robertson J
NS SC 3 years 8 months Offender convicted of sexual assault x 4 and interference x 2. Between June 2005 and January 2006 offender assaulted 4 females aged 11 to 17 years old who were his step daughter and her friends.No acceptance of responsibility. Offender was 42 years old at the time. Not clear what type of sexual activity.
R v Graham,
2008 ABPC 227 (CanLII), per AJ Brown J
AB PC 18 months probation [Per Brown PCJ]
R v Maha,
2008 ABPC 22 (CanLII) , per Daniel J
AB PC 1 year + 2 years prob.
R v RB,
2008 NSSC 335 (CanLII), per MacLellan J
NS SC 2 years (JR) Offende assaulted three females aged 7, 7, and 9 sometime between 1980 and 1987.
2008 NSSC 246 (CanLII), per Warner J
NS SC 2 years Offender assaulted female under the age of 18. There was no intercourse. Over 9 years, offender abused daughter until she left home.
2008 ABCA 157 (CanLII), per Paperny JA
AB CA 3 years before remand prior record; 30 minute long assault of child of age 3.
R v Bird,
2008 SKCA 65 (CanLII), per Gerwing JA
SK CA 30 months imprisonment fondling of babysitter; victim under threat; 14 year old victim
R v McCombie,
2008 NBQB 353 (CanLII), per Grant J
NB SC 4 months offender pled guilty to touching 14 year old child’s breast under her shirt
R v JAG,
2008 MBCA 55 (CanLII), per Monnin JA
MB CA 12 months + 2 yr prob. The offender was convicted of touching the genital area of his 8 year old grand daughter. There were 10 separate incidents. He was 77 years old without any record.
R v SPC,
2008 ABCA 280 (CanLII), per Rowbotham JA
AB CA 18 months sexual touching of 7 year old
R v PRC,
2008 NSSC 34 (CanLII), per Stewart J
NS SC Female offender assaulted 12 year old male. She was friend of child's mother, occurred over 1 year. No remorse.
R v SCC,
2008 NSSC 115 (CanLII), per Scanlan J
NS SC 2 years 2 months Historical sexual assault on child. Offender was in early 20s at time and child's caregiver. Had prior related conviction at time of sentence. Victim attempted suicide.
R v Maha,
2008 ABPC 22 (CanLII), per Daniel J
AB PC 1 year 9 year old made to masturbate offender to ejaculation
R v BR,
[2007] N.J. No. 111(*no CanLII links)
NL SC 6 months offender had touched the stomach, breast and vagina of his common law spouse’s thirteen year old granddaughter
R v O,
2007 NSCA 15 (CanLII), per Saunders JA
NS CA 2 years Offender had sex with 12 year old female three times, she became pregnant and gave birth. The offender was 19 years old at the time and had "intellectual deficits".
R v Skwarchuk,
2007 ABCA 195 (CanLII)
AB CA 27 months 4 incidents of non-consentual fellatio with girl aged 13.
R v Bachewich
2007 ABCA 199 (CanLII)(complete citation pending)
AB CA 12 months 50 year old rubbing vaginal area of sleeping 9 year old for several minutes
R v Gallant
2004 NSCA 7 (CanLII), per Cromwell JA
NS CA 2 years (making)
2 years (poss'n)
1 year (sex assault)
1 year (touching)
8 years (global)
2007 NSSC 324 (CanLII), per MacLellan J
NS SC 20 months CSO Offender pled guilty to 3 counts of sexual touching. Offender had masturbated male age 12 who was related to him.
R v BR
2007 CanLII 10890 (NLPC), per Gorman J
NL PC 5 months and fifteen days incarceration
R v Young
2007 NSSC 116 (CanLII) , per S MacDonald J
NS SC 20 months CSO The offender pleaded guilty to sexual assault in relation to two victims. Jointly recommended sentence. Positive presentence report, where he showed remorse and willing to take treatment.
