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Case Digests

General Issues in Procedure and Practice


Case Name Summary
R v Pilieci,
2010 ONSC 3606 (CanLII), 257 CCC (3d) 541, per Lauwers J
Promise to appear not confirmed
R v Killaly,
2010 BCPC 138 (CanLII), per Birnie J
undertaking expiration

Pre-Trial Matters

Trial Matters

Challenge for Cause

Case Name Summary
R v CE,
2011 ONSC 209(*no CanLII links)
An application for challenge for cause was dismissed.


Case Name Summary
R v Burtt,
2012 NBPC 6 (CanLII), per Jackson J
application for video link permitted
R v Charles Jean Picot,
2011 NBPC 4 (CanLII), per Leblanc J
application to amend info mid-trial granted
R v Michell,
2011 BCPC 347 (CanLII), per Frame J
an incarcerated victim applies to attend a trial -- application denied
R v PDT,
2010 ABQB 37(*no CanLII links)
right to public hearing violated under s. 11(d)


Unreasonable Verdict

Case Name Summary
R v Onyee,
1999 CanLII 14073 (MB C.A.), per Philp JA
failure to consider timeline and misapprehension of evidence
Case Name Summary
R v Reitsma,
1998 CanLII 825 (SCC), [1998] 1 SCR 769, 125 CCC (3d) 1, per Cory J, rev’g (1997) BCAC 303
R v Burke,
1996 CanLII 229 (SCC), [1996] 1 SCR 474, 105 CCC (3d) 205, per Sopinka J
R v Keeper, 88 Man. R. (2d) 156(*no CanLII links)

Trial Process

Types of Evidence

Real Evidence

Video Surveillance
Case Name Summary
R v Doughty,
2009 ABPC 8 (CanLII), per Cummings J
surveillance video inadmissible
Business Documents
Case Name Summary
R v Wilcox,
2001 NSCA 45 (CanLII), per Cromwell JA
911 Calls
Case Name Summary
R v Stapleton,
2003 BCCA 444 (CanLII), per Hall JA
Court orders
Case Name Summary
R v Schellenberg,
2011 MBQB 240 (CanLII), per Oliphant J
copy of probation order unsuccessfully challenged

Documentary evidence

Case Name Summary
R v Chevannes,
2011 ONCJ 754 (CanLII), per Harris J
DVD surveillance video for ID found inadmissible

Right to Counsel

Right to counsel

Case s.10(b) s.24 Summary
R v Manchulenko,
2012 ONSC 2558 (CanLII), per Gareau J
Y Y 10(b) violation, evidence excluded, 253 charge
R v Nakamura,
2011 BCSC 1443 (CanLII), per Romilly J
Y Y statements excluded; trafficking
R v Buker,
2010 ABPC 203 (CanLII), per Bascom J
R v Volk,
2010 SKCA 3 (CanLII), per Ottenbreit JA
Y N police pull over for illegal driving; they smell marijuana; utterance of drugs in car, failed to give right to counsel
R v Ewert,
2009 ABPC 270 (CanLII), per Fradsham J
Y Y accused offered lawyer and responded by saying "it's 4 a.m. I can't find a lawyer".
R v Melfi,
, [2001] OJ No 4863 (SCJ)(*no CanLII links)
N N detainee requested specific counsel--at 3:06am police left home voice-mail for counsel--at 3:09am a call was placed to duty counsel. At 3:15am, the duty counsel returned the call and spoke to detainee. No complaints of duty counsel advice, no further mention of original counsel. Acquittal set aside.
R v Polashek,
1999 CanLII 3714 (ONCA), per Rosenberg JA
Y Y search vehicle after drug odour; failed to give notice of right to counsel

Recent Possession

Case Summary
R v Palaga,
2008 SKCA 36 (CanLII), 307 Sask R 130, per Smith JA
acquitted of B&E
R v Goulet,
2005 SKPC 104 (CanLII), per Goliath J
convicted of B&E
R v Harris,
1995 CanLII 4187 (NSCA), per Clarke CJ
convicted of B&E
1994 CanLII 7617 (NSCA), per Clarke CJ
convicted of B&E

See Also

General Principles of Evidence

Guilty Pleas

Withdraw of Guilty Plea

See also: Guilty Plea
Case Name Result Summary
R v Granados,
2017 MBQB 69 (CanLII), per Menzies J
Granted The judge found that the plea was not fully informed of consequences of the plea.
R v Fiske,
2014 SKQB 152 (CanLII), per Konkin J
R v Meadus,
2014 ONCA 445 (CanLII), per curiam, per curiam
Denied charged with sexual interference.
R v Gililov,
2014 ONCJ 94 (CanLII), per Bourque J
R v Dupin,
2013 SKPC 119 (CanLII), per Cardinal J
Denied Charged with drug trafficking. Plead guilty with counsel in open court. Judge did not confirm elements of plea, no facts were read.
R v McLaughlin,
2013 NBCA 38 (CanLII), per curiam
R v Wiebe,
2012 BCCA 519 (CanLII), per Ryan JA
R v Lewis,
2012 SKCA 81 (CanLII), per Jackson JA
Granted accused changed plea with lawyer on day of trial. He never admitted offence and appeared confused.
R v Williams,
2012 BCCA 314 (CanLII), per Frankel JA
R v Sutton,
2012 NLCA 35 (CanLII), per Rowe JA
R v Downes,
2012 ONCJ 45 (CanLII), per Marin J
R v Greenall and Collins,
2011 BCPC 28 (CanLII), per Skilnick J
withdraw denied
R v Lamontagne,
2011 QCCA 1486 (CanLII), per curiam
GP upheld
R v Chisholm,
2010 ONSC 3877 (CanLII), per Mulligan J
denied argued that was not given an option but to plead guilty
R v Messervey,
2010 NSCA 55 (CanLII), per Beveridge JA
R v IBB,
2009 SKPC 76 (CanLII), per Whelan J
detailed summary of law
R v White,
2009 NSSC 313 (CanLII), per Cacchione J
R v Maniaol,
2009 ABPC 390 (CanLII), per Allen J
R v McCollum,
2008 NSCA 36 (CanLII), per Bateman JA
R v DWS,
2008 BCCA 453 (CanLII), per Bauman JA
R v KDH,
2007 ABPC 264 (CanLII), per LeGrandeur J
withdraw granted
R v Leonard,
2007 SKCA 128 (CanLII), per Richards JA
R v Nevin,
2006 NSCA 72 (CanLII), per Bateman JA
R v Dodge,
2005 NSPC 24 (CanLII), per Gibson J
guilty plea withdrawn due to false acceptance to help another (see para 22 to 25)
R v Moore,
2004 BCPC 560 (CanLII), per Brecknell J
withdraw denied
R v Gold,
2004 BCCA 179 (CanLII), per Finch CJ
R v McIntosh,
2004 NSCA 19 (CanLII), per Hamilton JA
R v Barry,
2004 NSCA 145 (CanLII), per Bateman JA
R v Wetmore,
2003 ABQB 350 (CanLII), per Macklin J
R v Hallam,
2003 BCPC 201 (CanLII), per Brecknell J
withdraw denied
R v Moser,
2002 CanLII 49649 (ONSC), per Hill J
withdraw denied
R v Hector,
2000 CanLII 5725 (ONCA), per Finlayson J
R v Clermont,
1996 CanLII 10244 (NSCA), , (1996) NSJ 170, per Clarke CJ
R v Pottie,
1996 CanLII 5604 (NSCA), per Puglsey JA
R v Murphy,
1995 CanLII 4329 (NSCA), [1995] NSJ No 41, per Chipman JA
R v SK,
1995 CanLII 8926 (ONCA), per Carthy JA
R v Morris,
1994 CanLII 1669 (BC CA, per Legg JA
R v Porter,
1994 CanLII 4019 (NSCA), , (1994) 132 NSR 107, per Puglsey JA
R v RT,
1992 CanLII 2834 (ONCA), , (1992) 10 OR (3d) 514 (Ont. CA), per Doherty JA
appeal dismissed
R v Gautreau,
1991 CanLII 4232 (NB CA), per curiam
dismissed appeal of failed withdraw dismissed - plea with experienced counsel and confirmed in court
R v Rubenstein,
1987 CanLII 2834 (ONCA), per Zuber JA
denied The guilty plea made with counsel. There was a joint statement of fact submitted. Joint recommendation was rejected.
R v Melanson,
(1983) NSJ 453(*no CanLII links)
R v Igoe,
(1982) 54 NSR 113 {{{3}}}, {{{4}}}
R v MacNeil,
(1982) 51 NSR 2d 541(*no CanLII links)


Categorical Exceptions

State of Mind

Case Name Summary
R v Wysochan,
1930 CanLII 483 (SK CA), 54 CCC 172 (SKCA), per Haultain CJ
"there's a bullet in my body" -- admitted
R v Edwards,
1994 CanLII 1461 (ONCA), 91 CCC (3d) 123 (ONCA), per McKinlay JA
cell phone messages suggestive of trafficking -- admitted for purpose of establishing the activities of accused and intent to respond.

Res Gestae

Case Name Summary
R v Keewatin,
2013 ABPC 1 (CanLII), per Sully J
R v Villeda,
2011 ABCA 85 (CanLII), per curiam
complainant's 911 call admitted in evidence as res gestae hearsay dispite issues with impairment
R v Khan,
2010 ONCJ 580 (CanLII), per Schwarzl J
complainant's 911 call admissible for prosecution as res gestae


Case Name Result Summary
R v Alcantara,
2012 ABQB 219 (CanLII), per Greckol J
prelim evidence was admitted under s. 715
R v Beah,
2013 ONSC 2490 (CanLII), per Strathy J
application under .715(1)(d) granted

