Child Pornography (Offence Cases)

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Case Digests

Case Name Result Summary
R v Tyler Perkins,
2013 ONSC 1807 (CanLII)
evidence excluded S. 8, 9, 10(b) of Charter raised.
R v Giuseppe Michienzi,
2013 ONSC 1025 (CanLII)
guilt of poss'n, not guilty of making available
R v Douglas
[2013 SKQB 33] (CanLII)
guilty of poss'n and making avail. through treatment of evidence and law
R v Lorenz
2012 SKQB 293 (CanLII)
acquitted for making CP
R v Jacques
2012 SKQB 277 (CanLII)
guilty of possession and not guilty of making available P2P case
R v Clayton
2012 ABQB 196 (CanLII)
conviction gigatribe distribution
R v Allart
2012 BCCA 100 (CanLII)
conviction for poss’n CP
R v Jeffrey,
2012 SKPC 12 (CanLII)
guilty of distributing
R v Wanamaker
2011 ABQB 310 (CanLII)
R v SS
2011 SKPC 102 (CanLII)
not guilty judge could not determine age of youths in images
R v Carrano
2011 ONSC 7718 (CanLII)
acquittal for innocent possession of CP
R v Jones
2011 ONCA 632 (CanLII)
new trial ordered
R v Smith
2011 BCSC 1826 (CanLII)
R v Love
2011 ABPC 40 (CanLII)
not guilty not guilty due to lack of evidence of possession
R v R.D.
2010 BCCA 313 (CanLII)
not guilty
R v Garbett
2010 ONSC 2762 (CanLII)
R v Spencer
2011 SKCA 144 (CanLII)
conviction upheld
R v Leugner
2011 SKQB 469 (CanLII)
accused argued officially induced error on possession of CP books
R v Leugner
2010 SKPC 50 (CanLII)
guilty of importing and possession fictional stories of child sexual abuse
R v Rudiger
2010 BCPC 182 (CanLII)
guilty possession; considered definition
R v Pressacco
2010 SKQB 114 (CanLII)
guilty of possessing and accessing CP
R v C.M.
2009 MBPC 35 (CanLII)
guilty of making and possessing CP
R v Grant
2009 BCCA 72 (CanLII)
R v Trapp
2009 SKPC 109 (CanLII)
conviction for making CP available
R v Ballendine,
2009 BCSC 1938 (CanLII)
not guilty for making, but guilty for everything else
R v Johannson
2008 SKQB 451 (CanLII)
guilty of making available
R v Dittrich
2008 CanLII 19217 (ON SC)
guilty of possession, not guilty of accessing and making
R v Dabrowski
2007 ONCA 619 (CanLII)
R v Tripp
2007 NBPC 32 (CanLII)
not guilty for possession
R v Horvat
2006 CanLII 13426 (ON SC)
R v Beattie
2005 CanLII 10273 (ON CA)
acquittal overturned pornographic stories
R v J.E.I.
2005 BCCA 584 (CanLII)
guilty considers dominant purpose
R v S. (V.P.)
2001 BCSC 619 (CanLII)
guilty considered definition of sexual organ and dominant purpose
R v Nedelec
2001 BCSC 1334 (CanLII)
guilty of possession considers definition
R v Weir
1998 ABQB 56 (CanLII)
guilty of distribution