R v RTH,
[2007] NSJ 55, 2007 NSCA 18 (CanLII), per Cromwell JA
NS CA 4 years, 4 months The offender was convicted of intercourse (x5), gross indecency, and indecency (x3). The offence was historical, occurring between 1979 and 1985. The offender sexually abused 3 females under the age of 14 who were living with the offender's wife. He was 25 years old at the time with no record.
R v George,
2007 NSSC 36 (CanLII), per MacLellan J
NS SC 18 months CSO + Prob. Offender fondled penis of 13 year old male 50 times. Offender was was step-father of child. It was a historical assault from back around 1973 to 1980. Offender was 62 with no record at time of sentencing.
R v MFS,
2007 ABPC 253 (CanLII), per LeGrandeur J
AB PC 21 months CSO + Prob. The offender plead guilty to sexual interference. The offence was historical in nature, dating back between 1994 and 1995. While the offender's niece was 3 or 4 years old, the offender performed oral sex on the daughter. He was 42 years old at the time of sentence. [Per LeGrandeur PCJ]
R v MJR,
[2007] NSJ 305(*no CanLII links)
NS 2 years, 3 months The offender was convicted of 4 counts of sexual assault against his daughter. This related to a historical event from 1993. He was 29 years old at the time of the offence.
[2006] NSJ 360(*no CanLII links)
NS 3 years The offender was convicted of sexual assault relating to two instances of sexual intercourse and one instance of oral sex with a 15 year old female. The offender lived with the victim's mother. He had a criminal record for breaches. He was also convicted for voyeurism for assisting a friend see the victim showering.
R v PAK,
2006 ABPC 298 (CanLII), per AJ Brown J
AB PC 11.5 months The offender pleaded guilty to interfernce. HE simulated intercourse with his 13 year old cousin, during which he ejaculated on her inner thigh. He had no record and was remorseful. [Per Brown PCJ]
R v Andrews
(2006), 394 A.R. 348 (Alta.Prov.Ct), 2006 ABPC 63 (CanLII), per Fradsham J
AB PC 18 months CSO Offender was a teacher who developed a relationship with a 16 year old student, which involved kissing and mutual masturbation. Father of victim discovered the relationship. Victim was disappointed by offender and dropped out of school. Offender went on administrative leave.
R v Van Den Boogaard
2006 ABCA 183 (CanLII), per Bielby JA
AB CA 6 months jail 58 year old offender was babysitting 13 and 11 year olds; girls were tied to a bed while naked; fondled one of them.
R v F,
2006 NSSC 273 (CanLII), per Goodfellow J
NS SC 4 years Offender had intercourse with 15 year old twice and oral sex once. Offender lived with victim's mother at the time. Prior unrelated record for breaches. Offender had been spying on her while showering as well.
R v JS,
2006 NSSC 163 (CanLII), per Robertson J
NS SC 4.5 years Over 10 years the 45 year old offender performed sexual acts including fellatio, digital penetraion, touching and intercourse with a 4 year old stepdaughter. Victim engaged in self-harm after the incident.
R v RH,
2005 NSSC 134 (CanLII), per Coughlan J
NS SC 4 years and 4 months Offender convicted of several counts of indecent assault from between 1979 and 1985. Offender was 25 years old and sexually assaulted three of his wife's sisters who were under the age of 14.
R v REM,
2005 BCSC 698 (CanLII), per Romilly J
BC SC 18 months The offender sexually assaulted his 9-year-old step-daughter 15 years prior to sentencing. It lasted 7 years. The offender's wife was ill.
R v RBC,
[2005] NSJ 571(*no CanLII links)
NS 3 months CSO, 1 year Prob. The offender was convicted of sexual offences relating to touching the breasts and vagina of two females aged 13 and 14 years. The victims were the offender's niece and her friend. He had a lengthy prior record that included sexual offences. He was 72 years old. The sentence was a joint recommendation. [Boudreau J]
R v RN,
[2005] NSJ 403 (*no CanLII links)
NS 5 years (sex assault)
2 years (child porn)
The offender was convicted of sexually assaulting two females aged 8 and 9 years. One was his daughter and the other was her friend. He was 44 years old.
