Young Offenders (Sentencing Cases)

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Cases concerning Sentencing Young Offenders.

Youth Sentences

Case Name Offence(s) Sentence Summary
R v DW
2011 NLCA 21 (CanLII)
Robbery 4 months deferred + P Offender stole chain off victim's neck. He had a prior record for robbery.
R v M(P)
2013 ONCJ 36 (CanLII)
Sexual Assault, Manslaughter 1 year SC + 1 year DC + 1 year S sexually assaulted a semi-incapacitated girl while outside drinking. Left the girl out in the slow and she froze to death.

Application to Sentence as an Adult

Case Name Offence(s) Sentence Summary
2013 MBPC 34 (CanLII)
2nd degree Murder adult sentence
R v KH,
2013 MBPC 31 (CanLII)
Robbery x 3 sentenced as adult
R v C.M.,
2013 ABPC 30 (CanLII)
2nd Degree Murder
R v R.R.I.
2013 MBQB 22 (CanLII)
Robbery sentenced as youth
R v B.S.A.
2013 BCSC 75 (CanLII)
2nd Degree Murder 5.5 years sentenced as adult
R v Quintana,
2009 BCCA 119 (CanLII)
10 years Youth and another were armed with a hatchet attacked the victim with it. No acknowledgement of wrongdoing or remorse.