Perjury (Sentencing Cases)

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Case Name Sentence Summary
R v Hanse,
2016 ONSC 3583 (CanLII)
5 years The offender was convicted of perjury do conspiring with an informer to set up a drug dealer for a serious offence. He was a 41 year old and had been working with Hamilton police since 2000.
R v Millington,
2015 BCSC 1380 (CanLII)
30 months The offender was a police officer who had tasered a person at the airport who then died. He then perjured himself at a public inquiry.
R v Akinyemi,
2014 ONCJ 278 (CanLII)
90 days found guilty of public mischief, fraud over, and perjury. The offender made a false report of a vehicle theft to collect insurance.
R v Hedderson,
2006 CanLII 15422 (NL P.C.)
2 years
R v JWC,
[2005] BCJ No. 2710 (P.C.), 2005 BCPC 565 (CanLII)
18 months
R v CD,
2000 CanLII 3118 (ON CA), (2000), 132 O.A.C. 133 (C.A.)
1 year
R v MacIver,
2000 MBCA 82 (CanLII)
8 years (global) The offender was convicted of income tax evasion, 4 counts of perjury, and one count making false statements. He participated in a sophiticated scheme over a long period of time to hide funds overseas. He was a 68 year old lawyer who was in poor health with no prior record. The Crown appealed a sentence of 21 months Conditional sentence and a one million dollar fine.
R v Colbourne,
2002 ABPC 141 (CanLII)
90 days jail testified in traffic court and accused was acquitted as a result; limited record
R v Johnson,
[1996] 182 N.B.R. (2d) 373, 1996 CanLII 4835 (NB CA)
R v Sheppard,
[1995] N.J. No. 330 (P.C.) (*no CanLII links)
6 months
R v Kusnezoff,
1991 CanLII 1968 (BC C.A.)
18 months testimony in drug trafficking trial; good psr; limited record
R v Crawford,
(1988), 81 N.S.R. (2d) 88
R v Moulton,
[1984] N.J. No. 75 (C.A.)(*no CanLII links)
30 days Judge called it a "lenient" sentence
R v Edward Morgan
(1979), 19 Nfld. & P.E.I.R. 176 (N.L.C.A.)
15 months
R v Morgan & Morgan
(1979), 19 Nfld. & P.E.I.R. 187 (N.L.C.A.)
3 months
R v Gilliard
(1979), 20 Nfld. & P.E.I.R. 185 (N.L.C.A.)
3 months
R v Hickey
(1978), 14 Nfld. & P.E.I.R. (N.L.C.A.)
4 months

Obstructing Justice (s. 139)

Case Name Sentence Summary
R v Mills,
2018 NLCA 37 (CanLII)
22 months (global) [per Welsh JA]
R v Schertzer,
2013 ONSC 22 (CanLII)
varied police officers found guilty of obstruction and perjury.
R v Fortin, 2012 QCCA 883 (CanLII) 15 months CSO The offender was convicted of obstruction, forgery, use of forged documents, and fraud. "Over a period of one year, the appellant, a young lawyer just starting out, fabricated and used a forged legal aid mandate, a forged agreement on corollary relief, a forged judgment, a forged motion, and forged cheques; he also made false representations harming the victims and the administration of justice." [1]
R v Robinson,
2012 BCSC 1134 (CanLII)
12 months off-duty peace officer
R v Viscomi,
2012 ABCA 135 (CanLII)
12 months attempted to convince witness to recant statement--also sentenced for assault and breaches (2 months consecutive)
R v Crazyboy,
2012 ABCA 228 (CanLII)
9 months treatening witness
R v Tippett,
2011 NLTD 149 (CanLII)
570 days Joint Rec.; false evidence on a second degree murder charge
R v Thomas,
2010 ABPC 90 (CanLII)
16 months attempted obstruction; sent a note from jail instructing associate to tell crown witness to forget evidence.
R v Laing,
2010 ABCA 70 (CanLII)
2 years accused in jail for shooting a girl, wrote to girl saying to go to the police
R v Tschetter,
(2009), 466 A.R. 239 (Alta. Prov.Ct.)
12 to 18 months directed friend to destroy evidence of drinking and driving case; no criminal record; long provincial offence record.
R v Van Delft,
2007 ABPC 319 (CanLII)
18 months gave false name to police
R v Rowbottom,
[2006] N.J. No. 31 (Nfld. Prov. Ct.)
9 and 12 months accused threatened and bribed to witnesses in a uttering threats trial he faced
R v Crazybull,
2005 ABCA 215 (CanLII)
23 months accused facing assault with a weapon allegations; threatened witness to not attend
R v Gill,
2003 BCCA 208 (CanLII)
5 years and 10 months
R v Konkolus
(1998), 86 A.R. 144 (Alta.C.A.)
12 to 18 months giving false name to police and court to avoid dangerous driving charges
R v Thuraisingam,
[1997] O.J. No. 5424 (Ont. C.J.)
2 years threatened to kill witness
R v Duke,
[1997] A.J. No. 407 (P.C.)
6 months
R v CEB,
(1995), 57 BCAC 308 (BCCA)
15 to 18 months indirect threats and harassment in court parking lot
R v Jones,
1987 CanLII 5178 (NL SCTD)
90 days intermittent

Public Mischief

Case Name Sentence Summary
R v Thompson,
2017 NSPC 18
R v Dhillon,
2016 BCSC 560 (CanLII)
Suspended Sentence The offender was kicked out of a local pub and retaliated by calling emergency police services reporting a shooting. Guilty plea to public mischief. Judge overturned joint recommendation of a discharge.
R v Gerl,
2014 SKQB 292 (CanLII)
R v BB,
2012 CanLII 10647 (NL PC)
R v TS,
2011 ONCJ 233 (CanLII)
R v Di Gianni,
2011 ONCJ 792 (CanLII)
Discharge public mischief for making a false claim of theft
R v Delacruz,
2010 ONSC 3060 (CanLII)
18 months The offender made false allegations to children's services that his former wife's new boyfriend had sexually assaulted her daughter. The police were contacted and the investigation revealed that the allegations were false. The offence was "highly calculated". The offender had a previous conviction for public mischief and on four occasions targeted his ex-wife.

Fabricating Evidence

Case Name Sentence Summary
R. v Gaulton,
1986 CanLII 3433 (NL SCTD)
2 months The offender had no prior record.

Giving a False Sworn Statement

Giving Contradictory Evidence