R v EEC,
2005 NSSC 3 (CanLII), per Hall J
NS SC 3 years + weapons order convicted of sexual inteference, assault causing, uttering threats, breaches, and assault. Offender was parent who sexually assaulted his child. Was in a position of trust. Criminal record of uttering threats and breaches.
2005 ABPC 251 (CanLII), (2005), 388 A.R. 109 (Alta. Prov. Ct.), per Allen J
AB PC 15 month CSO Offender touched 14 year old babysitting over vaginal area and sucked victim's breasts. Incident was short and stopped as soon as the victim asked.
R v KRD,
[2005] NSJ 25, 2005 NSCA 13 (CanLII), per MacDonald CJ
NS CA 2 years less a day The offender was convicted of sexual offence for fondling and engaging in oral sex with a 5 year old daughter over a 5 year period.
R v EEC,
[2005] NSJ 533, 2005 NSSC 3 (CanLII), per Hall J
NS SC 3 years The offender was convicted of a sexual offence for touching his 4 year old daughter with his penis in her genital and anal region. He head a prior record including a conviction for sexually assaulting his wife.
R v Hamm
2005 NSSC 34 (CanLII), per Moir J
NS SC 9 months CSO A jointly recommended sentence. Offender was 34 years old who pleaded guilty to sexual assault of a 13-year-old female. There were several incidents over several months including touching of chest and genitals as well as oral sex. Offender had probably the alcohol and agreed to take programming. He had convictions for unrelated offences. Sentencing judge overturned recommendation, recommendation restored on appeal.
R v Bossé,
2005 NBCA 72 (CanLII), per Deschênes JA
NB CA 13 months + probation 9 year old child performs fellatio and masturbates 19 year old offender
R v KL,
2004 BCSC 797 (CanLII), per Romilly J
BC SC 18 month CSO sexual touching of grand-daughter
R v JGC,
2004 NLSCTD 69 (CanLII), per Halley J
NL SC 9 months fondled buttocks through clothing of two boys (13 and 14 years old), also pressed his penis against boy’s back and simulated anal sex
R v LMB,
2004 NLSCTD 151 (CanLII), per Leblanc J
NL SC 10 months sexual assault on 6 year old grand-daughter, fondled girl’s vaginal area under her clothes--offender was 48 years old with prior record including two sex assaults
R v BS,
2004 CanLII 32226 (ON CA), per curiam
ON CA 12 months conditional sentence, probation and community service Offender played guilty to sexual assault and invitation to sexual touching in relation to a 33-year-old female. Offender was family friend who was in a position of trust. The conduct included an attempt to touch the complainant breast, French kissing and putting his hand down her bathing suit.
R v SCC,
2004 NSPC 41 (CanLII), per Tufts J
NS PC 2 years, 3 years prob. The offender plead guilty to sexual assault against his 11 year old step-son. Conduct included rubbing the victim's buttocks, genital, masturbating the victim, fellatio, and minor digital penetration. He was 42 years old with no prior record. He was remorseful. [Per Tufts PCJ]
R v RD,
2004 CanLII 32144 (ON CA), per Rosenberg JA
ON CA 12 months The offender was convicted of sexual assault and exploitation of his daughter. Over many years, starting when the victim was aged 12, the offender gave sexual massages to the victim and touched her in the chest and vaginal area. The Crown appealed a 90 day sentence. [Per Rosenberg JA]
R v ASG,
[2004] NSJ 10(*no CanLII links)
NS 8 years
R v Kemper
2004 ABCA 348 (CanLII), per O’Brien J
AB CA 2 years touching 30 to 50 times over 3 years
2003 ABQB 57 (CanLII), per Lee J
AB SC 90 day intermittent touching vaginal area under clothing
R v MS,
2003 SKCA 33 (CanLII), per Cameron JA
SK CA 9 months "the Saskatchewan Court of Appeal overturned a 23 month conditional sentence and imposed a nine month jail term where the accused entered a guilty plea to sexual interference. The incidents forming the basis for the charge involved the adopted daughter of the accused and occurred over a two year period when the child was between the ages of seven and nine. The incidents consisted of open-mouth kissing, fondling, simulated intercourse, forced touching of the man’s penis, ejaculation in front of the child and on the child’s hand, and on the final occasion digital penetration of the child. The court listed a number of mitigating factors which reduced the sentence, including: taking responsibility for his actions, entering a guilty plea, the receipt of professional psychiatric help, and attempts made by father and daughter to make amends." [3]
R v RC, [2003] OJ No 2355 (ONCA)(*no CanLII links) ON CA 15 months "the accused sexually assaulted a young foster child in his care over a two year period when the girl was between the ages of eight to nine years old. The accused regularly went into the young girl’s room at night and fondled her breasts and vagina. This escalated to digital penetration of the vagina. The Court of Appeal for Ontario affirmed a sentence of 15 months imprisonment."[4]
R v NJB,
2003 NSSC 134 (CanLII), per Goodfellow J
NS SC 2.5 years The offender was convicted of touching, digital penetration, oral sex and attempted sexual assault. Over a 3 year period he sexually assaulted his 15 year old step-daughter. He was 33 years old and had a prior related conviction in 1992.