Principled Exception to Hearsay


Case Name Result Summary
R v Frederickson,
2013 BCSC 779 (CanLII), per Grist J
rejected in part
R v Clarke,
2013 MBQB 26 (CanLII), per Saull J
R v House,
2012 ONSC 6749 (CanLII), per Broad J
rejected (agreed stmt)
admitted (interview)
R v Serre,
2012 ONSC 3210 (CanLII), per Aitken J
admitted guilty plea and agreed statement of facts of a co-accused are admitted only as far as it covers first-hand knowledge.
R v Deelespp,
2002 ABPC 85 (CanLII), per Allen J
R v Agwa and Ojulu,
2011 MBPC 21 (CanLII), per Elliott J
R v Sasakamoose,
2008 SKPC 164 (CanLII), per Kolenick J
R v EC,
2007 SKPC 27 (CanLII), per Gray J
R v KPH,
2007 ABQB 728 (CanLII), per Thomas J
R v Kontzamanis,
2007 BCSC 1603 (CanLII), per Dillon J
R v Williams,
2006 NSCA 23 (CanLII), [2006] NSJ No 63 (NSCA), per Oland JA
R v Sigovin,
[2006] OJ No 1967 (Ont. Ct. Jus.)(*no CanLII links)
R v White,
2006 ABQB 888 (CanLII), per Moreau J
R v Adam et al,
2006 BCSC 1355 (CanLII), per Romilly J
R v Aronis,
2005 CanLII 2057 (ONSC), [2005] OJ No 286 (Ont. S.C.), per Howden J
R v Beckmann,
2005 ABQB 227 (CanLII), [2005] AJ No 385 (Alta. QB), per Lee J
R v Levesque,
[2004] OJ No 2528 (Ont. S.C.)(*no CanLII links)
R v AM,
2004 ONCJ 185 (CanLII), [2004] O.J. No 3770 (Ont. S.C.), per Hackett J
R v Johnson,
2004 NSCA 91 (CanLII), [2004] NSJ No 280 (NSCA), per Oland JA
R v Michaud,
2004 CanLII 7714 (ONCA), [2004] OJ No 2098, (Ont. C.A.), per curiam
R v PSB,
2004 NSCA 25 (CanLII), [2004] NSJ No 49 (NSCA), per Cromwell JA
R v Singh,
[2004] OJ No 1799 (Ont. Ct. Jus)(*no CanLII links)
admitted Domestic offence
R v Scott,
2004 NSCA 141 (CanLII), [2004] NSJ No 451 (NSCA), per Fichaud JA
R v Malik,
2004 BCSC 299 (CanLII), [2004] BCJ No 456 (BCSC), per Josephson J
R v Morehouse,
2004 ABQB 97 (CanLII), [2004] AJ No 123 (Alta. Q.B.), per Rooke J
R v Strauss,
2004 SKPC 146 (CanLII), [2004] S.J. No 846 (Sask. Prov. Ct.), per Carter J
R v Wodage,
[2004] MJ No 61 (Man. Prov. Ct.)(*no CanLII links)
R v Prince,
2004 BCPC 163 (CanLII), [2004] BCJ No 1277 (BC. Prov. Ct.), per Brecknell J
R v Czibulka,
2004 CanLII 22985 (ONCA), [2004] OJ No 3273 (Ont. C.A.), per Rosenberg JA
R v Nolin,
2003 CanLII 5923 (MB PC), [2003] MJ No 270 (Man. Prov. Ct.), per Sandhu J
R v Wilder,
2003 BCSC 1840 (CanLII), [2003] BCJ No 2884, per Romilly J
R v Campbell,
2002 NSCA 35 (CanLII), [2002] NSJ No 120 (NSCA), per Bateman JA
R v Nazareth,
[2002] OJ No 4085 (Ont. Ct. Jus.)(*no CanLII links)
R v Nejad,
2002 BCPC 617 (CanLII), [2002] BCJ No 3067 (B.C. Prov. Ct.), per Chen J
statement admitted domestic violence -- gave different story from handwritten statement--statement consistent with 911 call and other evidence--no duress in statement, written over 45 minutes
R v EJF,
2001 NSCA 158 (CanLII), [2001] NSJ No 434 (NSCA), per Bateman JA
R v Oakley,
2001 NSPC 36 (CanLII), [2001] NSJ No 537 (NS Prov. Ct.), per C Williams J
R v Pennell,
2001 NSPC 12 (CanLII), [2001] NSJ No 211(NS Prov. Ct.), per C Williams J
R v Nguyen,
2001 ABCA 98 (CanLII), [2001] AJ No 513, per curiam
R v Glowatski,
2001 BCCA 678 (CanLII), [2001] BCJ No 2499 (BCCA), per Hall JA
R v Auger,
2001 NWTSC 30 (CanLII), [2001] N.W.T.J. No 45 (NWT Sup. Ct.), per Schuler J
R v Morrissey,
[2001] OJ No 498 (Ont. Ct. Jus.)(*no CanLII links)
R v Armstrong,
[2001] OJ No 2348 (Ont. Sup. Ct. Jus.)(*no CanLII links)
R v JM,
[2001] OJ No 1748 (Ont. Ct. Jus.)(*no CanLII links)
R v Lavallee,
2000 CanLII 19585 (SK PC), [2000] S.J. No 43 (Sask. Prov. Ct.), per Ebert J
R v Diu,
2000 CanLII 4535 (ONCA), [2000] OJ No 1770 (Ont. C.A.), per Sharpe JA
R v Deschenes,
[2000] OJ No 4658 (Ont. Ct. Jus.)(*no CanLII links)
R v RB,
[2000] OJ No 1888 (Ont. Ct. Jus.)(*no CanLII links)
R v Schwartzenburg,
[2000] OJ No 2655 (ONSC)(*no CanLII links)
not admitted domestic offence
R v Van Osselaer,
1999 CanLII 5913 (BC SC) and 1999 CanLII 6976 (BC SC), [1999] BCJ No 3140 (BCSC)}}, per MacAulay J
R v St. Croix,
1999 CanLII 19721 (NLSCTD), [1999] NJ 214 (Nfld. S.C.), per Barry J
R v MacLeod,
[1999] OJ No 4325(*no CanLII links)
statement admitted domestic offence--victim claimed at trial it was accident--not under oath or video tapted
R v Duong,
[1999] OJ No 1651 (Ont. Ct. Jus.)(*no CanLII links)
R v Merz,
1999 CanLII 1647 (ONCA), (1999) 140 CCC (3d) 259 (Ont. C.A.), per Doherty JA
R v Bartlett,
[1999] OJ No 3313 (Ont. Ct. Jus.)(*no CanLII links)
statement admitted domestic offence--statement given within an hour of incident, detailed and signed--witness agreed contents were reliable to what was said--
R v SH,
[1998] O.J. No 613 (Ont. Prov. Ct.)(*no CanLII links)
R v Fraser,
1997 CanLII 2562 (NS SC), [1997] NSJ No 541 (NSSC), per Carver J
R v Conway,
1997 CanLII 2726 (ONCA), (1997) 121 CCC (3d) 397 (Ont C.A.), per Labrosse JA
R v Chartrand,
[1997] MJ No 552 (Man. Q.B.)(*no CanLII links)
R v Mohamed,
[1997] OJ No 1298 (Ont. Prov. Ct.)(*no CanLII links)
R v Campbell,
[1997] OJ No 5837 (Ont. Prov. Ct.)(*no CanLII links)
R v WB,
[1997] OJ No 5382 (Ont. Prov. Ct.)(*no CanLII links)
domestic assault, threats--witness gave video statement, left country--admitted statement--corroboration
R v Leopold,
[1996] NSJ No 544 (NS Prov. Ct)(*no CanLII links)
R v Pottie,
1996 CanLII 5604 (NSCA), [1996] NSJ No 138 (NSCA), per Puglsey JA
R v Collins,
[1996] OJ No 2881 (Ont Prov. Ct.)(*no CanLII links)
statement admitted recanted witness
R v JK,
[1996] BCJ No 2751 (B.C.Y.C.)(*no CanLII links)
R v Woycheshen,
[1996] MJ No 570 (Man. Prov. Ct.)(*no CanLII links)
statement not admitted
R v Smart,
[1995] OJ No 4182 (Ont. Prov. Ct.)(*no CanLII links)

Deceased witness

Case Name Summary
R v Chretien,
2009 CanLII 9390 (ONSC), per Aitken J
video statement admitted for truth of contents under KGB
R v Kociuk,
2009 MBQB 162 (CanLII), per Joyal ACJ
confession to murder by a deceased third party held admissible
R v McCotter,
2012 BCCA 54 (CanLII), per Ryan JA
statements made to co-workers before death admissible
R v Candir,
2009 ONCA 915 (CanLII), per Watt JA
R v Fairburn,
2009 CanLII 37714 (ONSC), per Poupore J
R v Mohammed,
2007 ONCA 513 (CanLII), per curiam
R v Assoun,
2006 NSCA 47 (CanLII), per curiam
R v Ackland,
2006 ABQB 347 (CanLII), per Germain J
deceased mother's statement excluded
R v Solic,
2003 ABQB 1069 (CanLII), per Slatter J
deceased gave video statement; admissible

Recanting witness

Case Name Summary
R v CM,
2012 ABPC 102 (CanLII), per Franklin J
witness gave preliminary inquiry testimony, later said that it was all a lie--prior statement admitted
R v McCormack et al,
1z16w(*no CanLII links)

, per Beatty J || prior written statement evidence partially admitted

R v Tomlinson,
2008 CanLII 58424 (ONSC), per Archibald J
oral utterance to police; inadmissible
R v Devine,
2007 ABCA 49 (CanLII), per curiam (2:1)
girlfriend keeps changing story; ID evidence admitted
R v Rombough,
2006 ABPC 262 (CanLII), per Kerby J
video statement admitted
R v Nejad,
2004 BCSC 1819 (CanLII), per Truscott J
statement to police admitted
R v Duong,
2009 MBCA 85 (CanLII), {{{4}}} and 1998 CanLII 3585 (ONCA), per curiam
reject prior testimony of co-accused placing accused at scene; witness proven liar
R v Hrynyk,
1998 ABPC 160 (CanLII), per Ketchum J
under oath statement admitted

Forgetful witnesses

Case Name Summary
R v Thomas (R.J.), , per Monnin JA "forgetful" witness gave video statement; admitted.
R v Woodard,
2009 MBCA 42 (CanLII), per Chartier JA
"forgetful" witness; prior statement admissible
R v EC,
2007 SKPC 27 (CanLII), per Gray J
witness "forgets"; prior statement admissible
R v Moreau,
2006 NUCJ 8 (CanLII), per Kilpatrick J
prior statement not admitted
R v Malik and Bagri,
2004 BCSC 2004 (CanLII), per Josephson J
forgetful witness gave statement; admitted as past recollection recorded

Refusal to testify

Case Name Summary
R v Cansanay,
2009 MBCA 59 (CanLII), per Monnin JA
gang members refuse to testify; overturn exclusion of statements
R v U(S),
2007 NUCJ 20 (CanLII), per Johnson J
statement admitted
R v Goodstoney,
2005 ABQB 128 (CanLII), per Rooke J
2 out of 3 KGB statements rejected
R v Scott,
2004 NSCA 141 (CanLII), per Fichaud JA
KGB statement wrongly admitted in 2004 NSSC 13 (CanLII)
R v Charles,
1997 CanLII 9699 (SKCA), per Cameron JA
3 prior statements inadmissible

Disabled witness

Case Name Summary
R v Pearson,
1994 CanLII 8751 (BCCA), per Taylor JA

Youthful witness

Case Name Summary
R v Weselak,
1999 CanLII 14165 (MBQB), per Menzies J
admitted PI testimony of child

Otherwise unavailable

Case Name Summary
R v Clark,
2008 ABQB 384 (CanLII), per Lee J
missing witness; PI testimony admissible
R v Lewis,
2003 NSPC 3 (CanLII), per C Williams J
witness gave 2 statements, was available but failed to attend court; statement inadmissible
R v May,
2012 BCSC 802 (CanLII), per Williams J
admissible - Preliminary Inquiry transcript


Case Name Summary
R v Edgar,
2010 ONCA 529 (CanLII), per Sharpe JA
prior statements admitted


Case Name Summary
R v Singh-Murray,
2011 NBPC 33 (CanLII), per McCarroll J
KGB statement not admissible

Domestic Violence cases

Case Name Summary
R v Abel,
2011 NLTD 173 (CanLII), per Stack J
hearsay evidence of murder victim reporting multiple incidents of violence to family was inadmissible under principled approach
R v Pasqualino,
2008 ONCA 554 (CanLII), per LaForme JA
admitted for est. motive, intent and animus -- statement of victim reporting past physical and verbal abuse.
R v Moo,
2009 ONCA 645 (CanLII), per Watt JA
statement by deceased reporting nature of relationship and marriage -- admitted for 1) motive, intent, and animus 2) rebut accused claim of unintentional killing and 3) credibility if accused testifies
R v Candir,
2009 ONCA 915 (CanLII), per Watt JA
150 statements of deceased to show state of mind -- admitted for motive, animus and identity of killer and state of mind of killer (para 51)
R v Polimac,
2010 ONCA 346 (CanLII), per Doherty JA
admitted to establish motive in domestic homicide
R v Bari,
2006 NBCA 119 (CanLII), per Deschênes JA
admissible to show victim's fear / state of mind
R v Van Osselaer,
2002 BCCA 464 (CanLII), per Hall JA
admissible to show nature of relationship bw accused and deceased, show motive and identity of killer, shows intent, rebut defence of accident, narrative
R v Misir,
2001 BCCA 202 (CanLII), per Proudfoot JA
admitted to prove intent, motive and identity, and relationship between the parties
R v Nickerson,
1996 CanLII 3664 (NS SC), [1996] NSJ No 342, per Haliburton J
3 witnesses recanted, saying they forgot, were intoxicated at time, were misunderstood by police--court admitted prior statements--reliability found based on separate and corroborating statements, the witnesses understood need for truth, and it was accurately recorded

