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Case Name Result Summary
R v Banish,
2012 ABPC 350 (CanLII), per Fraser J
ID in sexual assault case established by proof of IP and email address source and vehicle ownership. Victim could not visually ID assailant.
R v Oliver,
2012 CanLII 38957 (NL SCTD), per Adams J
R v Wheyee,
2012 ABPC 35 (CanLII), per Fradsham J
acquitted home invasion -- acquitted- thorough canvas of evidence
R v Colwell,
2011 ONCJ 611 (CanLII), per Reinhardt J
acquitted assault
R v Smith,
2011 BCCA 362 (CanLII), per Neilson JA
R v Flynn,
2011 CanLII 77299 (NL PC), per Orr J
acquitted dog tracking
R v McNaughton,
2011 ABPC 356 (CanLII), per Lamoureux J
acquitted drug trafficking -- no line up made
R v Wilband,
2011 ABPC 298 (CanLII), per Fraser J
convicted bank robbery
R v Benmore,
2011 CanLII 77762 (NL PC), per Flynn J
guilty attempted case
R v Pierce,
2011 BCCA 485 (CanLII), per Smith J
conviction upheld
R v Al-Kisadi,
2011 ONSC 6412 (CanLII), per Kelly J
R v John,
2010 ONSC 6085 (CanLII), per Code J
R v T.(R.),
2010 ONCJ 289 (CanLII), per Barnes J
R v L.(W.M),
2010 BCCA 355 (CanLII), per Groberman J
conviction upheld -- D argued that prior encounter by Police affected ID
R v Thompson,
2009 NSPC 51 (CanLII), per Tax J
R v Martin,
2007 NSCA 121 (CanLII), per Oland JA
R v Hill,
2005 NSCA 108 (CanLII), per Hamilton JA
R v Goulart-Nelson,
2004 CanLII 32077 (Ont.C.A.), per curiam
R v Zurowski,
2003 ABCA 315 (CanLII), per McClung JA (2:1)
acquitted on appeal to SCC
R v Williams
[2003] OJ No 4095, 2003 CanLII 21327 (ON CA), per curiam
R v Hibbert,
2002 SCC 39 (CanLII), per Arbour J
R v Dhillon
(2002), 166 CCC (3d) 262 (ONCA), 2002 CanLII 41540 (ONCA), per Laskin and Goudge JJA
acquitted witness shown only one photo
R v Thompson
2000 CanLII 5746 (ON C.A.), per Moldaver and MacPherson JJA
R v Wristen
1999 CanLII 3824 (ON C.A.), per Laskin and Rosenberg JA
R v Field
1999 BCCA 382 (CanLII), (1999), 126 BCAC 103{, per Esson JA
R v Reitsma,
1998 CanLII 825 (SCC), [1998] 1 SCR 769, rev’g (1997), 125 CCC (3d) 1 (BCCA)
R v Vu
[1998] BCJ No. 986 1998 CanLII 6791 (BCSC), per Romilly J
R v Vu
[1997] BCJ No. 756 1997 CanLII 2864 (BCCA), per Hall JA
R v Tat and Long
(1997) 117 CCC (3d) 481 1997 CanLII 2234 (ONCA), per Doherty JA
R v Miaponoose,
1996 CanLII 1268 (ONCA), per Charron JA
R v Tam
(1995), 1995 CanLII 1805 (BC CA), 100 CCC (3d) 196 (BCCA), per Prowse JA
R v Fengstad
1994 CanLII 240 (BC C.A.), (1994), 27 C.R. (4th) 383 (BCCA), per curiam
R v Dilling,
1993 CanLII 1943 (BCCA), per Goldie JA
R v Izzard
1990 CanLII 11055 (ON CA), [1990] 54 CCC (3d) 252, per Morden JA
R v Quercia,
1990 CanLII 2595 (ONCA), per Doherty JA
R v Hang
1990 CanLII 8 (BCCA), (1990), 55 CCC (3d) 195 (BCCA), per curiam
R v Virk
(1983), 33 C.R. (3d) 378 (BCCA) (*no CanLII links)
R v Faryna
[1982] 3 CCC (3d) 58, 1982 CanLII 3796 (MB CA), per Huband JA (2:1)
R v Spatola,
1970 CanLII 390 (ON CA), [1970] 3 O.R. 74-84, per Laskin JA (2:1)
duty to direct jury on frailties of ID
R v Howarth
(1970), 1 CCC (2d) 546 (Ont.C.A.), 1970 CanLII 1065 (ON CA), per Gale CJ
R v Smith
1952 CanLII 116 (ON CA), [1952] 103 CCC 58 (Ont. CA), per MacKay JA
R v Smierciak
[1947] 2 DLR 156, 1946 CanLII 331 (ON CA), per Laidlaw JA

