Stay of Proceedings (Cases)

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Section 7: Prosecutor Abuse of Process

Case Name Result Summary
R v Chen,
2009 ONCJ 453 (CanLII)
stayed breach s. 7 for crown changing mind to stay charges. Stay upheld.
R v Arcand,
2008 ONCA 595 (CanLII)
denied alleged disclosure issues, laying additional charges, differential treatment of accused.

Section 7 - Disclosure

Case Name Result Summary
R v Vader,
2013 ABQB 68 (CanLII)
not stayed
R v Tweedly,
2013 BCSC 910 (CanLII)
stayed Two police witnesses lost their notes. The notes were used in the ITO of a search warrant.

Section 12 - Cruel and Unusual Punishment

Case Name Result Summary
R v Tang
2011 ONCJ 525 (CanLII)
stay granted

Abuse by Police

Case Name Result Summary
R v Maskell,
2011 ABPC 176 (CanLII)
stay force used while arresting for driving while disqualified
R v Steele,
2010 ABQB 191 (CanLII)
stay excessive force in arresting accused