Expert Evidence

Case Digests

Case Name Summary
R v Petavel,
2006 BCSC 1931 (CanLII), per Barrow J
R v Suelzle,
2008 BCPC 225 (CanLII), per Field J

Circumstantial Evidence


Case Digests

See also: Adjournments
Case Name Summary
R v Kandola and Johal,
2012 BCSC 1012 (CanLII), per Romilly J
adjournment for pre-sentence report denied
R v Sanborn,
2012 BCPC 41 (CanLII), per Skilnick J
crown not opposed -- adjournment denied
R v Downey,
2011 ABQB 805 (CanLII), per Tilleman J
failure to grant an adjournment for a self-rep overturned
R v Cole,
2010 NSCA 59 (CanLII), per curiam
crown adjournment of trial refused
R v Marshall,
2009 NSPC 6 (CanLII), per Tax J
Trial adjournment granted
R v Oliver and Morrison,
2005 CanLII 3582 (2005), 194 CCC (3d) 92 (Ont. CA), per Doherty JA
R v Brundia,
2007 ONCA 725 (CanLII), per curiam
R v Roebuck,
2001 ABQB 111 (CanLII), per Lee J
R v Nichols,
2001 CanLII 5680 (ONCA), per Laskin JA
refusal of adjournment mid-trial for firing counsel
R v JEB,
1989 CanLII 1495 (NSCA), 52 CCC 224 (NSCA)
R v Smith,
1989 CanLII 7222 (ONCA), 52 CCC (3d) 90 (Ont. C.A.), per R MacDonald JA
R v Manhas,
1980 CanLII 72 (SCC), [1980] 1 SCR 591, per Martland J
R v Barrette,
1976 CanLII 80 (SCC), [1977] 2 SCR 121, per Pigeon J
R v Spataro,
1972 CanLII 25 (SCC), [1974] SCR 253, per Judson J
R v Warren(1973), 14 CCC 188(*no CanLII links)
R v Darville,
1956 CanLII 463 (SCC), 116 CCC 113, 25 CR 1, per Taschereau J


Case law regarding Judicial Interim Release

Bail Application

Case Name Summary
R v EZL, 2013 BCPC 65 (CanLII), per Challenger J bail denied. Charged with aggravated assualt, possn' firearm (85), unsafe storage. Secondary grounds.
R v W.R.B.
2011 ABQB 793 (CanLII), per Lee J
bail review on trafficking and weapon charges; trial date far down the road--denied
2012 ABQB 250 (CanLII), per Lee J
bail granted -- two counts armed robbery-- long criminal record
R v Gowen,
2010 NSSC 471 (CanLII), per Warner J
first degree murder bail denied
2012 ABQB 229 (CanLII), per Lee J
bail review -- charged with break and enter-- bail granted--aboriginal background
R v W.R.B.
2011 ABQB 793 (CanLII), per Lee J
bail review on trafficking and weapon charges; trial date far down the road--denied
R v Sarkozi,
2010 BCSC 1410 (CanLII), per Gaul J
review of law for 90 day bail review


Case Name Result Summary
R v Ellis,
2013 ONSC 908 (CanLII), per Campbell J
revoked convicted of firearm offences

Primary Grounds

Case Name Result Summary
R v Rosenburg,
[1991] OJ No 543 (C.J. G.D.)(*no CanLII links)
released accused alleged to have defrauded persons and company of $168 million. Accused resided in Florida, was permitted to reside there while case was pending.
R v Clarkson,
[1993] AJ No 623 (CA)(*no CanLII links)
released offender was resident of New Zealand and was permitted to return there while charges were pending.
Federal Republic of Germany v Schreiber,
[2000] OJ No 2618 (SCJ)(*no CanLII links)

Bail on Appeal

Case Name Result Summary
R v Chubbs,
2013 NLCA 30 (CanLII), per Hoegg JA
R v Bullerwell,
2013 BCCA 287 (CanLII), per Garson JA

Change of Venue

Case Digests

See also: Change of Venue
Case Name Summary
R v O’Reilly,
2016 BCSC 1791 (CanLII), per Devlin J
R v Suzack,
2000 CanLII 5630 (ONCA), per Doherty JA
R v Chaulk,
2012 ONSC 3170 (CanLII), per Ray J

Charter Delay

Section 11(b) - trial in reasonable time

See also: Right to a Trial Within a Reasonable Time
Case Name Charge delay s.11(b) stay Comments
R v Lemioer,
2017 SKQB 106 (CanLII), per Elson J
Cocaine trafficking and firearms granted
R v McConnell,
2017 ONCJ 104 (CanLII), per P Wright J
Over 80 24 months (Prov Crt) granted
R v Shum,
2017 ONSC 336 (CanLII), per Maranger J
Federal Statute 28 months (Sup Crt) denied Total time calculated from 35 months.
R v Xiu Jin Teng,
2017 ONSC 568 (CanLII), per MacDonnell J
murder denied
R v Dass,
2016 BCSC 1701 (CanLII), per Johnston J
theft and fraud 33 months granted Total time was 39 before subtracting defence time.
R v JM,
2017 ONCJ 4 (CanLII), per Paciocco J
sexual offences 12 months and 12 days granted The accused was a youth.

Exceptional Circumstances Cases

Case Name Charge delay s.11(b) stay Comments
R v Regan,
2018 ABCA 55 (CanLII), per curiam
not complex {{{5}}}
R v Truax,
2018 ABPC 215 (CanLII), per Stevenson J
complex {{{5}}}
R v Klassen,
2018 ABCA 258 (CanLII), per curiam
not complex {{{5}}}
R v Carey,
2018 ONCJ 255 (CanLII), per Lamert J
not complex {{{5}}}
R v Giles,
2017 BCSC 73 (CanLII), per Ross J
complex {{{5}}}
R v McBride,
2017 BCSC 1480 (CanLII), per Betton J
complex {{{5}}}
R v Tsekouras,
2017 ONSC 7112 (CanLII), per P. Smith J
complex {{{5}}}
R v Pavao,
2017 ONSC 6873 (CanLII), per Dow J
complex {{{5}}}
R v Barra,
2017 ONSC 6008 (CanLII), per Labrosse J
complex {{{5}}}
R v Houle,
2017 ONCA 772 (CanLII), per Trotter JA
complex {{{5}}}
R v Klaus,
2017 ABQB 537 (CanLII), per Little J
complex {{{5}}}
R v Noftall,
2017 CanLII 61603 (NL SC), per Faour J
complex {{{5}}}
R v Millard,
2017 ONSC 4030 (CanLII), per Code J
complex {{{5}}}
R v Majeed,
2017 ONSC 3554 (CanLII), per Nakatsuru J
complex {{{5}}}
R v Tsega,
2017 ONSC 3090 (CanLII), per Aitken J
complex {{{5}}}
R v Picard,
2017 ONCA 692 (CanLII), per Rouleau JA
complex {{{5}}}
R v Powell,
2017 ONSC 5658 (CanLII), per Dunphy J
complex {{{5}}}
R v Gopie,
2017 ONCA 728 (CanLII), per Gillese JA
complex {{{5}}}
R v Amero,
2017 QCCQ 17971 (CanLII), per J
not complex {{{5}}}
R v Beaulieu,
2017 ONSC 6543 (CanLII), per Barnes J
not complex {{{5}}}
R v Rosenthal,
2017 ONSC 6523 (CanLII), per J
not complex {{{5}}}
R v Jackson,
2017 ONSC 5925 (CanLII), per J
not complex {{{5}}}
R v Shaheen,
2017 ONCJ 638 (CanLII), per J
not complex {{{5}}}

