Section 469 Offences

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General Principles

See also: Types of Offences and Jurisdiction of the Courts

Section 469 of the Code describes a type of indictable offence that imposes a special jurisdiction for the matters to be dealt with in the provincial superior courts.

Court of criminal jurisdiction

469 Every court of criminal jurisdiction has jurisdiction to try an indictable offence other than

(a) an offence under any of the following sections:
(i) section 47 (treason),
(ii) [Repealed, 2018, c. 29, s. 61]
(iii) section 51 (intimidating Parliament or a legislature),
(iv) section 53 (inciting to mutiny),
(v) section 61 (seditious offences),
(vi) section 74 (piracy),
(vii) section 75 (piratical acts), or
(viii) section 235 (murder);
(b) the offence of being an accessory after the fact to high treason or treason or murder;
(c) an offence under section 119 (bribery) by the holder of a judicial office;
Crimes against humanity
(c.1) an offence under any of sections 4 to 7 of the Crimes Against Humanity and War Crimes Act;
(d) the offence of attempting to commit any offence mentioned in subparagraphs (a)(i) to (vii); or
(e) the offence of conspiring to commit any offence mentioned in paragraph (a).

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