2002 BCSC 756 (CanLII), per Romilly J
BC SC 13 mo CSO touching private parts of 5 year old daughter
R v RC
2002 CanLII 14844 (NL P.C.), per Gorman J
NL PC 4 months teacher touches breast of 14 year old student
R v Esmonde
2002 CanLII 49348 (ONCA), per Feldman JA
ON CA 16 months conditional sentence (global) Offender was 44 years old and plead guilty to indecent assault of a male child who was aged between 12 and 17 years old. The occurrences spread over several years totalling 12 occasions. The conduct included a back rub, touching of victim's penis, masturbation and oral sex. Offender received treatment and counselling to address his sexual behaviour. He had a prior conviction for a sexual offence that occurred after the index offence.
R v WHMC, [2002] NSJ No 412(*no CanLII links) NS ? 18 months CSO The offender was a doctor who assaulted 3 male patients who were approximately 13 years old. The conduct included mastrubation and rectal examinations. Victims were mastubated to climax. Events occurred in the 1970s while he was in his 20s. He had no prior criminal record.
R v EY,
[2002] OJ No 673(*no CanLII links)

, affirmed [2003] OJ No 3027(*no CanLII links)

ON CA 18 months + probation "the accused was convicted of sexually assaulting his step-daughter over a seven year period when she was between the ages of seven and 14. The incidents consisted of extended open-mouthed kissing and fondling of the breasts and vaginal area. There was also evidence that the misconduct was escalating to attempts at forced oral sex. The court imposed a sentence of 18 months imprisonment and 18 months probation."
R v CJC,
2002 NSCA 45 (CanLII), per Freeman JA
NS CA 21 months progressive touching, including oral sex, of best friend's 13 year old daughter
R v WCC,
2001 N.J. No. 229 (P.C.)(*no CanLII links)
NL PC 6 months Sexual assault of six-year-old niece. Touching child on bum with the palm of his hand. He stated that he lowered her outside pants by an inch.
R v Penner
(2001), 318 A.R. 51 (Alta. Q.B.), 2001 ABQB 1133 (CanLII), per Martin J
AB SC 18 month CSO Offender convicted by a jury of sexual exploitation. Offender was a teacher and asked female student under 16 to show her breasts and give him a lap dance. He kissed her while she was on his lap. The offender lost his job.
R v DMS,
[2000] NSJ No.172(*no CanLII links)
NS SC 5 years "[T]he accused was convicted of sexually assaulting a female complainant on multiple occasions. The child was between the ages of six to 15 when the incidents occurred and was the daughter of the accused’s female partner."([5])

1990 to 1999

Case Name Prv. Crt. Sentence Summary
R v EMC,
1999 CanLII 18569 (NS SC), [1999] NSJ No 259 (NSSC), per Scanlan J
NS SC 3.5 years The offender was convicted of 6 counts relating to the sexual assault of his niece and nephew between 1968 and 1983. The conduct included sexual touching, oral sex and intercourse. The offender was 58 years old at sentencing and had serious health issues. He continued to deny responsibility. Defence sought CSO.