Below Ceiling Cases

\|R v Jeyakanth,
2017 ONCJ 31 (CanLII), perHenschel J || || 14 months+ || not stayed ||
Case Name Charge delay s.11(b) stay Comments
R v Belle,
2018 ONSC 7728 (CanLII), per Harris J
28 months stayed
R v RT,
2018 NLSC 44 (CanLII), per Murphy J
26+ months not stayed
R v Cola,
2018 QCCS 334 (CanLII), per Royer J
17.5 months not stayed
R v Buckley,
2018 NSSC 3 (CanLII), per Arnold J
26 months not stayed
R v Lecompte,
2018 NBCA 33 (CanLII), per Quigg JA
16 months not stayed
R v Carter,
2018 ABQB 657 (CanLII), per Poelman J
28 months not stayed
R v Jerace,
2018 ABCA 152 (CanLII), per Velduis JA
15 months not stayed
R v Nafke,
2018 ABPC 138 (CanLII), per Fradsham J
16 months not stayed
R v Brown,
2018 ONCJ 799 (CanLII) , per Mulligan J
16.5 months stayed
R v RG,
2018 ONSC 130 (CanLII), per Gordon J
25.6 months not stayed
R v Nowack,
2018 ONSC 826 (CanLII), per Ducharme J
29 months+ not stayed
R v Patrois,
2018 ONSC 934 (CanLII), per RJ Smith J
28.5 months not stayed
R v MacIsaac,
2018 ONCA 650 (CanLII), per Huscroft JA
13 months (trial)
17 months (appeal)
R v KN,
2018 BCCA 246 (CanLII), per Fenlon JA
<9 months not stayed
R v Pipping,
2018 BCPC 73 (CanLII), per Gill J
<18 months not stayed
R v McLean,
2018 BCSC 191 (CanLII), per Tindale J
28+ months not stayed
R v Nazarek,
2017 BCSC 2340 (CanLII), per Watchuk J
27+ months not stayed
R v DCR,
2017 BCPC 326 (CanLII), per Fisher J
28.5 months not stayed
R v Truong,
2017 BCSC 736 (CanLII), per Kent J
24.5 months not stayed
R v Wu,
2017 BCSC 2373 (CanLII), per Watchuk J
28 months not stayed
R v Harris,
2017 BCSC 1091 (CanLII), per Gray J
28+ months not stayed
R v Hammer,
2017 BCPC 377 (CanLII), per Keyes J
17 months not stayed
R v Matheson,
2017 BCSC 166 (CanLII), per MacKenzie J
29 months not stayed
R v Gambilla,
2017 ABCA 347 (CanLII), per Watson JA
29+ months not stayed
R v Nasery,
2017 ABQB 564 (CanLII), per Gates J
28 and 26 months not stayed
R v Heerema,
2017 ABQB 787 (CanLII), per Yamauchi J
23+ months not stayed
R v Mitchell,
2017 ABQB 717 (CanLII), per Yamauchi J
<30 months not stayed
R v Paulishyn,
2017 ABQB 61 (CanLII), per Yamauchi J
22 months not stayed
R v Grayson,
2017 ABQB 108, per Wilson J
28+ months not stayed
R v Khalon,
2017 ABQB 627 (CanLII), per Yungwirth J
29+ months not stayed
R v Ferstl,
2017 ABPC 266 (CanLII), per Fradsham J
4.6 months not stayed
R v Chonkolay,
2017 ABQB 148 (CanLII), per Topolniski J
18+ months not stayed
R v Abzakh,
2016 ABQB 694 (CanLII), per Gill J
29.5 months not stayed
R v Jones,
2016 ABQB 691 (CanLII), per Nielsen J
23+ months not stayed
R v Fauolo,
2016 ABPC 192 (CanLII), per Semenuk J
13 months not stayed
R v Moosomin,
2017 SKQB 182 (CanLII), per Smith J
? not stayed
R v Keller,
2016 SKQB 319 (CanLII), per Layh J
17.5 months not stayed
R v McNab,
2016 SKQB 333 (CanLII), per McMurtry J
27.5 months not stayed
R v Park,
2016 SKPC 137 (CanLII), per Martinez J
17+ months not stayed
R v Schenkels,
2017 MBCA 62 (CanLII), per Hamilton JA
29+ months Not stayed
R v Richard,
2017 MBQB 11 (CanLII), per Simonsen J
27 months (trial #1)
22.5 months (trial #2)
not stayed
R v Grant,
2017 MBQB 39 (CanLII), per Toews J
15.5 months not stayed
R v Mebrahtu,
2017 MBQB 59 (CanLII), per Greenberg J
28 months not stayed
R v Arbique,
2017 NSPC 11 (CanLII), per Landry J
25+ months not stayed
R v Testroete,
2017 NSPC 50 (CanLII), per Tax J
16.5 months not stayed
R v Bowers,
2017 NSPC 21 (CanLII), per Tax J
16 months not stayed
R v Mahar,
2017 NSPC 9 (CanLII), per Derrick J
13 months not stayed
R v Longaphy,
2017 NSPC 67 (CanLII), per Tax J
18 months not stayed
R v Aecon,
2017 NSPC 61 (CanLII), per Lenehan J
17+ months not stayed
R v Melvin,
2017 NSSC 149 (CanLII), per Gabriel J
21 months not stayed
R v McCully,
2017 NSPC 70 (CanLII), per Tax J
17.5 months not stayed
R v Curtis,
2017 MBPC 55 (CanLII), per Rolston J
17+ months not stayed
R v Creglia,
2018 ONCJ 262 (CanLII), per Pringle J
24 months stayed
R v Falkowski,
2017 ONCA 253 (CanLII)
16.5 months not stayed
R v Tsekouras,
2017 ONSC 7112 (CanLII), per Smith J
25.5 months not stayed
R v Brissett,
2017 ONSC 401 (CanLII), per Code J
27 months not stayed
R v Tsega,
2017 ONSC 3090 (CanLII), per Aiken J
17 months not stayed
R v Taylor,
2017 ONSC 2263 (CanLII), per Gordon J
24 months not stayed
R v Shum,
2017 ONSC 336 (CanLII), per Maranger J
28 months not stayed
R v Gordon,
2017 ONSC 1428 (CanLII), per Ducharme J
17 months+ not stayed
R v Garcia,
2017 ONSC 4021 (CanLII), per Mitchell J
25 months not stayed
R v Patel,
2017 ONSC 5827 (CanLII), per Sutherland J
30 months not stayed
R v Bomberry,
2017 ONSC 7147 (CanLII), per Del Frate J
29 months+ not stayed
R v WH,
2017 ONSC 5014 (CanLII), per Quigley J
29 months not stayed
R v Clarke,
2017 ONSC 4880 (CanLII), per O'Marra J
28 months+ not stayed
R v Mallozzi,
2017 ONCA 644 (CanLII), per Benotto JA
23 months not stayed
R v Belcourt,
2017 ONSC 3934 (CanLII), per Fregeau J
27.9 months not stayed
R v Bassaragh,
2017 ONSC 4668 (CanLII), per O'Marra J
26.9 months not stayed
R v Basha,
2017 ONSC 337 (CanLII), per Maranger J
28 and 29 months not stayed
R v Barra,
2017 ONSC 6008 (CanLII), per Labrosse J
26+ and 27 months not stayed
R v Magiri,
2017 ONSC 2818 (CanLII), per McWatt J
28 months not stayed
R v RD,
2017 ONSC 1770 (CanLII), per Molloy J
28 months not stayed
R v MB,
2017 ONSC 2882(*no CanLII links)

, per Allen J || || 27 months+ || not stayed ||

R v Green,
2017 ONSC 2628 (CanLII), per Newton J
24 months not stayed
R v Green,
2017 ONSC 1538 (CanLII), per Beaudoin J
21 months not stayed
R v Codina,
2017 ONSC 4886 (CanLII), per Akhtar J
25 months not stayed
R v Corner,
2017 ONSC 5629 (CanLII), per McKelvey J
25 months not stayed
R v Dabreo,
2017 ONSC 5425 (CanLII), per Seppi J
29+ months not stayed
R v Jansen,
2017 ONSC 2954 (CanLII), per Sosna J
27.5 months not stayed
R v Saccoccia,
2017 ONSC 2737 (CanLII), per Thorburn J
28.5 months not stayed
R v Fox,
2016 BCSC 2496 (CanLII), per Kelleher J
? not stayed
R v Dutra,
2016 BCPC 448 (CanLII), per Rounthwaite J
16 months not stayed
R v RL,
2016 ONSC 8008 (CanLII), per Glithero J
26 months not stayed
R v Coulter,
2016 ONCA 704 (CanLII), per Gillese JA
17 months not stayed
R v Isaacs,
2016 ONSC 6214 (CanLII), per LeMay J
22+ and 24 months not stayed
R v Gandhi,
2016 ONSC 5612 (CanLII), per Code J
27 months not stayed
R v Ching,
2016 ONSC 7533 (CanLII), per Ducharme J
32 months stayed
R v Gasana,
2016 ONCJ 724 (CanLII), per Monahan J
15+ months not stayed
R v Porter,
2016 ONSC 7173 (CanLII), per Monahan J
23.9 months not stayed
R v Manh,
2016 ONSC 6970 (CanLII), per Edwards J
28+ months not stayed
R v Maione,
2016 ONSC 7207 (CanLII), per Varpio J
27+ months not stayed
R v Ashraf,
2016 ONCJ 584 (CanLII), per Band J
17 months+ stayed
R v Reynolds,
2016 ONCJ 606 (CanLII), per Monahan J
15.5 months stayed
R v DeSouza,
2016 ONCJ 588 (CanLII), per Kenkel J
15 months stayed
R v Han,
2016 ONCJ 648 (CanLII), per Pringle J
17 months+ stayed
R v Noltcho,
2016 SKPC 26 (CanLII), per Martinez J
15 months stayed "the accused’s 1.5 day trial commenced on April 18, 2016, but was unable to be completed on the second day due to an overbooked court docket. On the accused’s Jordan application, the Court noted it was “obvious that the adjournment of the case was not caused by the defence – it was caused by the state, due to an overbooked courtroom” (at para. 42). The Court found that court time was available between April 18, 2016 and October 3, 2016; however, mutual unavailability of counsel meant the continuation could not be scheduled until November 3, 2016. In the result, the Court apportioned one month of delay to defence, reflecting defence counsel’s unavailability through October 2016." [1]
R v Keller,
2016 SKQB 319 (CanLII), per Layh J
17.5 months stayed

Pre-Jordan Cases

2010 to July 2016

Case Name Charge delay s.11(b) stay Comments
R v Jaworek,
2016 ONCJ 349 (CanLII), per Kenkel J
assault 12 months denied
R v Gould,
2016 CanLII 34478 (NLSCTD), per Mennie J
drug trafficking 43 months denied
R v Bromley,
2016 ABPC 52 (CanLII), per Groves J
impaired 8.5 months denied
R v Boutin,
2016 SKQB 77 (CanLII), per Kalmakoff J
impaired 7 years, 2 months stayed
R v Levesque and Lankisch, ,
2016 NBQB 81 (CanLII), per Stephenson J
robbery 31.5 months denied
R v Fernandes,
2016 ONSC 2915 (CanLII), per Sproat J
drug trafficking 44.5 months stayed
R v Chamassian,
2015 ONSC 3150 (CanLII), per Quinlan J
impaired 12 months (inst.) stayed
R v Nash,
2014 ONSC 6025 (CanLII), per Bale J
impaired 11.3 months stayed
R v Shepherd,
2014 SKCA 123 (CanLII), per Herauf JA
impaired 37 months denied
R v Desjarlais,
2014 SKPC 154 (CanLII), per B Wright J
assault 27 months denied
R v Ahmed,
2013 ONCJ 56 (CanLII), per McArthur J
impaired 13 months denied
R v Krywucky and Segal,
2013 ONSC 1112 (CanLII), per A Goodman J
28 month stayed
R v Durocher,
2012 ABQB 705 (CanLII), per Ouellette J
sexual assault 2.5 years granted
R v Richards,
2012 SKCA 120 (CanLII), per Richards JA
trafficking 2 years 9 months denied appeal from stay
R v Milani,
2012 ONSC 6892 (CanLII), per Pierce J
B&E 301 days stayed
R v Jordan,
2012 BCSC 1735 (CanLII), per Verhoeven J
trafficking 25 months denied
R v Patrick,
2012 SKQB 331 (CanLII), per McMurtry J
trafficking 28 months stayed
R v Anderson,
2012 ABPC 146 (CanLII), per Creighton J
assault stayed
R v Richards,
2012 ONSC 3479 (CanLII), per Kelly J
impaired 24 months denied
R v Sasikaran,
2012 ONCJ 794 (CanLII), per Bourque J
impaired 27 months denied
R v Rutherford,
2012 ONSC 2969 (CanLII), per Code J
impaired denied appeal from stay
R v McAllister,
2012 ONSC 2857 (CanLII), per Trotter J
impaired 8.5 months denied appeal from a stay
R v Carlston,
2012 SKQB 150 (CanLII), per Zarzeczny J
B&E 11 months stayed
R v Lauber,
2012 MBPC 12 (CanLII), per Preston J
impaired 24 months stayed
R v Joe,
2012 BCPC 84 (CanLII), per Merrick J
arson 24 months stayed
R v Farano,
2012 ONCJ 495 (CanLII), per M Green J
impaired 15 months denied
R v Haglof,
2012 BCSC 449 (CanLII), per Williams J
refusal 19 months denied overturned from provincial decision
R v Warlow,
2012 ONCJ 28 (CanLII), per Reinhardt J
impaired 15 months stayed
R v Sivanandamoorthy,
2012 ONSC 3629 (CanLII), per Kelly J
impaired 18 months denied
R v Sanderson,
2012 ONCJ 41 (CanLII), per Maund J
impaired 13 months denied
R v Flumerfelt,
2011 BCPC 389 (CanLII), per Merrick J
uttering threats 19 months denied
R v Austin,
2011 BCPC 387 (CanLII), per Merrick J
indecent act and prowling 16 months stayed
R v Reichwald,
2011 ABPC 391 (CanLII), per Kerby J
aggravated assault 28 months stayed
R v Tran,
2012 ONCA 18 (CanLII), per Simmons JA
19 months drug trafficking denied
R v McDevitt,
2011 ONCJ 773 (CanLII), per MacLean J
impaired 16.4 months stayed
R v De La Torre,
2011 ONCJ 775 (CanLII), per Chisvin J
impaired 14 months stayed
R v Thomas,
2011 ONSC 7005 (CanLII), per MacDonnell J
aggravated sexual assault 42 months stayed
R v Mahmood,
2011 ONCJ 779 (CanLII), per Grossman J
sexual assault 18 months stayed
R v MacIntosh,
2011 NSCA 111 (CanLII), per Beveridge JA aff'd 2013 SCC 23 (CanLII), per McLachlin CJ
sexual interference 14 years stayed
R v Goreski,
2011 ABPC 361 (CanLII), per Anderson J
impaired driving 15.5 months stayed
R v Cheung,
2011 ONCJ 585 (CanLII), per M Green J
production 22 months stayed
R v Ouellette,
2011 ONCJ 555 (CanLII), per Schwarzl J
impaired driving 18 months denied
R v Matadin,
2011 ONCJ 512 (CanLII), per Feldman J
impaired 13 months granted
R v Unger,
2011 BCPC 248 (CanLII), per RR Smith J
care and control 24 months granted
R v Amiri,
2011 ABPC 293 (CanLII), per Fraser J
aggravated assault 24.5 months granted
R v Howser,
2011 ONCJ 534 (CanLII), per M Green J
public disturbance 15.5 months denied
R v Kaiser,
2011 BCPC 168 (CanLII), per Brecknell J
assault causing bodily harm granted
R v Routledge,
2010 NSPC 45 (CanLII), per Ross J
10 months denied
R v Bagga,
2010 ONCJ 97 (CanLII), per M Green J
impaired 16.5 months stayed
R v HSO,
2010 BCPC 15 (CanLII), per Bennett J
assault 24 months granted
R v Trenaman,
2011 BCPC 62 (CanLII), per O'Bryne J
Impaired/.08 26 months
R v Ghislieri,
2010 BCPC 321 (CanLII), per MacKay J
Impaired/.08 25 months
R v Cantrill,
2010 BCPC 318 (CanLII), per Daley J
Impaired/.08 32 months
R v Moskal,
2010 BCPC 294 (CanLII), per Gulbransen J
Impaired/refusal 32 months
R v Archibald,
2010 BCPC 273 (CanLII), per O'Byrne
Impaired/.08 36 months
R v McComber,
2010 BCPC 255 (CanLII), per Brecknell J
Impaired/refusal 20.5 months
R v Baldini,
2010 BCPC 254 (CanLII), per R Smith J
Fraud 17 months denied
R v Teske,
2010 BCPC 246 (CanLII), per Daley J
Impaired/.08 18 months
R v Pederson,
2010 BCPC 224 (CanLII), per O'Byrne
Traffic ticket 17.5 months
R v Bains,
2010 BCCA 178 (CanLII), per D Smith J
Drug conspiracy 45 months denied
R v Ghavami,
2010 BCCA 126 (CanLII), per Donald and Huddart JJA
Drug conspiracy 45 months denied
R v Ollenberger,
2010 BCPC 93 (CanLII), per O'Byrne J
Impaired/.08 18 months

