Sexual Assault, Weapons or Injuries (Sentencing Cases)

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Sexual Assault Causing Bodily Harm

Case Name Prv. Crt. Sentence Summary
R v Percy,
2021 NSSC 110 (CanLII), per Arnold J
NS SC 5 years imprisonment
R v Vandermeulen,
2014 MBQB 116 (CanLII), per Suche J
MB SC 3.5 years (Sex Ass CBH)
6 months (assault CBH)
All offences committed against domestic partner.
R v RLW,
2013 BCCA 50 (CanLII), per Harris JA
BC CA 5 years (SA)
18 months (PCP)
R v Nelson,
2012 ONSC 4248 (CanLII), per Wilson J
ON SC 5 years (sex assault CBH)
R v Welch,
1995 CanLII 282 (ON CA), per Griffiths JA
ON CA 33 months (sex assault CBH) bruising on body

Sexual Assault with a Weapon

Case Name Prv. Crt. Sentence Summary
R v CG,
2022 ABKB 696 (CanLII), per Angotti J
AB SC 7 years imprisonment "After trial the accused was found guilty of three offences: sexual assault with a weapon, sexual assault, and assault. All offences were against his then common law wife. All charges arose from a single date. The accused became upset with his partner because she refused to engage in sex. While at home with the young children the accused grabbed the victim pulled her into the bedroom and verbally berated her. He forced her to perform oral sex on him and attempted vaginal intercourse before being interrupted at the door by their three-year-old child. Later in the afternoon he forced the victim to again perform oral sex on him while holding a small dresser over her head. ...The accused was 30 years old and had no prior record. He had various mental health diagnoses. As a child he experienced poverty and had suffered emotional and physical abuse. Prior to sentencing the accused had voluntarily engaged in and made significant progress in various forms of mental health treatment. Sentencing references described his actions as being out of character. At sentencing the accused expressed remorse, regret, and shame for his actions." [1]
R v Doran,
2013 ONSC 5889 (CanLII), per Seppi J
ON SC 3 years imprisonment (Sex Ass. w/ Weap.)
2 years imprisonment (touching)
Offender touched genitals of 11 year old attempted to coax child into bedroom for sex while brandishing a knife.
R v Schira,
2004 ABPC 84 (CanLII), per Fradsham J
AB PC 14 years imprisonment

Aggravated Sexual Assault

Case Name Prv. Crt. Sentence Summary
R v Desjarlais,
2017 SKQB 227 (CanLII), per Barrington-Foote J
SK SC 9 years imprisonment
R v Hudson,
2017 MBPC 20 (CanLII), per Killeen J
MB PC 25 years imprisonment
R v JCM,
2013 NSSC 126 (CanLII), per Bourgeois J
NS SC 12 years imprisonment attack involved forced oral, anal and vaginal sex. Victim left with injuries including bruising and a fractured jaw.
R v Thomas,
2012 ONSC 1201 (CanLII), per MacDonnell J
ON SC 2 years less a day agg sexual assault by intercourse with HIV
R v ATR,
2011 BCPC 283 (CanLII), per Ellan J
BC PC 2 years imprisonment joint rec.; HIV positive accused; not contracted by victims
R v Lemay,
2007 BCCA 501 (CanLII), 247 BCAC 153, per Newbury JA
BC CA 7 years imprisonment Offender had anal intercourse with an infant child 12 times.
R v Ogushing,
2005 CanLII 633 (QC CQ), per LaFlamme J
QC SC 10 years imprisonment
R v McAuley,
NSSC 87 (CanLII), [2005] NSJ 153, per Cacchione J
NS 7 years imprisonment The offender was convicted of aggravated sexual assault relating to an attack on a female in her early 20s. He grabbed the victim while she was walking down the street, beat her, and then sexually assaulted her. The injuries required surgery. They did not know each other. He was 21 years old and had no criminal record.
R v Peskoonas,
1999 ABQB 411 (CanLII), per Wilkins J
AB SC Dangerous Offender Order
R v Griffin,
[1998] OJ No 5763(*no CanLII links)
ON life guilty plea -- 20+ years of violent offences -- high risk to reoffend

Sexual Assault with Kidnapping

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