Mischief (Sentencing Cases)

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Under 5,000

Case Name Prv. Crt. Sentence Summary
R v Lee,
2012 BCSC 137 (CanLII), per Dillon J
BC SC Suspended Sentence age 45 , no record, holds PHD, destroyed clothing in a holt renfrue store. Counselling required.
R v Hollett,
[2011] NJ No 327 (P.C.)(*no CanLII links)
R v Skinner,
2011 NLTD(G) 104 (CanLII), per Goodridge J
R v Smith,
2011 NLTD 123 (CanLII), per Stack J
R v Charlebois,
2011 ABPC 238 (CanLII), per Fradsham J
AB PC $2000 fine; discharges denied
R v Akin,
2011 ABPC 201 (CanLII), per Fradsham J
AB PC graffiti-- offender was 18 years old and was not taking his ADHD medications at the time.
R v TWW,
1996 CanLII 8706 (NSCA), per Clarke CJ
NS CA 8 months custody and 16 months probation (global) Youth made bomb and put it under teacher's car. See Use or Possession of Explosives (Sentencing Cases)
R v Bricker,
1994 CanLII 630 (ON CA), per Laskin JA
ON CA time served (2 years) 60 year old ties up 911 line for 12 minutes; threatened police; lengthy record

Over $5,000

Case Name Prv. Crt. Sentence Summary
R v Banks,
2012 NBQB 133 (CanLII), per McLellan J
NB SC 21 months imprisonment damaged sprinkler system in correctional facility $300k+ in damage
R v Crothers,
2011 NBQB 380 (CanLII), per McLellan J
NB SC 18 months CSO damaging property of correctional facility; joint recommendation; $350,000.00 of damage
R v Cote,
2011 ONCJ 778 (CanLII), per Feldman J
ON PC 6 months imprisonment damage police cars during G20 riot
R v Muzzin,
2012 ONCJ 83 (CanLII), per M Green J
ON PC 60 days jail smashed windows of stores during G20 protest in downtown toronto
R v Coon,
2012 ONCJ 72 (CanLII), per Weinper J
ON PC 12 months CSO damage to several store fronts, mischief over 5k

Mischief to Data

Case Name Prv. Crt. Sentence Summary
R v Vachon-Desjardins,
2022 ONCJ 43 (CanLII), per Renwick J
ON PC 7 years imprisonment
R v Charania,
2014 ONSC 1695 (CanLII), per Goodman J
ON SC discharge with 9 months probation The offender was convicted of mischief to data and unauthorized use of a computer, the latter count was stayed under Kienapple. He was a disgruntled employee at a nursing home. He remotely accessed his employer's email account to forward emails to himself. The judge overturned a sentence of a $1,300 fine and 18 months probation.