2000 to 2009

{{DelayCase| R v Allain,
2008 NBPC 49 (CanLII), per Duffie J
Case Name Charge delay s.11(b) stay Comments
R v Oliveira,
2009 CanLII 14794 (ONSC), per Himel J
Impaired/.08 16 months total, 2 months of which attributed to defence stayed Successful defence appeal of denied stay.
R v Chen,
2009 ONCJ 417 (CanLII), per Blouin J
Drugs 21 months
R v Thomson,
2009 ONCA 771 (CanLII), per curiam
aggravated assault 48.5 months granted
R v Do and Ngo,
2009 ONCJ 402 (CanLII), per Armstrong J
drug production stayed
R v Kvlividze,
2009 ONCJ 280 (CanLII), per Grossman J
impaired 11 months (institution) denied
R v Godin,
2009 SCC 26 (CanLII), per Cromwell J
Sexual assault 30 months
R v Holowaty,
2008 BCPC 364 (CanLII), per Bowry J
Sexual assault 22.5 months
R v Carapiet,
2008 ONCJ 453 (CanLII), per Kehoe J
Impaired/.08 11.5 months
R v Deosaran,
2008 OJ No 3850(*no CanLII links)
impaired 12 months
R v Adair,
2008 ONCJ 554 (CanLII), per Campbell J
Impaired/.08 14 months
R v Tricker,
2008 ONCJ 510 (CanLII), per Finnestad J
Impaired/.08 17 months
R v McCullough,
2008 ONCJ 509 (CanLII), per Finnestad J
Impaired/.08 25 months
R v Guilbride,
2006 BCCA 392 (CanLII), per Finch CJ
Drug conspiracy 62 months denied
R v Moffatt,
2004 CanLII 1539 (ONSC), per Dunnet J
impaired 13 months stayed 10 to 11 months Crown or institutional delay.
R v SRC Law Corp.,
2003 BCSC 64 (CanLII), per Koenigsberg J
speeding ticket 18 months stayed
R v Newbold,
2002 BCPC 142 (CanLII), per Pothecary J
Impaired/.08 17 months
R v Alliston,
2000 BCPC 60 (CanLII), per Bruce J
Impaired/.08 20 months

1980 to 1999

{{DelayCaseR v Askov,
1990 CanLII 45 (SCC), [1990] 2 SCR 1199, perCory J | Extortion| 30 months | | }}
Case Name Charge delay s.11(b) stay Comments
R v Sarava,
1999 CanLII 5316 (BC SC), per Humpheries J
impaired 20 months denied
R v Fagan ,
[1998] BCJ No 2886 (BCCA)(*no CanLII links)
Drugs 33 months denied
R v Loewen,
1997 CanLII 4338 (MB CA), per Helper JA
Money laundering 33 months
R v Pilon,
1996 CanLII 8447 (BCSC), per Parrett J
Aggravated assault 48 months denied
R v Allan,
1996 CanLII 4011 (ONCA), per Doherty JA
Fraud 46 months denied
R v Morin,
1992 CanLII 89 (SCC), [1992] 1 SCR 771, per Sopinka J
Impaired/.08 14.5 months
R v Conway,
1989 CanLII 66 (SCC), [1989] 1 SCR 1659, per Lamer J and L'Heureux‑Dubé J
R v Mills,
1986 CanLII 17 (SCC), [1986] 1 SCR 863, per McIntyre J and La Forest J



LTO and DO Applications

Case Name Prv. Crt. Sentence Summary
R v Kodwat,
2017 YKTC 26 (CanLII), per Luther J
R v Cornell,
2017 YKCA 19 (CanLII), per Charbonneau J
YK CA LTO (10 years)
R v Skookum,
2016 YKTC 62 (CanLII), per Luther J
R v Carrie,
2016 ONSC 3721 (CanLII), per Gareau J
ON SC DO denied Summary of case is pending.
R v LEB,
2014 NSSC 244 (CanLII), per McDougall J
NS SC DO Summary of case is pending.
R v Armstrong,
2014 BCCA 174 (CanLII), per Bennett JA
BC CA DO Summary of case is pending.
R v Hunter,
2014 ABPC 92 (CanLII), per Dixon J
AB PC DO Summary of case is pending.
R v Whitefish,
2014 SKQB 99 (CanLII), per Allbright J
SK SC DO Summary of case is pending.
R v Smarch,
2014 YKTC 51 (CanLII) per Cozens J
R v Ramgadoo,
2012 ONCA 921 (CanLII), per Feldman JA
ON CA DO Summary of case is pending.
R v Bitternose,
2012 ABPC 321 (CanLII), per Veldhuis J
AB PC DO Summary of case is pending.
R v Ominayak,
2012 ABCA 337 (CanLII), per curiam
AB CA DO Summary of case is pending.
R v Côté,
2012 ONCJ 707 (CanLII), per Cole J
ON PC DO Summary of case is pending.
R v GNB,
2012 SKQB 397 (CanLII), per Acton J
SK SC DO Summary of case is pending.
R v Ziegler,
2012 BCCA 353 (CanLII), per Neilson J
BC CA DO The decision appeals from 2012 BCPC 61.
R v Downs,
2012 SKQB 198 (CanLII), per Mills J
SK SC LTO Summary of case is pending.
R v Natomagan,
2012 SKCA 46 (CanLII), per Jackson JA
SK CA LTO granted
DO denied
sentenced to 8 years followed by LTO Order.
R v Taylor,
2012 ONSC 1025 (CanLII), per Wilson J
ON SC DO Summary of case is pending.
R v Ben,
2012 SKPC 52 (CanLII), per Dyck J
SK PC DO conviction for assault peace officer, obstruction
R v CJD,
2012 SKQB 101 (CanLII), per Mills J
SK SC DO conviction for 271
R v Davis,
2012 MBQB 9 (CanLII), per Martin J
MB SC LTO Summary of case is pending.
R v Cook,
2012 MBPC 18 (CanLII), per Sandhu J
MB PC DO Summary of case is pending.
R v Gonzales,
2011 BCPC 353 (CanLII), per Howard J
BC PC LTO Summary of case is pending.
R v Piapot,
2011 SKQB 470 (CanLII), per McMurtry J
SK SC LTO Summary of case is pending.
R v Tippett,
2011 ONSC 6461 (CanLII), per Glass J
ON SC DO Summary of case is pending.
R v Hogg,
2011 ONCA 840 (CanLII), per Feldman JA
ON CA DO Summary of case is pending.
R v Robinson,
2011 ABCA 320 (CanLII), per curiam
AB CA DO The offender had been on a previous LTO.
R v Atatise,
2011 MBQB 277 (CanLII), per Bryk J aff'd 2012 MBCA 117 (CanLII), per Chartier JA
MB CA DO Summary of case is pending.
R v Overton,
2010 NSPC 61 (CanLII), per Campbell J
NS PC LTO The offender committed multiple arsons.
R v Newhook,
2010 NSPC 19 (CanLII), per Digby J
R v ADM,
2008 NSSC 54 (CanLII), per Hood J
NS SC N/A Summary of case is pending.
R v Pedden,
2005 BCCA 121 (CanLII), per Newbury JA
BC CA DO Summary of case is pending.
R v Johnson,
2001 BCCA 456 (CanLII), per Ryan JA
BC CA DO Summary of case is pending.

Mandamus, Certiorari, and Prohibition

Case Name Summary
R v Faber,
1987 CanLII 6849 (QC CS), 38 CCC (3d) 49 (Que. Sup. Ct.), per Boilard J
The Applicant sought to compel the attorney general to withdraw a stay of proceedings against someone charged with murder
R v Coughlan,
1969 CanLII 949 (AB QB), (1969), [1970] 3 CCC 61 (Alta. T.D.), per Riley J
The Applicant sought to compel a magistrate to issue a summons or warrant who refused to do so after a hearing. The reviewing judge refused to order the writ as it was a discretionary decision of the magistrate.



