Sexual Assault (Sentencing Cases)

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Sexual Assault

Sexual Assault with Weapons or Injuries

Other Specific Types of Sexual Assaults

Assault by Medical or Legal Professionals

Case Name Prv. Crt. Sentence Summary
R v Buckingham, 2008 NLTD 12 (CanLII), per Adams J NL SC 7 years imprisonment Offender had 5 months remand credit. Offender convicted of 5 counts of sexual assault, one count assault on his patients and 6 counts of trafficking in prescription drugs. He was giving drugs in exchange for sex.
R v West,
2007 ABCA 67 (CanLII), 2007 CarswellAlta 236 (Alta.C.A.), per curiam
AB CA 12 months imprisonment The offender was a nurse who touched a patient's breast and put her hand on his genitals until he ejaculated. The patient was semi-conscious at the time. He plead guilty and was remorseful.
R v Bedard,
2001 CanLII 8536 (ON CA), , 2001 CarswellOnt 1706,, per Moldaver JA
ON CA 12 months imprisonment The offender was a chiropractor who sexually assaulted 9 of his patients.