Operation While Impaired by Alcohol or Drug (Sentencing Cases)

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Case Name Prv. Crt. Sentence Summary
R v Greavette,
2018 ONCJ 10 (CanLII), per Rose J
ON PC 30 days jail The offender was 26 and had no prior criminal record.
R v Gray
2012 CanLII 298 (NL PC), per Gorman J
NL PC 9 months 5 yr driving proh; 4 prior impaireds, and related record;
R v Riggs
2011 NLTD 26 (CanLII), per Handrigan J
NL SC 4 months 5 yr driving prohibition;
R v Musseau
2010 CanLII 2539 (NL P.C.), per Gorman J
NL PC 10 months 3rd time impaired, car accident; readings 230; 5 yr driving proh.
R v Oxford
2010 NLTD 102 (CanLII), per Seaborn J
NL SC 95 days jail for two offences; no related record
R v Cullen
2009 NLCA 16 (CanLII), [2009] N.J. No. 57 (C.A.), per Wells JA
NL CA 8 months two offences; 15 yr driving proh
R v White
2009 NLTD 196 (CanLII), per Faour J
NL SC 16 months 14 prior offences; 8yr driving prohib
R v Slaney
2009 CanLII 66023 (NL PC), [2009] N.J. No. 327 (P.C.), per Porter J
NL PC 5 months BAC 250; offender and son injured
R v Hirtle
[2008] AJ No 1515 (Alta. C.A.), 2009 ABCA 22 (CanLII), per Nation J
AB CA 21 months offender was driving while driving while disqualified, pled to s. 253(b)--prior record with 9 alcohol-related driving offences and 3 for driving while disqualified.
R v Pittman
2006 NLTD 106 (CanLII), [2006] N.J. No. 193 (S.C.), per O'Regan J
NL SC 90 days jail four priors
R v Hewlin
2006 NLTD 56 (CanLII), [2006] N.J. No. 85 (S.C.), per LeBlanc J
NL SC 6 months three priors; high degree of intoxication
R v Power
2004 NLCA 40 (CanLII), [2004] N.J. No. 229 (C.A.), per Roberts JA
NL CA 6 months 9 related prior offences
R v Hunt
2001 CanLII 33789 (NL SCTD), per Leblanc J
NL SC 23 months 5 priors; BAC 210
R v Wells
[1997] N.J. No. 153 (C.A.) (*no CanLII links)
NL CA 2 years imprisonment for 3 driving offences
R v Squires
1995 CanLII 9848 (NL CA), [1995] N.J. No. 157 (C.A.), per Gushue JA
NL CA 12 months 15 prior offences
R v Connolly
2002 CanLII 41923 (NL PC), [2002] N.J. No. 40 (P.C.), per Gorman J
NL PC 6 months long related record; almost hit a child
R v Cull
2003 NLSCTD 127 (CanLII), [2003] N.J. No. 213 (S.C.), per Dymond J
NL SC 3 months prior related record


Case Name Prv. Crt. Sentence Summary
R v Gregory Louis Young
2012 CanLII 26155 (NL PC), per Mennie J
NL PC 12 months
R v Williams
(2004), 9 MVR (5th) 183 (NLCA), 2004 NLCA 15 (CanLII), per Wells CJ
NL CA 12 months convicted of refusal, also sentenced for driving while disqualified (4 months)--6 prior alcohol related offence, 2 prior for driving while disqualified--10 year driving prohibition

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