R v DAM,
1999 CanLII 18578 (NS SC), per Cacchione J
NS SC 17 months, 3 years prob. The offender was convicted of 5 counts sex assault, one count invitation to sexual touching. He sexually assaulted 4 young females between the ages of 8 and 15. One of the victims was his niece, which lasted 5 years and included oral sex, masturbation, and attempted intercourse. He was 38 years old and had been molested as a child. He had no prior record. [Per Cacchione SCJ]
R v AJS,
1998, 167 Nfld. & P.E.I.R. 182 (N.L.C.A.)(*no CanLII links)
NL CA 3 months CSO offender was convicted of sexually assaulting a young girl by placing his hand down her pants while sitting next to her on a plane.
R v Stuckless
1998 CanLII 7143 (ON CA), per Abella JA (2:1)
ON CA 5 years offender pled to 24 counts of sexual assault on boys aged 10 to 15 years old over a period of 20 years.
(1997), 148 Nfld. & P.E.I.R. 347 (N.F.S.C.)(*no CanLII links)
NL SC 60 days CSO 67 year old accused touched the breasts of a twelve year old girl.
R v GO,
[1997] OJ No 1911(*no CanLII links)
ON 15 months The offender hugged, kissed, gave oral sex and fondled the victim. He was an instructor at a rec centre. The victim was between 8 and 12 years old.
R v GCS,
[1997] NSJ No 309(*no CanLII links)
NS SC 5 years The offender was convicted of indecent assault, gross indecency, sexual intercourse all against his daughter who was under 16. He was 50 years old.
, (1996), 151 N.S.R. 2(d) 216, [1996] N.S.J. No. 219 (S.C.)(complete citation pending)
NS SC 3 months "the offender was charged with sexual assault in relation to incidents of touching his granddaughter both above and under her clothing on her breasts, vagina, and buttocks. The Court sentenced the offender to three months of incarceration followed by one year of probation. Despite his age, lack of a criminal record, and pro-social background, incarceration was found to be warranted."
R v Yazelle
1994 CanLII 3860 (SKCA), per Cameron JA
SK CA 4 years undress and fondle genitals of child; no penetration
R v EAF,
1994 CanLII 7597 (NS CA), per Hart JA
NS CA 10 years (global)
The offender plead guilty to five counts relating to indecent assault and sexual assault of his two nieces and a grand-niece. The offences occurred between 1963 and 1970 for the two nieces, while they were aged 7 to 10 years. The grand-niece was assaulted between 1983 and 1984 while she was 9 to 10 years old. He was 65 years of age and had no prior record when sentenced. The conduct involved "fondling and then progressed to rubbing and ejaculation on the bare thighs and stomachs of the young girls and later advanced to oral sex and then attempted anal and vaginal intercourse".
R v Chipman
(1993) 106 Nfld. & P.E.I.R. 74 (N.L.S.C.)(*no CanLII links)
NL SC 60 days 63 year old offender embraced a 14 year old girl and touched her breast.
(1993), 126 N.S.R. 2(d) 392, [1993] N.S.J. No. 489 (C.A.)
10 months "involved an offender who admitted that he had touched his stepdaughter. The offender admitted to masturbating in the same room as his stepdaughter, but there was no suggestion that the victim was aware of this. The Court reviewed the positive results of the Pre-Sentence Report and took into consideration the fact that the probabilities of rehabilitation appeared to be high. The Court stated that this likelihood of rehabilitation mandated that the sentence be reduced to one that would not keep the offender from his family and his employment for an extended time. The Court of Appeal set aside the trial judge’s 10-month sentence and instead gave the appellant a 90-day intermittent incarceration. " {{{4}}} {{{5}}}
R v Bennett
1993 CanLII 2120 (BCCA), per Prowse JA
BC CA 12 months imprisonment touching breast and kissing 13 year old
R v B.C.
