Types of Evidence (Cases)

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Real Evidence

Video Surveillance
Case Name Summary
R v Doughty, 2009 ABPC 8 (CanLII), per Cummings J surveillance video inadmissible
Business Documents
Case Name Summary
R v Wilcox, 2001 NSCA 45 (CanLII), per Cromwell JA
911 Calls
Case Name Summary
R v Stapleton, 2003 BCCA 444 (CanLII), per Hall JA
Court orders
Case Name Summary
R v Schellenberg, 2011 MBQB 240 (CanLII), per Oliphant J copy of probation order unsuccessfully challenged

Documentary evidence

Case Name Summary
R v Chevannes, 2011 ONCJ 754 (CanLII), per Harris J DVD surveillance video for ID found inadmissible