Voice identification

Case Name Result Summary
R v Badgerow,
2010 ONSC 937 (CanLII), per Taylor J

Line-up ID

Case Name Result Summary
R v Bear,
2012 ABCA 85 (CanLII), per curiam
lineup ID sufficient even thought witness ID’d at 70-80% accuracy stating that it “maybe” was the accused
R v Lussier,
1998 CanLII 4143 (BCCA), per MacKenzie JA
line-up conducted, accused ID'd by complainant sometime later and admitted she was not sure
R v Atfield
1983 ABCA 44 (CanLII), [1983] AJ No 870, per Belzil JA
some time after sexual assault, accused was ID'd in a line-up by a "fleeting glance" eye-witness. The line up process used by the police in that case as "unacceptable, botched and farcical".

Out of Court ID

Case Name Result Summary
R v Basi,
2008 ONCJ 469 (CanLII), per Bovard J
R v Moran,
2008 SKPC 33 (CanLII), per Hinds J
R v Meier,
2009 SKPC 29 (CanLII), per Morgan J
R v Bigsky,
2006 SKCA 145 (CanLII), per Jackson JA
R v Coutu et al.,
2008 MBCA 151 (CanLII), per Freedman JA
R v Goran,
2008 ONCA 195 (CanLII), per Blair JA
R v Jones,
2005 CanLII 60168 (MBPC), per Kopstein J
R v Delorme,
2004 SKPC 130 (CanLII), per Kolenick J

ID by Constable

Case Name Result Summary
R v Schmidt, 2012 BCPC 247 (CanLII), per Woods J convicted based on recognition evidence
R v Cranham, 2012 ONCA 457 (CanLII), per curiam conviction quashed
R v Jerry Lee Dun, 2006 PESCAD 19 (CanLII), per Mitchell CJ new trial
R v Tash, 2011 ONSC 5191 (CanLII), per Belobaba J one officer sees person throw object away, radios second officer who sees accused matching description. Good opportunity to observe.

Of a Driver

Case Name Result Summary
R v Ryan,
2011 NLCA 53 (CanLII), per Hoegg JA
convicted -
R v Corsor,
2011 BCPC 212 (CanLII), per Raven J
R v Tarcisyo,
2010 SKQB 234 (CanLII), per Gabrielson J
conviction pull over-- driver pulls away after brief interaction with police
R v Desnomie,
2010 SKCA 64 (CanLII), [2010] S.J. No. 273, per Gerwing JA
R v Horkoff,
2010 SKCA 79 (CanLII), [2010] S.J. No. 332, per Richards JA
R v Armbruster,
2010 SKCA 25 (CanLII), [2010] 4 W.W.R. 575, per Richards JA
R v Weigel,
2008 SKCA 122 (CanLII), [2008] S.J. No. 603, per Richards JA
R v Roppel,
2006 ONCJ 445(*no CanLII links)
guilty officer chasing car, than foot chase. Came within an arms-length of accused.
R v Cover (2004),
2004 CarswellOnt 6224 (ONSC)(*no CanLII links)
guilty officer giving chase, made eye-contact while near driver's window, had seen driver several times in area, familiar with accused by photo on wanted bulletin. Officer ID'd accused shortly after arrest

Video tape ID

Case Name Result Summary
R v Leaney,
[1989] 2 SCR 393 1989 CanLII 28 (SCC), per McLachlin J