Sexual Assault, Intercourse (Sentencing Cases)

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Full Intercourse

Case Name Prv. Crt. Sentence Summary
R v CWZ,
2018 ONSC 3478 (CanLII)
ON SC 6 years (global) The offender was convicted of sexual assault against his wife and daughter.
R v FHL, 2018 ONCA 83 (CanLII) ON CA 8 years The offender sexually assaulted his girlfriend's 12 year old daughter. The victim gave birth to a child.
R v Meyers,
2017 SKQB 4 (CanLII)
SK SC 5 years The offender was convicted of sex assault and uttering threats. He used threats to coerce sex. He digitally penetrated the female victim's vagina and anal intercourse.
R v DS,
2013 ONCA 244 (CanLII)
ON CA 12 years sexual assault on wife
R v Moosomin,
2012 SKQB 386 (CanLII)
SK SC 33 months
R v DS,
2012 SKQB 118 (CanLII)
SK SC 30 months forced intercourse with ex-partner.
R v Freake,
2012 NLCA 10 (CanLII)
NL CA 4 years force intercourse between partners.
R v RK,
2012 SKPC 17 (CanLII)
SK PC 18 months historical sexual assault (1982), sexual intercourse with step daughter
R v P.N.,
2011 NLTD 158 (CanLII)
NL SC 3 years intercourse with teenage niece, threatened if she called police
R v N.K.P.,
2011 ABCA 361 (CanLII)
AB CA 9 years assaulted 7 family members; recorded some on video
R v Murphy,
2011 NLCA 16 (CanLII)
NL CA 3.5 years forced intercourse in front seat of vehicle, prior record for violence.
R v I.K.L.,
2011 NLTD 7 (CanLII)
NL SC 3 years numerous incidnets of intercourse with a minor
R v Dorah
2011 ONSC 6503 (CanLII)
ON SC 2 years less a day forced intercourse in a dating couple
R v Berens,
2011 MBQB 255 (CanLII)
MB SC 2 years less a day intercourse while asleep; no remorse; gladue factors
R v A.N.,
2010 ONCJ 288 (CanLII)
ON PC 2 years less a day parties knew each other; moderate use of force; accused intoxicated
R v W.(R.R.),
2010 NLTD 135 (CanLII)
NL SC 4 years broke into residence of 14 year old niece, full intercourse, threatened victim if she called police
R v Kasokeo,
2009 SKCA 48 (CanLII)
SK CA 27 months jail sleeping victim; appeal from 15 months jail; "probably" full intercourse
R v Zarpa,
2009 NLTD 175 (CanLII)
NL SC 3.5 years intercourse with sleeping woman
R v D.B.R.,
2008 ONCJ 412 (CanLII)
ON PC 10 years (JR) sexual assault x 3; sexual touching of minor x 2; confinement x 1. Occurred over several years
R v Woods,
2008 SKCA 40 (CanLII)
SK CA 22 months confinement, violence, digital penetration, intercourse, prolonged
R v Byer,
2007 ONCA 694 (CanLII)
ON CA 6 years administered drug and performed unprotected sex on 4 victims; occurred over 15 years
R v Law,
2007 ABCA 203 (CanLII)
AB CA 3 years victim passes out at a party; digital penetration, full penetration
R v Marriott,
2007 NSSC 99 (CanLII)
NS SC 12 months CSO Offender touched breast and vagina of female aged 22. Victim had intellectual deficits.
R v Rich,
2006 NLTD 84 (CanLII)
NL SC 3 years forced intercourse
R v F(EW),
2006 NLTD 91 (CanLII)
NL SC 18 months intercourse with adult sister while she was asleep, alcohol involved.
[2003] NSJ No 509
NS ? 10 years The offender was convicted of aggravated sexual assault, sexual assault of a weapon, unlawful confinement, and uttering threats. His girlfriend tried to break up with him and so he tortured her over 3 hours. He slashed her face with a knife, splitting her lip and then had intercourse with her on a chair.
R v R.H.,
2003 NLCA _, [2003] N.J. No. 336 (C.A.)
NL CA 6 months non-consentual sexual intercourse with spouse.
R v Kinde,
2002 BCCA 233 (CanLII)
BC CA 7 years forced sexual intercourse with victim on 4 occasions; bodily harm
R v S(JS),
2001 MBCA 144 (CanLII)
MB CA 30 months sleeping victim
R v C(SF),
2000 NLTD _, 192 Nfld. & P.E.I.R. 179
NL SC 2.5 years offender broke into residence, grabbed complainant, threatened her, full intercourse
R v JR,
1997 CanLII 14665
NL CA 3 years sexual intercourse with daughter; causing pregnancy
R v Richard,
1994 CanLII 3969 (NS CA)
NS CA 7 years The offender was convicted of sexual assault and uttering threats. He approached the female victim whom he knew at 3am near a night club. Threatened her and lead her to a private spot where he has intercourse and fellatio on her. She broke free at the end and escaped. He was 23 years old at the time and had a lengthy criminal record.
R v Sandercock,
1985 CanLII 104 (AB C.A.)
AB CA 4.5 years drive victim to secluded spot and accosted her

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