Case Name Summary
R v DeFrias,
2016 ONCJ 313 (CanLII), per Harris J
The accused was convicted of impaired driving. She unsuccessfully argued necessity on account that she was suicidal and was intending to go to the hospital.
R v Dirk,
2012 SKPC 61 (CanLII), per Harris J
impaired driving -- accused drove a few feet in order to avoid person who was smashing his car-not proportionate, or without alternatives
R v Valauskas,
2012 ONCJ 790 (CanLII), per Pringle J
impaired driving - the accused drove drunk to escape attackers. Found not guilty.
R v Costoff,
2010 ONCJ 109 (CanLII), per Bourque J
impaired - accused's passenger driving to hospital
R v Murray,
2010 ABQB 784 (CanLII), per Verville J
impaired driving charge -- accused co-worked beaten unconscious and a group of angry men threatened to beat him--defence accepted
R v Desrosiers,
2007 ONCJ 225 (CanLII), per Keast J
impaired - suicidal man driving to hospital. Found not guilty.
R v Maragh,
[2003] OJ No 3574(*no CanLII links)
flight from police
R v McCain,
[2003] OJ No 1762 (C.J.)(*no CanLII links)
Breach of recognizance
R v Burgess,
[2003] OJ No 4633 (CJ)(*no CanLII links)
failing to remain at the scene
R v Sanders,
2001 CanLII 28329 (ONSC), [2001] OJ No 2207, per Howden J
cultivation --
R v Hill,
[1999] BCJ No 933 (Prov.Ct.)(*no CanLII links)
failing to remain at the scene
R v Gourlay,
(1996), 182 AR 126 (ABPC)(*no CanLII links)
R v Lalonde,
1995 CanLII 7155 (ONSC), , 22 OR (3d) 275 (Gen.Div.), per Trainor J
fraud -
R v West,
1994 CanLII 4535 (NLSCTD), , 123 Nfld. & PEIR 234, (NLSC), per Barry J
impaired driving - successful. accused was driving to corner store to call police to eject a guest
R v Berriman,
1987 CanLII 3967 (NL CA), per Gueshue JA
impaired - accused believed an attacker was following, but not in immediate danger and had other options.
R v Stevenson,
[1986] 42 Man.R. (2d) 133 (MBQB)(*no CanLII links)
R v Fry,
1977 CanLII 1955 (SK PC), 36 CCC (2d) 396 (SKPC), per Boyce J
dangerous operation - successful

Police Misconduct

Section 276 Applications

Extrinsic Sexual Activity of the Complainant

See also: Complainant's Sexual History
Case Name Result Summary
R v Boone,
2016 ONCA 227 (CanLII), per Sharpe JA
some admitted The accused is alleged to have had unprotected sex while HIV positive without notifying partner. Judge permitted to use a prior inconsistent statement of complainant relating to past sexual practice.
R v Butts,
2012 ONCA 24 (CanLII), per curiam
admitted exclusion of sexual conduct under 276 results in new trial
R v Sanghar,
2012 ABPC 34 (CanLII), per Ogle J
admitted evidence of prior intercourse between inmates admitted in s. 272 charge
R v Gill,
2011 ONCJ 345(*no CanLII links)
R v Quesnelle,
2010 ONSC 2698 (CanLII), per Thorburn J
admitted evidence that the accused paid for sex with victim twice in the months before allegation.
R v R.R.W. (No. 1),
, 2010 NLTD 136(*no CanLII links)
R v Nepinak,
2010 BCSC 1677 (CanLII), per Romilly J
not admitted
R v Salehi,
2009 CanLII 2034 (ONSC), per Himel J
not admitted
R v JT,
2010 ONSC 5246 (CanLII), per Ricchetti J
R v Harris,
1997 CanLII 6317 (ON CA), per Moldaver JA

Self-Defence and Defence of Another


Case Name Result Summary
R v MM,
2012 BCPC 72 (CanLII), per Hamilton J
unsuccessful self-defence under s.37 unsuccessful
R v JES,
2009 NSSC 373 (CanLII), per Moir J
successful victim attacked accused twice, accused stabbed him with knife.
R v Labrador,
2006 NSPC 28 (CanLII), per Crawford J
R v Forde,
2011 ONCA 592 (CanLII), per LaForme JA
successful appeal based on self-defence successful
R v Spadafora,
2012 ONCJ 23 (CanLII), per Bourque J

Similar Fact Evidence

Similar Fact Evidence

Case Name Result Summary
R v Edwards,
2014 ONSC 3729 (CanLII), per Donohue J
admitted multiple robberies
R v Donszelmann,
2014 ABQB 284 (CanLII), per Clackson J
admitted multiple fraudulent sales made by accused admissible across all charges
R v TIE,
2014 MBCA 40 (CanLII), per Monnin and Burnett JJA
admitted sexual assault against two boys.
R v DLW,
2013 BCSC 1016 (CanLII), per Romilly J
admitted detailed summary of law by Romilly J. multiple victims of sexual assault.
R v JW,
2013 ONCA 89 (CanLII), per Weiler JA
admitted Appeal court overrules failure to admit similar fact evidence
R v Fletcher,
2013 ABCA 74 (CanLII), per curiam
Not admitted
R v JR,
2012 CanLII 81292 (NLSCTD), per Goodridge J
R v Edwards,
2013 ONSC 835 (CanLII), per Mennie J
Not admitted SFE of two prior incidents going to identity rejected
R v O’Quinn,
2012 CanLII 67731 (NLPC), per [[Provincial Court of Newfoundland and Labrador|]]
admitted ( limited purpose) The accused was charged with domestic violence offences against girlfriend. There were 4 prior instances of violence against 4 prior girlfriends.
R v Patey,
2012 CanLII 37589 (NLSCTD), per Seaborn J
R v Logan,
2012 BCCA 102 (CanLII), per Saunders JA
R v Webb,
2012 CanLII 1972 (NLSCTD), per Goodridge J
Not admitted
R v Blea,
2012 ABCA 41 (CanLII), per curiam
admitted similar fact evidence admitted of two prior sexual assaults
R v Boden,
2011 BCPC 366 (CanLII), per Giardini J
Not admitted
R v Carpenter,
2010 BCCA 27 (CanLII), per Hall JA
admitted Two complainants reported similar sexual assaults involving an attack by a man without pants who would put a pillow case over the complainant's head. DNA linking the accused was found at scene of one of two assaults.
R v Jesse,
2010 BCCA 108 (CanLII), per Chiasson JA
admitted Upheld at 2012 SCC 21.
R v JH,
2006 CanLII 40664 (ONCA), per Lang JA
Not admitted the accused was alleged to have sexually assault his 12 year old step-sister---SFE was of victim's report of consensual oral sex years before--court said consensual sex separate from sexual assault
R v Brown,
2006 CanLII 60340 (ON CA), [2006] OJ No 5276 (ONCA), per curiam
R v Morin,
2005 CanLII 37252 (ON CA), [2005] OJ No 4402 (ONCA), per curiam
R v W(S),
, [2004] OJ No 4164 (ONCA)(*no CanLII links)
R v Grabowski,
2004 BCSC 328 (CanLII), per Bennett J
admitted 5 instances of arson in the same geographical area within 2 hours.
R v Stewart,
2004 BCCA 56 (CanLII), per Hall JA
admitted The accused was a doctor accused of touching female patients. He claimed the touching was accidental.
R v Blake,
2003 CanLII 13682 (ON CA), 181 CCC (3d) 169 (Ont. C.A.), per Simmons JA (2:1) aff'd 2004 SCC 69 (CanLII), per curiam
rejected The evidence consisted of prior touching of children aged 10 years or under on two occasions in the past. Both prior incidents involved genital touching and occurred in private. The accused told one of the children that he was sorry and that it would not happen again. The court found the similarities lacking in detail and non-specific conduct.
R v Shearing,
2002 SCC 58 (CanLII), [2002] 3 SCR 33, per Binnie J
R v KW,
1996 CanLII 396 (ON CA), per curiam
not admitted The accused was charged with two counts of sexual assault in relation to two complainants. Few facts are given by Court of Appeal. Judge admitted the similar fact evidence. Court of Appeal disagreed and found it as "insufficiently similar".

Stay of Proceedings

Section 7: Prosecutor Abuse of Process

Case Name Result Summary
R v Chen,
2009 ONCJ 453 (CanLII), per Fairgrieve J
stayed breach s. 7 for crown changing mind to stay charges. Stay upheld.
R v Arcand,
2008 ONCA 595 (CanLII), per Cronk JA
denied alleged disclosure issues, laying additional charges, differential treatment of accused.

Section 7 - Disclosure

Case Name Result Summary
R v Vader,
2013 ABQB 68 (CanLII), per Ross J
not stayed
R v Tweedly,
2013 BCSC 910 (CanLII), per Greyell J
stayed Two police witnesses lost their notes. The notes were used in the ITO of a search warrant.

Section 12 - Cruel and Unusual Punishment

Case Name Result Summary
R v Tang,
2011 ONCJ 525 (CanLII), per Reinhardt J
stay granted

Abuse by Police

Case Name Result Summary
R v Maskell,
2011 ABPC 176 (CanLII), per Groves J
stay force used while arresting for driving while disqualified
R v Steele,
2010 ABQB 191 (CanLII), per Macklin J
stay excessive force in arresting accused




See also: Voluntariness
Case Name Result Summary
R v George,
2019 BCSC 106 (CanLII), per Duncan J
R v Townsend,
2017 ONSC 1204 (CanLII), per Varpio J
R v Wilkinson,
2013 SKCA 46 (CanLII), per Caldwell JA
involuntary 17.5 hours of detention before interview. Relevant officers did not testify and not clear on whether given right to counsel for trafficking charge.
R v WB,
2013 SKPC 9 (CanLII), per Tomkins J
voluntary video statement from 20 year old re sexual offences
R v Mannell,
2012 ONSC 2139 (CanLII), per Glass J
voluntary video statement with polygraph confession admitted
R v Mohamed,
2012 ONSC 1784 (CanLII), per Pattillo J
R v Ejigu,
2012 BCSC 1673 (CanLII), per Myers J
R v Holt,
2012 BCSC 1121 (CanLII), per Dickson J
R v Davis,
BCSC 1472 (CanLII), per Hyslop J
R v Smith,
2009 ONCJ 737 (CanLII), per Brophy J
involuntary failure to caution before taking statement
R v Van Ieperen,
2009 BCSC 350 (CanLII), per Dillon J
involuntary inducement found; statement involuntary
R v Fagan,
2008 NLTD 15 (CanLII), per Harrington J
R v Briscoe,
2007 ABQB 135 (CanLII), per Burrows J
R v Lehman,
2000 ABPC 43 (CanLII), per Allen J