1992 N.J. No. 358 ( S.C.)(*no CanLII links)
NL SC 90 days accused fondled the breasts and vagina of his eleven year old niece


Case Name Prv. Crt. Sentence Summary
2016 NSSC 29 (CanLII), per Chipman J
NS SC 1 year The offender plead guilty to sexual interference. He started relationship with 13 year old online, believing she was 18. He stopped communication when it was discovered that she was under age. She pursued him and they started sexual relationship while she was 14. There was fellatio and cunnilingus multiple times. They had intercourse once. The offender was developmentally delayed. The sentence was a joint recommendation.
R v Raman Nair,
2017 ABQB 814 (CanLII), per Ackerl J
AB SC 6.5 years (global)
R v DiMichele,
2017 ONSC 2550 (CanLII), per Edwards J
ON SC 40 months The victim was 15 years old. They had an employer/employee relationship.
R v CGG,
2017 MBQB 61 (CanLII), per Greenberg J
MB SC 3 years The offender was found guilty of sexual assault. He had intercourse with his step-daughter
R v RJ,
2017 MBCA 13 (CanLII), per Mainella J
MB CA 14 years (global)
4, 4 and 5 years (interference)
1 year (making CP)
The offender was convicted of sexual interference and making child pornography. He sexually assaulted two young girls aged 8 and 9 and also recorded the acts. The offending activity included fondling, masturbation, digital and anal intercourse.
2014 NSSC 223 (CanLII), per Rosinski J
NS SC 5.5 years (global)
5 years (sex assault)
breaches (6 months)
Offender was convicted at trial for molesting step-daughter while she between ages 10 to 13. Offence included simulated intercourse, oral sex and touching of vaginal area over clothing. Offender had no remorse. Limited record of breaches and thefts.
R v HS,
2014 ONCA 323 (CanLII), per Epstein JA
ON CA 2 years historical sexual assault from the 70s. The offender had intercourse with victim multiple times, made her pregnant. The crown appealed a CSO.
R v DTG,
2013 BCPC 156 (CanLII), per Gouge J
BC PC 4 years historical sexual assault from the 80s. Sexual relationship with a 12 year old over two years.
R v Piche,
2013 SKQB 202 (CanLII), per Danyliuk J
SK SC 30 months offender sexually assaulted 14 year old babysitter. He drove her to an isolated spot and had full intercourse.
R v Garnet Lee Cole,
2013 NBPC 9 (CanLII), per Brien J
NB PC 12 years historical sexual assault of 4 girls under the age of 14.
R v Smith,
2013 CanLII 12197 (NL SCTD), per Goodridge J
NL SC 11 years parish priest sexually assault 31 children over 20 years.
R v Tremblett,
2013 CanLII 3552 (NL SCTD), per Goulding J
NL SC 32 months
R v KDH,
2012 ABQB 471 (CanLII), per Manderscheid J
AB SC 5 to 7 years offender also sentenced for a variety of sex offences against children (global 18 years). Offender had sexual relations with his own children and step-children over several years.
R v KM,
2012 SKCA 95 (CanLII), per Jackson JA
SK CA 3 years intercourse with three boys under age 16
R v Patey,
2012 CanLII 51735 (NL SCTD), per Seaborn J
NL SC 3.5 years offender was aged 29 to 30 when he had sexual intercourse and oral sex with two children aged 14 and 15. There were multiple offences--victims factually consented to all incidents except for one incident of anal sex
R v Bjornson,
2012 ABCA 230 (CanLII), per curiam (2:1)
AB CA 17 months offender was 22 years of age and had intercourse and other sex acts with a 15 year old niece.
R v DM,
2012 ONCA 520 (CanLII), per Feldman JA
ON CA 7 years sexual assault of 15 year old over 3 years--offender in a position of trust
R v PK,
2012 MBCA 69 (CanLII), per Chartier JA
MB CA 36 months offender sexually assaulted two sisters over several years
R v King,
2012 ABQB 273 (CanLII), per Burrows J
AB SC 3 years offender had a relationship with a 15 year old over several years. They would have intercourse several times a week.
