Unlawfully in a Dwelling (Sentencing Cases)

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Case Digests

Case Name Prv. Crt. Sentence Summary
R v Sinclair,
2017 MBCA 9 (CanLII), per Hamilton JA
MB CA 7.5 years imprisonment (dwelling)
5 years imprisonment (robbery)
2 years (threats)
1 year (personation)
The judge referred to it as a "home invasion".
R v Pardy,
2016 CanLII 24209 (NLTD), per Handrigan J
NL SC time served + probation The offender plead guilty to 349 and theft under 5,000. Offender served 36 days on remand.
R v Wiens,
2013 ABPC 15 (CanLII), per Pharo J
AB PC 16 months imprisonment
R v Fraser,
2012 NSCA 118 (CanLII), per Hamilton JA
NS CA 3 years imprisonment
R v House,
2012 NLCA 41 (CanLII), per Welsh JA
NL CA discharge
R v Wells,
2006 NSSC 313 (CanLII), per S MacDonald J
NS SC 3 years imprisonment
R v Monteiro and Ford,
2005 BCSC 1201 (CanLII), per Joyce J
BC SC 3.5 years imprisonment
R v Savard,
2005 ABCA 432 (CanLII), per Costigan JA
AB CA 4 months imprisonment
R v Mattice,
2003 BCCA 370 (CanLII), per Donald JA
BC CA 18 months imprisonment
R v Taylor,
1993 CanLII 3060 (NB QB), , 135 N.B.R.(2d) 213 (TD), per Riordon J
NB SC fine and probation
R v Barnes,
2004 NSSC 257 (CanLII), per Kennedy CJ
NS SC 2 years imprisonment