Warrant Searches

Warrantless Searches



Case Name Result Summary
R v Banish,
2012 ABPC 350 (CanLII), per Fraser J
ID in sexual assault case established by proof of IP and email address source and vehicle ownership. Victim could not visually ID assailant.
R v Oliver,
2012 CanLII 38957 (NLSCTD), per Adams J
R v Wheyee,
2012 ABPC 35 (CanLII), per Fradsham J
acquitted home invasion -- acquitted- thorough canvas of evidence
R v Colwell,
2011 ONCJ 611 (CanLII), per Reinhardt J
acquitted assault
R v Smith,
2011 BCCA 362 (CanLII), per Neilson JA
R v Flynn,
2011 CanLII 77299 (NLPC), per Orr J
acquitted dog tracking
R v McNaughton,
2011 ABPC 356 (CanLII), per Lamoureux J
acquitted drug trafficking -- no line up made
R v Wilband,
2011 ABPC 298 (CanLII), per Fraser J
convicted bank robbery
R v Benmore,
2011 CanLII 77762 (NLPC), per Flynn J
guilty attempted case
R v Pierce,
2011 BCCA 485 (CanLII), per Smith J
conviction upheld
R v Al-Kisadi,
2011 ONSC 6412 (CanLII), per Kelly J
R v John,
2010 ONSC 6085 (CanLII), per Code J
R v T.(R.),,
2010 ONCJ 289 (CanLII), per Barnes J
R v L.(W.M),,
2010 BCCA 355 (CanLII), per Groberman J
conviction upheld -- D argued that prior encounter by Police affected ID
R v Thompson,
2009 NSPC 51 (CanLII), per Tax J
R v Martin,
2007 NSCA 121 (CanLII), per Oland JA
R v Hill,
2005 NSCA 108 (CanLII), per Hamilton JA
R v Goulart-Nelson,
2004 CanLII 32077 (Ont.C.A.), per curiam
R v Zurowski,
2003 ABCA 315 (CanLII), per McClung JA (2:1)
acquitted on appeal to SCC
R v Williams,
2003 CanLII 21327 (ONCA), [2003] OJ No 4095, per curiam
R v Hibbert,
2002 SCC 39 (CanLII), per Arbour J
R v Dhillon,
2002 CanLII 41540 (ONCA), 166 CCC (3d) 262 (ONCA), per Laskin and Goudge JJA
acquitted witness shown only one photo
R v Thompson,
2000 CanLII 5746 (ONCA), per Moldaver and MacPherson JJA
R v Wristen,
1999 CanLII 3824 (ONCA), per Laskin and Rosenberg JA
R v Field,
1999 BCCA 382 (CanLII), 126 BCAC 103{, per Esson JA
R v Reitsma,
1998 CanLII 825 (SCC), [1998] 1 SCR 769, rev’g (1997), 125 CCC (3d) 1 (BCCA)
R v Vu,
1998 CanLII 6791 (BCSC), [1998] BCJ No 986, per Romilly J
R v Vu,
1997 CanLII 2864 (BCCA), [1997] BCJ No 756, per Hall JA
R v Tat and Long,
1997 CanLII 2234 (ONCA), (1997) 117 CCC (3d) 481, per Doherty JA
R v Miaponoose,
1996 CanLII 1268 (ONCA), per Charron JA
R v Tam,
1995 CanLII 1805 (BCCA), per Prowse JA
R v Fengstad,
1994 CanLII 240 (BC C.A.), 27 CR (4th) 383 (BCCA), per curiam
R v Dilling,
1993 CanLII 1943 (BCCA), per Goldie JA
R v Izzard,
1990 CanLII 11055 (ONCA), [1990] 54 CCC (3d) 252, per Morden JA
R v Quercia,
1990 CanLII 2595 (ONCA), per Doherty JA
R v Hang,
1990 CanLII 8 (BCCA), 55 CCC (3d) 195 (BCCA), per curiam
R v Virk,
(1983), 33 CR (3d) 378 (BCCA)(*no CanLII links)
R v Faryna,
1982 CanLII 3796 (MB CA), [1982] 3 CCC (3d) 58, per Huband JA (2:1)
R v Spatola,
1970 CanLII 390 (ONCA), [1970] 3 OR 74, per Laskin JA (2:1)
duty to direct jury on frailties of ID
R v Howarth,
1970 CanLII 1065 (ONCA), 1 CCC (2d) 546 (Ont.C.A.), per Gale CJ
R v Smith,
1952 CanLII 116 (ONCA), [1952] 103 CCC 58 (Ont. CA), per MacKay JA
R v Smierciak,
1946 CanLII 331 (ONCA), [1947] 2 DLR 156, per Laidlaw JA

Voice identification

Case Name Result Summary
R v Badgerow,
2010 ONSC 937 (CanLII), per Taylor J

Line-up ID

Case Name Result Summary
R v Bear,
2012 ABCA 85 (CanLII), per curiam
lineup ID sufficient even thought witness ID’d at 70-80% accuracy stating that it “maybe” was the accused
R v Lussier,
1998 CanLII 4143 (BCCA), per MacKenzie JA
line-up conducted, accused ID'd by complainant sometime later and admitted she was not sure
R v Atfield,
1983 ABCA 44 (CanLII), [1983] AJ No 870, per Belzil JA
some time after sexual assault, accused was ID'd in a line-up by a "fleeting glance" eye-witness. The line up process used by the police in that case as "unacceptable, botched and farcical".

Out of Court ID

Case Name Result Summary
R v Basi,
2008 ONCJ 469 (CanLII), per Bovard J
R v Moran,
2008 SKPC 33 (CanLII), per Hinds J
R v Meier,
2009 SKPC 29 (CanLII), per Morgan J
R v Bigsky,
2006 SKCA 145 (CanLII), per Jackson JA
R v Coutu et al., ,
2008 MBCA 151 (CanLII), per Freedman JA
R v Goran,
2008 ONCA 195 (CanLII), per Blair JA
R v Jones,
2005 CanLII 60168 (MBPC), per Kopstein J
R v Delorme,
2004 SKPC 130 (CanLII), per Kolenick J

ID by Constable

Case Name Result Summary
R v Schmidt, 2012 BCPC 247 (CanLII), per Woods J convicted based on recognition evidence
R v Cranham, 2012 ONCA 457 (CanLII), per curiam conviction quashed
R v Jerry Lee Dun,
2006 PESCAD 19 (CanLII), per Mitchell CJ
new trial
R v Tash, 2011 ONSC 5191 (CanLII), per Belobaba J one officer sees person throw object away, radios second officer who sees accused matching description. Good opportunity to observe.

Of a Driver

Case Name Result Summary
R v Ryan,
2011 NLCA 53 (CanLII), per Hoegg JA
convicted -
R v Corsor,
2011 BCPC 212 (CanLII), per Raven J
R v Tarcisyo,
2010 SKQB 234 (CanLII), per Gabrielson J
conviction pull over-- driver pulls away after brief interaction with police
R v Desnomie,
2010 SKCA 64 (CanLII), [2010] S.J. No 273, per Gerwing JA
R v Horkoff,
2010 SKCA 79 (CanLII), [2010] S.J. No 332, per Richards JA
R v Armbruster,
2010 SKCA 25 (CanLII), [2010] 4 WWR 575, per Richards JA
R v Weigel,
2008 SKCA 122 (CanLII), [2008] S.J. No 603, per Richards JA
R v Roppel,
2006 ONCJ 445(*no CanLII links)
guilty officer chasing car, than foot chase. Came within an arms-length of accused.
R v Cover,
2004 CarswellOnt 6224 (ONSC)(*no CanLII links)
guilty officer giving chase, made eye-contact while near driver's window, had seen driver several times in area, familiar with accused by photo on wanted bulletin. Officer ID'd accused shortly after arrest

Video tape ID

Case Name Result Summary
R v Leaney,
1989 CanLII 28 (SCC), [1989] 2 SCR 393, per McLachlin J

Ineffective Counsel

Ineffective Counsel

See also: Ineffective Counsel
Case Name Result Summary
R v Benham,
2013 BCCA 276 (CanLII), per Frankel JA
denied failure to advise the accused to testify, failure to call certain witnesses
R v Lovas,
2013 ONSC 1932 (CanLII), per Durno J
R v Eroma,
2013 ONCA 194 (CanLII), per curiam
granted lawyer did not permit accused to chose whether to testify.
R v Travis,
2012 ABQB 629 (CanLII), per Yamauchi J
denied failed to call witnesses or request further disclosure
R v Aulakh,
2012 BCCA 340 (CanLII), per D Smith JA
denied allege defence failed on a number of points
R v GM, 2012 NLCA 47 (CanLII), per Welsh JA granted defence failed to call evidence attacking credibility of crown witness
R v Downing,
2012 ABQB 287 (CanLII), per Nielsen J
R v Ross,
2012 NSCA 56 (CanLII), per Bryson JA
granted trial counsel did not call any evidence or cross-examine on sexual interference case where defence was an honest mistaken belief of age
R v O'Keefe (No. 2), 2012 NLCA 25 (CanLII), per Harrington JA denied claimed counsel failed to call witnesses, raise charter issues, make requested election
R v Fraser,
2011 NSCA 70 (CanLII), per Saunders JA
granted new trial ordered
R v Hobbs,
2010 NSCA 53 (CanLII), per Saunders JA
R v MB, 2009 ONCA 524 (CanLII), per Cronk and Armstrong JJA granted new trial ordered
R v TP, 2002 ONCA 49360 (CanLII), [2002] OJ No 2142 (Ont. C.A.), per Simmons JA
R v Gardiner,
2010 NBCA 46 (CanLII), per Richard JA
granted counsel failed to apply Browne v Dunn rule in examination, so new trial ordered.

Informations and Indictments

Validity of an Information

Case Name Summary
R v Delgado,
2011 ONSC 4646 (CanLII), per Garton J
information was read as being sworn in 2016--nullity was overturned--mandamus ordered
R v Schwark,
2001 MBQB 273 (CanLII), per Glowacki J
amendments that were not initialized did not result in a nullity.
R v Van Kralingen,
[1994] OJ No 196 (CA)(*no CanLII links)
conviction was entered on an information that had no date at all--court upheld the information
R v Akey,
1990 CanLII 6755 (ONSC), [1990] OJ No 2205 (Gen. Div.), per Granger J
information sworn “17th day of 1989,” without any reference to the month--overturned nullity--“the defect would not be one of substance as the purpose of the information would be fulfilled as it would let the accused know it was sworn before a justice of the peace within the required six months.”
R v Dean,
1985 CanLII 1142 (ABQB), 36 Alta. L.R. (2d) 8 (Q.B.), per McFadyen J
information sworn “30th day of August A.D. 19__.” without any reference to a year--overturned nullity--information was valid
R v Platt; R v Cowan,
[1981] 4 WWR 601 (Man. Q.B.)(*no CanLII links)
information was missing a date--declared a nullity
R v Bobcaygeon,
1974 CanLII 1497 (ONCA), 17 CCC (2d), per Kelly JA
the month on the date was omitted as well as the county--declared a nullity
R v Justice of the Peace, Ex parte Robinson,
[1971] OJ No 1924 (CA)(*no CanLII links)
information sworn “A Justice of the Peace in and for the County of ___" and later saying "Province of Ontario".
R v Boutilier,
1928 CanLII 528 (NS SC), 50 CCC 186, per O'Hearn J
information for an offence year of 1927 was stated as sworn in 1900 which would have been impossible--declared a nullity

Severance of Charges

Case Summary
R v IB,
2013 ONSC 1652 (CanLII), per Cornell J
R v WHA,
2011 NSSC 156 (CanLII), per Rosinski J


Case Digests

Case Name Summary
R v Cote,
2009 ONCJ 221 (CanLII), [2009] OJ No 2040, per Harris J
accused charged with assault peace officer. Accused entitled to evidence collected during other investigation that gave rose to charges.
R v Boutin,
2012 SKQB 291 (CanLII), per Currie J
lost video tape irrelevant to delayed detention in impaired driving case
R v Slater,
2012 SKPC 69 (CanLII), per Green J
request for training materials for DRE examination refused-
R v Carey,
2012 CanLII 20684 (NLPC)(complete citation pending)
detailed summary of the law on disclosure
R v Swanson,
2012 SKQB 156 (CanLII), per Keene J
granted order disclosing performance record of sniffer dog
R v G(S),
2012 ONCJ 176 (CanLII), per Nakatsuru J
defence unsuccessfully tries to get disclosure from crown consisting of police training manuals
R v Breau,
2011 NBQB 245 (CanLII)
judge releases medical documents from Morgentaler clinic
R v John,
2011 ONCJ 607 (CanLII), per Chapin J
3rd party records for police policy on driving offences -- denied
R v Vincent Quesnelle,
2010 ONSC 175 (CanLII), per Thorburn J
failed to establish basis for police occurrence reports
R v Khemraj,
2010 ONCJ 36 (CanLII), per Caldwell J
judge orders disclosure of field sobriety test manuals
R v Daley,
2008 BCCA 257 (CanLII), [2008] BCJ No 1341 (BCCA), per Lowry JA
police had no obligation to comply with request to send the sexual assault kit for forensic examination.
R v Grabowski,
[2009] OJ No 5497(*no CanLII links)
lost KGB statement of complainant in sex assault case results in stay of proceedings

