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11 August 2022

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13 May 2022

  • curprev 14:2214:22, 13 May 2022Admin talk contribs 4,066 bytes +4,066 Created page with "==General Principles== {{seealso|Intoxication}} The prohibition on self-induced intoxication defences for offences of violence was determined to be unconstitutional and of no force or effect.<Ref> {{CanLIIR|Sullivan|jp64b|2022 SCC 19 (CanLII)}}{{perSCC|Kasirer J}} </ref> {{quotation2| <s>'''Self-induced Intoxication''' <br> ; When defence not available 33.1 (1) It is not a defence to an offence referred to in subsection (3) {{AnnSec0|33.1(3)}} that the accused, by rea..."