Draft Form of Charges

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Pre-amble Options
"THAT [accused full name] stands charged that, between the <DATE> day of <MONTH>, <YEAR> and <DATE> day of <MONTH>, <YEAR>***, at or near <COMMUNITY/TOWN/CITY>, <PROVINCE>, he [or she]..." OR
"THAT [accused full name] stands charged that, on or about the <DATE> day of <MONTH>, <YEAR>, at or near <COMMUNITY/TOWN/CITY>, <PROVINCE>, he [or she]..." OR
"AND FURTHER at the same time and place aforesaid, he [or she]..."
Code Section Subject of Offence Draft Wording
86(1) Careless Storage of a Firearm "...did without lawful excuse [store, carry, handle, ship] a firearm, to wit: [specify], [in a careless manner, without reasonable precaution for the safety of other persons], contrary to section 86(1) of the Criminal Code."
224.1 Discharge a firearm with intent "...did discharge [an air gun/an air pistol/a gas pistol] with intent to wound, maim, disfigure or endanger the life of <VICTIM>, contrary to s. 244.1 of the Criminal Code."
246(b) Administering a Stupefying Substance "...did, with intent to enable [him/herself] to commit the indictable offence of [insert offence name here] cause [victim #1 name] to take a stupefying drug contrary to s. 246(b) of the Criminal Code."
368(1)(a) Use a Forged Document "...did, knowingly [use/deal with/act on] a forged document, to wit: [specify the document], as if it were genuine, contrary to s. 368(1)(a) of the Criminal Code."