Investigation-related Procedure

Joint Recommendations

Case Digests

See also: Plea Bargains
Case Name Result Summary
R v Bullock,
2013 ABCA 44 (CanLII), per Berger JA (2:1)
R v Flanagan,
2012 SKCA 45 (CanLII), per Richards JA
joint rec for CSO on trafficking marijuana charge rejected by trial judge and upheld at appeal
R v Wickstrom,
2011 BCSC 745 (CanLII), per Bernard J
R v Oxford,
2010 NLCA 45 (CanLII), per curiam
R v Wright,
2010 NSCA 30 (CanLII), per Bateman JA
R v Corbett,
2008 NSCA 7 (CanLII), per Bateman JA
R v Brian,
2008 NSCA 91 (CanLII), per Hamilton JA
R v Starratt,
2007 NSCA 21 (CanLII), per Hamilton JA
R v Cromwell,
2005 NSCA 137 (CanLII), per Bateman JA
R v GP,
2004 NSCA 154 (CanLII), per Bateman JA
R v MacIvor,
2003 NSCA 60 (CanLII), per Cromwell JA

Principles and Factors of Sentencing Cases



See also: Kienapple Principle
Case Name Summary
R v Hope,
2011 NLTD 143 (CanLII), per Stack J
sexual assault and sexual interference
R v Ramage,
2010 ONCA 488 (CanLII), per Doherty JA
Impaired & Dangerous driving valid
John v The Queen,
1985 CanLII 15 (SCC), [1985] 2 SCR 476, per Estey and Lamer JJ
R v Davis,
1999 CanLII 638 (SCC), [1999] 3 SCR 759, per Lamer CJ
R v Prince,
1986 CanLII 40 (SCC), [1986] 2 SCR 480, per Dickson CJ
R v Pringle,
1989 CanLII 65 (SCC), [1989] 1 SCR 1645, per Lamer J
R v Wigman,
1985 CanLII 1 (SCC), [1987] 1 SCR 246, per curiam

Mental Illness

Fitness to Stand Trial

Case Summary
R v Miller,
2012 BCSC 534 (CanLII), per Joyce J
accused unfit to stand trial

Not Criminally Responsible Due to Mental Disorder

Case Summary
R v Brown,
2012 BCSC 686 (CanLII), per Fenlon J
NCR finding upheld
R v Hoknes,
2010 ABCA 221 (CanLII), per curiam
Accused fails in overturning NCR finding

Parties to an Offence

Case Digests

See also: Parties to an Offence
Case Name Summary
R v Iyanam,
2013 ONSC 1091 (CanLII), per Code J
accused aiding home invasion robbery and confinement by encouraging flight and watching for police see para 22
R v Briscoe,
2012 ABQB 239 (CanLII), per Yamauchi J
accused not party to a murder
R v Opio,
2011 ABPC 392 (CanLII), per Henderson J
guilty as party to trafficking
R v Mohamed,
2011 ABCA 350 (CanLII), per curiam
convicted as driver; D argued that he was not aware of what was going on
R v Crowchild,
2011 ABPC 299 (CanLII), per Skene J
guilty aggravated assault; not guilty robbery
R v Laurencelle,
1999 BCCA 511 (CanLII), 210 WAC 292, per Esson JA
R v McMaster,
1996 CanLII 234 (SCC)], per Lamer CJ
R v Briscoe,
2012 ABQB 239 (CanLII), per Yamauchi J
accused not party to a murder
R v Opio,
2011 ABPC 392 (CanLII), per Henderson J
guilty as party to trafficking
R v Mohamed,
2011 ABCA 350 (CanLII), per curiam
convicted as driver; D argued that he was not aware of what was going on
R v Thatcher,
1987 CanLII 53 (SCC), [1987] 1 SCR 652, per Dickson CJ
R v Sparrow,
1979 CanLII 2988 (ON CA), 51 CCC (2d) 443, 12 CR (3d) 158 (Ont. C.A.), per Martin JA
R v Dunlpp and Sylvester,
1979 CanLII 20 (SCC), [1979] 2 SCR 881, per Dickson J


Conditional Discharge

See also: Discharges


Case Name Result Summary
R v MacFarlane,
1976 ALTASCAD 6 (CanLII), [1976] 3 Alta. L.R. (2d) 341, per curiam
R v Klassen, 2011 BCPC 109 (CanLII), per Werier J granted conviction for assault. Offender was an off duty probation officer.
R v JW,
2010 NSPC 40 (CanLII), per Tax J
sexual assault
R v Kelly,
2010 CanLII 44697 (NLPC), per Gorman J
granted position of trust, theft
R v Aylward,
2013 CanLII 10353 (NLPC), per Gorman J
83 gr marijuana

Curative Discharge

Case Name Result Summary
R v Smith,
2010 ABPC 244 (CanLII), per McIlhargey J
R v Fineday,
2013 SKPC 68 (CanLII), per Gray J
R v Anderson,
2011 SKPC 172 (CanLII), per Toth J
R v Pearson,
2010 NSPC 14 (CanLII), per Campbell J
R v Bruce,
2011 MBPC 55 (CanLII), per Carlson J
review of expert qualification procedure
R v Redding,
2009 SKPC 33 (CanLII), per Carter J

Young Offenders

Cases concerning Sentencing Young Offenders.

Youth Sentences

Case Name Offence(s) Sentence Summary
R v DW,
2011 NLCA 21 (CanLII), per Welsh JA
Robbery 4 months deferred + P Offender stole chain off victim's neck. He had a prior record for robbery.
R v M(P),
2013 ONCJ 36 (CanLII), per Bishop J
Sexual Assault, Manslaughter 1 year SC + 1 year DC + 1 year S sexually assaulted a semi-incapacitated girl while outside drinking. Left the girl out in the slow and she froze to death.
R v AW,
2021 ABPC 14 (CanLII), per Airth J
sexual interference 2 years probation

Application to Sentence as an Adult

Case Name Offence(s) Sentence Summary
R v Johnson,
2017 BCSC 1240 (CanLII), per Donegan J
4 years imprisonment "...a 21 year old offender with a youth record and continued criminal activities received 4 years for stabbing a stranger at a house party while both were very drunk." [2]
2013 MBPC 34 (CanLII), per Pollack J
2nd degree Murder adult sentence
R v KH,
2013 MBPC 31 (CanLII), per Martin J
Robbery x 3 sentenced as adult
R v CM,
2013 ABPC 30 (CanLII), per Franklin J
2nd Degree Murder
R v R.R.I.,
2013 MBQB 22 (CanLII), per McCawley J
Robbery sentenced as youth
R v B.S.A.,
2013 BCSC 75 (CanLII), per Goepel J
2nd Degree Murder 5.5 years imprisonment sentenced as adult
R v Kim,
[2013] BCJ No. 2571 (BCSC)(*no CanLII links)
"...the offender, a youth, was part of a group at a restaurant that got into an unplanned fight. One member of his party got a gun from Kim’s car and shot the victim, who died. Kim had no record and expressed remorse. The sentence of 7 years was a joint recommendation"[3]
R v Peynado,
2011 BCCA 524 (CanLII), per Neilson JA
"The two offenders were masked and armed as they participated in a home invasion designed to rob the home owner; while Mr. Peynado was leading the home owner through the house to look for valuables, his companion unexpectedly killed one of the other occupants. Mr. Peynado was 30 years old. His sentence was reduced on appeal from 11 to 9 years."[4]
R v Brar,
2011 BCSC 875 (CanLII), per Grist J
"...a 20 year old offender received 5 years for a swarming death resulting from a planned confrontation at the victim’s house arising from a prior altercation with the accused’s brother. Brar did not have a weapon, and thus was not the stabber. He had no criminal record"[5]
R v Carter,
2010 BCSC 853 (CanLII), per Gropper J
"...an 18 year old offender with no record received 5 years for a two on one attack on an intoxicated man in his fifties. The attack went on for two minutes. No remorse or insight was displayed; there was a high risk for violent recidivism"[6]
R v Cador,
[2010] AJ No. 1406 (ABCA)(*no CanLII links)
7 years imprisonment "Cador lured her boyfriend to a bar where he was beaten by others in a planned and premediated assault."[7]
R v Quintana,
2009 BCCA 119 (CanLII), per Finch JA
10 years Youth and another were armed with a hatchet attacked the victim with it. No acknowledgement of wrongdoing or remorse.
R v Ansari,
2009 BCCA 381 (CanLII), per Bauman JA
5 years imprisonment "a finding of guilty of manslaughter on a murder charge; the accused brought a knife and was the stabber of a person with whom he had a dispute over money, and who threatened and lunged at him. The sentence of 5 years was upheld on appeal."[8]
R v Nguyen,
[2008] BCJ No. 1128 (BCCA)(*no CanLII links)
"...a youth, sentenced as an adult, was recruited to join in a swarming in which the victim was attacked with a hatchet. The accused was unaware of the hatchet. Remorse was accepted as genuine. He received a 20 month conditional sentence which was modified on appeal to custodial time. The man with the hatchet received 10 years. The Court of Appeal remarked on the necessity to emphasize denunciation and deterrence in swarming attacks..."[9]
R v MacDonald,
2007 BCCA 606 (CanLII), per Prowse JA
"the accused, 34 years old, received a sentence of 7 years for manslaughter (his two companions were charged with murder), although he had not participated in the assault and had believed weapons were present only to intimidate, not to kill. He was in on the planning and did nothing to stop the violence, and had a significant criminal record and was on parole at the time of the offence"[10]
R v Lai,
2006 BCCA 368 (CanLII), 229 BCAC 236, per Ryan JA
"...a group were at a club with the intention of encouraging and assisting an Asian group in an unlawful assault upon Korean youths. One was beaten to death. The accused were not instigators and their involvement was relatively spontaneous. They were sentenced to two years less a day; the appeals were dismissed;" [11]
R v Gill,
2006 BCCA 127 (CanLII), per Mackenzie JA
"...a 23 year old offender’s sentence for robbery was reduced on appeal to from five years to three years, on the basis that maximum sentences undermine the prospect of rehabilitation"[12]
Melnick J}} "...a 25 year old offender with a record received a sentence of 5 years and 10 months, for a stabbing in a drug transaction"[13]
R v Barton,
2003 BCCA 206 (CanLII), per Levine JA
"the two accused pled guilty to manslaughter and robbery with a firearm in a home invasion situation, both received sentences of 11 years, upheld on appeal for Barton, 22 years old: although the other offender had done the stabbing, the court said Barton was equally morally culpable, had a longer criminal record and was on probation at the time of the offence"[14]
R v Miloszewski,
2001 BCCA 745 (CanLII), [2001] BCJ No. 2765, per Lamert JA
12 years imprisonment[1] and 15 years imprisonment[2] "[A]n elderly Sikh man was attacked and beaten by a group of young men, and died of his injuries. The attack had a racist motive. The Court of Appeal emphasized the importance of collective responsibility for collective action. The two offenders who appealed were sentenced to 15 and 18 years, reduced to 12 and 15 years for time in pre-trial custody, upheld on appeal"[15]
R v Gaglardi,
2000 ABCA 137 (CanLII), per Jones J
"...a group of young men attacked another young man for no apparent reason outside a bar, punching him and then kicking him while he lay on the ground, and were convicted of aggravated assault. Gagliardi had a machete, although it was not clear if he used it. Gagliardi, 19, was sentenced to 7 years; another co-offender, 21 years old, to 9 years"[16]
R v Watson,
, [1998] BCJ No. 2180 (BCSC)(*no CanLII links)
7 years imprisonment the two offenders beat the victim, leaving him in a ditch where he drowned. Both youths had learning disabilities.
R v Ly,
, [1994] BCJ No. 1325(*no CanLII links)
"...a 26 year old offender’s sentence for manslaughter was increased on appeal from one year to four years. The victim had been beaten by three people, including the offender"[17]

Unpublished Rulings

  • R v GS [18]
    • November 30, 2018
    • 3 years (manslaughter x 2)
  1. after remand credit
  2. after remand credit