R v MJ,
2012 SKQB 168 (CanLII), per Whitmore J
SK SC 3.5 years sexual intercourse with 14 year old while they slept, also previous incident of interference (touching under clothes) for which he got 1 year
R v Merkuratsuk,
2012 CanLII 2508 (NL SCTD), per Stack J
NL SC 45 days female sexual asaulted 14 year old boy; intercourse for about 20 seconds
R v JMW,
2012 NSCA 9 (CanLII), per curiam
NS CA 2 years sexual assault on 14 year old stepdaughter; multiple assaults; full intercourse
R v CLJ,
2011 ABCA 321 (CanLII), per Costigan JA
AB CA 7 years sexual assault causing bodily harm; choking; victim 6 years old, accused was uncle
R v JC,
2011 MBPC 71 (CanLII), per Harapiak J
MB PC 4 - 9 years victim 6-13 years old; sexual intercourse, violence over many years; pregnancy
R v Woodward,
2011 ONCA 610 (CanLII), per Moldaver JA
ON CA 6.5 years victim age 12; luring over internet
R v AGA,
2010 ABCA 61 (CanLII), per curiam
AB CA 5 years The offender was convicted of sex assault, invitation to sexual touching and interference. Offence occurred over several years. It included mutual touching of penises and one act of anal penetration. The offender was in a position of trust.
R v Revet,
2010 SKCA 71 (CanLII), per Sherstobitoff JA (2:1)
SK CA 18 months no record; victim age 14
R v Leigh,
2010 ONCJ 118 (CanLII), per Bourque J
ON PC 2 years less a day two counts sexual assault, one anal intercourse, one fellatio. Victims were 11 and 14 years old. Crown recommended < 2 years.
R v AN,
2009 NSSC 186 (CanLII), per Beveridge J
NS SC 8 years Offender convicted of indecent assault, rape and incest. Between 1970 and 1976, he regularly had intercourse with daughter who was 12 years old at the beginning. Between 1974 and 1980, he regularly had intercourse with adopted daughter. Offender was 70 years old at sentencing. No prior record.
2007 ABPC 61 (CanLII), per Semenuk J
AB PC 45 days sexual intercourse x 2 with child of 13 years
R v Pritchard,
2005 ABCA 240 (CanLII), per Fraser CJ (2:1)
AB CA 2 years less a day CSO 19 year old meets 13 year old online; had unprotected sexual intercourse; plea to s. 271
R v C,
2005 NSSC 3 (CanLII), per Hall J
NS SC 3 years conviction at trial offender placed his penis in child's vaginal area and anal area, caused significant pain.
R v RS,
2005 CanLII 45184 (ON CA), per curiam
ON CA 9 years numerous sexual assault upon his children
R v Bossé
2005 NBCA 72 (CanLII), per Deschênes JA
NB CA 13 months and probation 19 year old offender twice had a child of 9 years perform fellatio on him and masturbate him until he ejaculated
R v FAW, [2002] NSJ NO 567(*no CanLII links) NS ? 6 years Over a 10 year period, the offender assaulted his female daughter from the age of 4. The conduct included fondling, intercourse, and fellatio. He made threats against her to keep silent. The offence occurred while he was in his 20s. He was sentenced at the age of 68. He was in poor health and had no criminal record.
R v D(D),
2002 CanLII 44915 (ON CA), per Moldaver JA
ON CA 9 years 1 month

Over 7 years, the offender befriended 4 boys between ages 5 and 8 in order to engage in sexual activity including masturbation, oral sex, attempted and actual anal intercourse.

R v ECM, [2001] NSJ No 375 NS ? 2 years The offender had sexual intercourse with two young female step-daughters. He also penetrated one with a curling iron.
R v B(G)
(1999), 181 Nfld. & P.E.I.R. 1 (N.L.S.C.)(*no CanLII links)
NL SC 9 months sexually assaulted a 13-year-old girl who was the daughter of his neighbour. The offence involved digital penetration.
(1992) 127 A.R. 65 1992 CanLII 2761 (ABCA), per curiam
AB CA 5.5 years "serious sexual assault" on child