List of Secondary Designated DNA Offences (Group C)

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See also: DNA Orders

"secondary designated offence" means an offence, other than a primary designated offence, that is

(c) an offence under any of the following provisions of this Act:
(i) subsection 52(1) (sabotage),
(i.001) subsection 57(3) (possession of a forged passport),
(i.002) section 62 (offences in relation to military forces),
(i.003) subsection 65(2) (riot — concealing identity),
(i.004) subsection 70(3) (contravening order made by governor in council),
(i.005) subsection 82(1) (explosives, possession without lawful excuse),
(i.006) subsection 121(1) (frauds on the government),
(i.007) subsection 121(2) (contractor subscribing to election fund),
(i.008) section 122 (breach of trust by public officer),
(i.009) subsection 123(1) (municipal corruption),
(i.01) subsection 123(2) (influencing municipal official),
(i.011) section 124 (selling or purchasing office),
(i.012) section 125 (influencing or negotiating appointments or dealings in offices),
(i.013) subsection 139(2) (obstructing justice),
(i.014) section 142 (corruptly taking reward for recovery of goods),
(i.015) section 144 (prison breach),
(i.016) section 145 (escape and being at large without excuse),
(i.1) section 146 (permitting or assisting escape),
(i.2) section 147 (rescue or permitting escape),
(i.3) section 148 (assisting prisoner of war to escape),
(i.4) and (ii) [Repealed, 2010, c. 17, s. 3]
(iii) subsection 173(1) (indecent acts),
(iv) section 182 (dead body — neglect to perform duty, improper or indecent interference with),
(iv.1) section 184 (interception of private communication),
(iv.2) section 184.5 (interception of radio-based telephone communications),
(iv.3) section 221 (cause bodily harm by criminal negligence),
(iv.4) section 237 (infanticide),
(iv.5) section 242 (neglect to obtain assistance in child-birth),
(iv.6) subsection 247(1) (traps likely to cause bodily harm),
(iv.7) subsection 247(2) (traps — causing bodily harm),
(iv.8) subsection 247(3) (traps — in a place kept or used for committing other indictable offence),
(iv.9) section 262 (impeding attempt to save life),
(v) section 264 (criminal harassment),
(vi) section 264.1 (uttering threats),
(vii) section 266 (assault),
(viii) section 270 (assaulting a peace officer),
(viii.01) section 280 (abduction of person under 16),
(viii.02) section 281 (abduction of person under 14),
(viii.1) subsection 286.1(1) (obtaining sexual services for consideration),
(viii.11) section 291 (bigamy),
(viii.12) section 292 (procuring feigned marriage),
(viii.13) section 293 (polygamy),
(viii.14) section 293.1 (forced marriage),
(viii.15) section 293.2 (marriage under age of 16 years),
(viii.16) section 300 (publishing defamatory libel known to be false),
(viii.17) section 302 (extortion by libel),
(viii.2) subsection 320.16(1) (failure to stop after accident),
(viii.21) paragraph 334(a) (theft over $5,000 or testamentary instrument),
(viii.22) section 338 (fraudulently taking cattle or defacing brand),
(viii.23) subsection 339(1) (take possession of drift timber, etc.),
(viii.24) section 340 (destroying documents of title),
(ix) paragraph 348(1)(e) (breaking and entering a place other than a dwelling-house),
(x) section 349 (being unlawfully in dwelling-house),
(x.1) subsection 351(2) (disguise with intent),
(x.11) paragraph 355(a) (possession of property over $5,000 or testamentary instrument),
(x.12) section 357 (bring into Canada property obtained by crime),
(x.13) paragraph 362(2)(a) (false pretence, property over $5,000 or testamentary instrument),
(x.14) subsection 362(3) (obtain credit, etc. by false pretence),
(x.15) section 363 (obtain execution of valuable security by fraud),
(x.16) subsection 377(1) (damaging documents),
(x.17) section 378 (offences in relation to registers),
(x.18) section 382 (manipulation of stock exchange),
(x.19) subsection 382.1(1) (prohibited insider trading),
(x.2) section 383 (gaming in stocks or merchandise),
(x.21) section 384 (broker reducing stock by selling his own account),
(x.22) section 386 (fraudulent registration of title),
(x.23) section 394 (fraud in relation to minerals),
(x.24) section 394.1 (possession of stolen minerals),
(x.25) section 396 (offences in relation to mines),
(x.26) section 397 (falsification of books and documents),
(x.27) section 399 (false return by public officer),
(x.28) section 400 (false prospectus),
(x.29) section 405 (acknowledging instrument in false name),
(xi) section 423 (intimidation),
(xi.1) section 424 (threat against an internationally protected person),
(xi.11) section 424.1 (threat against United Nations or associated personnel),
(xi.12) section 426 (secret commissions),
(xi.13) section 435 (arson for fraudulent purpose),
(xi.14) section 436 (arson by negligence),
(xi.15) section 436.1 (possession incendiary material),
(xi.16) subsection 438(1) (interfering with saving of a wrecked vessel),
(xi.17) subsection 439(2) (interfering with a marine signal),
(xi.18) section 441 (occupant injuring building),
(xi.19) section 443 (interfering with international boundary marks, etc.),
(xi.2) section 451 (having clippings, etc.),
(xi.21) section 460 (advertising and dealing in counterfeit money),
(xi.22) subparagraphs 465(1)(b)(i) and (ii) (conspiracy to prosecute),
(xi.23) section 753.3 (breach of long-term supervision),

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