Uttering Threats (Sentencing Cases)

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Uttering Threats to Cause Bodily Harm or Death

Case Name Sentence Summary
R v Freake,
2012 NLCA 10 (CanLII)
2 months Offender told social worker that he had a desire to chop up the ex-partner and their child and put them in a suitcase.
R v Carlson
[2012] NJ 443 (PC), 2011 CanLII 80608 (NL PC), per Gorman J
discharge (JR) offender asked for $300 from father for work done, argument arose, offender threatened to kill father and damage vehicle, he threw his father against kitchen counter, alcohol involved
R v Noor,
2011 BCSC 1629 (CanLII)
discharge granted road rage; uttering threats
R v Rowe
(2006), 212 CCC (3d) 254 (C.A.), 2006 CanLII 32312 (ON CA), per Sharpe JA
R v Bytyqi
(2004), 2004 CanLII 14964 (ON CA), 186 O.A.C. 114 (C.A.)
R v Stiliadis,
2004 CanLII 18520 (ON CA)
R v Rowe
1995 CanLII 9875 (NL CA)
4 months uttering threats while wielding an axe at a person dating offender’s former spouse

Uttering Threats to Damage Property

Case Name Sentence Summary
R v Petravic,
[2001] O.J. No. 2766 (S.C.J.) (*no CanLII links)
Suspended The offender threatened to burn down the constituency office of his member of parliament.
R v Ratmanski,
2016 ONCJ 752 (CanLII)
Fine and Probation The offender was drunk on a plane and made threatening comments about bombs.

Uttering Threats to Harm Animals

Case Name Sentence Summary
R v White,
2012 CanLII 43292 (NL PC), [2012] N.J. No. 263 (P.C.)
2 months (threat)
6 months (global)
threatened to kill cat of ex-girlfriend
R v Lyver,
2011 CanLII 54511 (NL PC), [2011] N.J. No. 320 (P.C.)
Suspended threatened to kill neighbour's dog.

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